Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am now currently sporting a red hair. I was just bored with my hair that I thought of changing the color. I often dye my hair but I usually go for light brown or strawberry blonde that still looks brownish. Sometimes, I go for burgundy but the color still looks dark for my hair. Anyway, this color is washable. I guess this will fade in about 2 months so meanwhile, I'll savor the moment and be a red-headed gal :-)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Writing Services

A lot of students these days are busy preparing for their upcoming exams, finishing their projects and completing their thesis. Not to mention they have tons of assignments to accomplish and daily quizzes to take and that means they have to double their time in studying. If a student had a hard time balancing his schedule, it would be so hard to catch up with everything. And if they are unlucky, they might fail. But fortunately, with the recent technology, there are other resources where the students can ask for help.

Library may be a good place to study, make assignments and do essays but you can also browse the internet for custom thesis writing. Students can seek for their assistance if it is already impossible for them to finish all the necessary requirements. They are rest assured that the essays will be completed on the day the student need it. In fact, the student can communicate directly to the writers as they are available 24/7. So you see, thesis can be easily ordered these days and one need not even worry because the papers are scanned of anti-plagiarism software. For more information, try to watch at YouTube about their site and learn about essay writing services. So check it out now while you still have time!

Monday, January 28, 2013

My Christmas Gift

This picture may be late in posting but just sharing here that this is what I got last Christmas from my husband - an iPad! He actually asked me late of 2011 if I want an iPad but I declined because I don't need it. After one year, I decided to have this because it's handy when I'm going to travel and at the same time, I can teach nursery rhymes for my little tot. So this gift is actually not only for me but for my kids as well ;-)

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my hubby for this wonderful gift! ♥

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Dental Care

Years ago I had trouble with my molar tooth so I went to see a doctor and advised me to have a root canal. It was costly but I agree to have my tooth saved and be fixed and besides, the dentist was nice to me.

Anyway, if you have trouble with your teeth, I suggest you go see a dentist right away. Even better if you see them once every six months to ensure proper care of your teeth. Have you heard of Temecula Dentists? They have all the necessary things to fix your teeth. They aim to provide you the best dental care and everything you need before you proceed with any procedure.

In fact, the Dentist Temecula will provide you education concerning your teeth and whatever procedure you will undergo to ensure you understand the benefits and its risks. But you will also have the option which procedure you prefer. They are very open with your option especially where budget is concern. Of course they wanted you to avail the best yet affordable procedure just right for your dental care.

And if you want to avail Dental Implant Temecula, they'd be happy to discuss this with you. You will be assured of great care the fact that they use the top of the line technology to maximize the quality each patient received. And if you wanted to avail other procedures, you can do so. You can actually browse at their site and check which services you'd like to include or avail. Or you can also call them thru telephone and set for appointment.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Her Red Boots

A picture of my little girl wearing her boots given by a family friend. We went out malling one Saturday afternoon and how she loved wearing her new shoes. I'm also glad that the boots fits her perfectly so I took some snapshots of my little patootie while we were out. Isn't she a cutie? hehehe

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Must For Musicians

If you are looking for quality musical instruments, try to check ibanez electric guitars at Musicians Friend. My husband, who plays guitar a lot, even said that they really offer best products at a very good price. And for all music enthusiasts out there, better ensure to own great instruments so I suggest you find this site for your future reference. Or better check them out now while they're on sale!

My Natal Day

A picture of me and my girls as we went out dining at Italianni's to celebrate my birthday last January 12. I usually have small party at home with my relatives but this time, I only celebrated it with hubby and kids. We were just eating that day! And still I had a blast. Thanking Lord for giving me another year to celebrate and enjoy my day :-)

Cowboy Hats

Last December, my husband attended a party for their company. Prior to that, hubby told me that they will have a cowboy-themed party and asked me to find some Tim McGraw Cowboy Hats for him and his other office mates. I did find it online and told him he can also for it at our local store. Anyway, if you're also looking for this hat, you can browse it online at a very reasonable price.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still Planning...

It seems that I am receiving so many spam comment here in my blog. I don't spams in the old blogger format or maybe I just didn't know they're there. It's disappointing to see that most of my comments belong to Anonymous blogger and just to comment to promote their blogs. I know this is normal but I don't usually see this before. So I deleted them and I hope I was not able to delete other comments that belongs to my friends.

And for the nth time I am planning to change the format of my blog but it also worries me if a major change will happen or if some of the widgets or codes will not function. I've been using the existing template for over 4 years now and I really wanted to have a new look but can't think of any.

Anyways, just blabbering here on this gloomy Thursday afternoon. I hope you have a great day in there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yogurt Machine

My eldest daughter loves to eat ice cream or yogurt that I sometimes treat her whenever we went out malling. But I just don't buy anywhere because I'm not only after of the taste but of cleanliness as well. Sometimes, I thought of franchising this cold treat if only I have enough resources. And I know I need to learn more in handling business and make a feasibility studies before venturing into this field to make sure I'll earn a profit.

But if I decide to open a yogurt business, I will make sure to have a commercial frozen yogurt machine because it is a hot investment for entrepreneurs. And if I want to make my business work, better I get a reliable machine. This is just one of my dreams and hope this will be fulfilled one of these days. But just in case one of you is interested in this business as well, I would like to suggest to you to try getting donper commercial frozen yogurt machines because they are very reliable. If you come to think of it, yogurt is a health business so a lot of people will definitely buy your product. And if you are using donper frozen yogurt machine, the more you will be confident with your business because the machine is beautifully constructed from stainless steel and with its powerful dual motors, it provides perfect texture to your yogurt which I'm sure your customer will love!

You can opt for a machine that can provide two variable flavors and can serve up to 46 quarts per hour. But I think it would be better if you browse it online and look for a machine that suits you best. And you can always contact them for support and services. So, once you're decided, you can partner with them a start your business now. I'm sure you'll earn more that you expected. Good luck!

Happy 2013!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May each and everyone of us will have fruitful and meaningful 2013!