Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still Planning...

It seems that I am receiving so many spam comment here in my blog. I don't spams in the old blogger format or maybe I just didn't know they're there. It's disappointing to see that most of my comments belong to Anonymous blogger and just to comment to promote their blogs. I know this is normal but I don't usually see this before. So I deleted them and I hope I was not able to delete other comments that belongs to my friends.

And for the nth time I am planning to change the format of my blog but it also worries me if a major change will happen or if some of the widgets or codes will not function. I've been using the existing template for over 4 years now and I really wanted to have a new look but can't think of any.

Anyways, just blabbering here on this gloomy Thursday afternoon. I hope you have a great day in there!

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