Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Dad's Birthday

Today could have been my dad's 64th birthday but he was long gone. He left us 12 years ago but I know he's in a better place right now, probably watching us from heaven above. Sometimes, I imagined how life would be if he's still around. He had never seen me and my siblings walk down the aisle and never saw any of his grandchildren. He was fond of kids so I guess he would be a happy grandpa if he's still here.

Anyways, I hope you value your relationship with your father. If they're still around, spend as much time as possible with him. My dad was great and I cherished every moment I had with him. I was close to him but then he got terribly ill. I cannot fight with fate but during those remaining time I had with him, I spent time with him as well as my family. We stood by him and were there for him until his last breath. Anyway, I still thanked the Lord for giving me such a wonderful dad. He will always be in my heart.

Getting Professional Cosmetic Treatment

After I gave birth to my second child, I had a hard time shedding some pounds and eliminating stretch marks. It took me several months to get rid of them. When I look back at it today, I know things would have gone much quicker and easier if I had undergone surgical procedure right away. I know now that I would have nothing to be afraid of since there is an always the option to choose between invasive and non-invasive procedures. 

People nowadays are more open to changes. The rise of cosmetic clinics has become rampant since more and more people need them either for treatment or enhancement purposes. The important thing here, though, is to make sure you find the right person or establishment to do this delicate job. When cosmetic surgery involves breast implants, nose lifts, or skin regeneration, it requires a great deal of trusted surgeons to make sure you are in good hands. 

One particular website has highly competent specialists who are extremely careful in treating surgical or non-surgical procedures with their patients. Prior concerns of patients are readily answered especially when pertaining to breast augmentation. Some women have individual reasons for why they go for this procedure and I believe nobody has the right to judge them about it. Besides, the procedure is quite safe nowadays. If you visit Victorian Cosmetic Institute, you’ll get more insights from their experts. They will honestly answer your questions, discuss the kind of treatment you will receive, how long the surgery will last and the pain to subside, what are the complications and other measures that you must consider and avoid. You can contact them for further consultation or you can also make an appointment with them online. This site is certainly highly recommended for everyone as it gives people an idea of what to expect based on professional opinions.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Princess-themed Party

My 2 princesses celebrated their birthdays this month. Both wore costumes, Chloe as Sleeping Beauty/Aurora and Baby Zoe as Snow White :-) Their party was held at Dynasty Court Hotel, Cagayan de Oro and their service was great, one of the reasons why we kept on going back there. Chloe is now 9 years old and Zoe is 2. Let the pic below do the talking:
My 2 princesses (and the evil Queen, hehehe)
Family pic with Minnie Mouse
Blowing their candles
Chloe's Sleeping Beauty Cake
Baby Zoe's Snow White Cake
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Overnight Camps For Teens

My high school classmate and I were talking about our kids just a month ago. My kids are still pretty young while my classmate’s kids are already on their teens. Her eldest son, a junior high school student, is very active on any of his school’s activities. Just like any other mom, she is thrilled but nervous at the same time for her son. She said she always wanted to be there for her son, see how he was doing and wish him luck but she cannot always be by his side. She gives him moral support, instead, and guidance.

One time, her son told her that he was to join a camp with his friends and classmates at school. She was expecting it and she knew it was also great for her son to keep him active. Besides, it was summer. However, she could not help but be a little nervous about it because it was the first time that he’s joining it and she can’t watch out for her. But she trusted her son and his friends and the school who would be there to guide them. And after the camping was over, she was also to see her son having a great time. She thought that if it was good for the kids, other mothers should not worry about it. She marveled how her son participated in that activity and even recommended to other moms, including me, that I should also do that to my kids once they are teenagers. Well, I will cross the bridge when I get there. 

If you want your children to join this kind of activity, you can check online for Overnight Camps where you can find the perfect summer experience for your kids. There are plenty of great stuffs that that may interest your kids. You can read on their Camp Information to know that they are safe and you need not worry about. So, check it out now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Children's Birthday

My 2 princesses celebrated their birthday last July 14, 2012. I decided to have a joint celebration because their birthdays are a just a week away. And I find it practical, too. But aside from that, I think I don't have anymore energy to prepare their parties separately. I just recovered from cough and cold and Zoe also recuperated from her tonsillitis so I think I can manage to do other things. Even Chloe got cough and cold but thankfully, hers was only mild. Hubby, me and Zoe had the worst illness over the past 2 weeks and glad that all of us got better on their birthdays.

I'll be posting more pictures next time as I'm still lazy to do it today. In fact, I've been very lazy to do other things before their party but glad I was able to prepare small things and leave the rest to the party organizer. I guess I'll just have to do it one step at a time.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gibson Guitar

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

We're Dealing With Illness

Hello everyone!

I had not been blogging lately because hubby got sick, then I got sick and last week, baby girl Zoe had tonsillitis and still has cough right now. She had the worst condition as it had developed into an allergy that's why she could hardly sleep at night because of the attacks. And just this weekend, my eldest child, Chloe, had cough and colds but quite manageable, but still, dealing this is quite difficult but I've no choice. I want my kids to recover fast especially that both their birthdays are fast approaching.

I hope to post more nice stories next time. I'm just sharing what happen to me lately. My attention was really divided but I've to attend my family first. Hope all is well at your end. Be careful also as the weather is not so good these days.

Buy Christmas Presents Early!

I know it's still early but some of you out there, especially the single ladies, might be interested to shop Christmas gifts for everyone through ProFlowers. They have several ideas on what you just need so just try checking on their products. It is better to be early because time flies really so fast and for all you know, it is already Christmas ;-) 

So buy now and give it later. Believe me, this will save you a lot of your time.

It's Decided...

Still about my kid's birthday party, I'm planning to give a party to my youngest child who will turn 2 this month. My eldest child is also July-born but I told her that we must give chance to her baby sister. I other words, she will not have a party anymore. She will just have a simple celebration at home or have dinner somewhere just the 4 of us. She understood.

However, after much pondering, I thought I might save much if I'll go on with a joint celebration, and saves me all the hassles. I haven't told my eldest yet but I'm pretty sure she will be happy to know if this will be the case.

Design and Build

I am glad to know that some sites are offering free services to other site owners. Just like in blogging, some are kind enough to customize our templates and others asked only a minimal fee. So sweet of them. But of course there are some who requires standard fee for their work because it is really their job. Creating a template is not an easy job because I don't even know it and had a hard time understanding how the thing works. 

But there is one site I read recently that offers free html5 templates and was thinking of grabbing this opportunity. You might want to try it, too, so why not drop them a visit?

Still Pondering

I'm planning to make a personalized invitation card for my children's upcoming birthday party. However, I am so tired and still weak so I don't know when to start. Another problem is that, I don't even know how I wanted the invitation cards to look like.

I've been browsing at the internet but to know avail. I can't stay at the computer for a long time also. I hope this tiredness I feel will go away. But I need to stay in shape so that I can function well...

Fast Delivery

I am glad that some of our fast food stores in the city are already updating their system. Whenever I call them over the phone to order some food or snacks for delivery, our conversation is quick. Obviously because they already stored in their system their frequent customers' address. I was informed by an acquaintance that some establishments are using aldelo pos that is why they can easily track their customer's history. The system is really helpful as it's reliable and I hope others will also improve or update their system.