Thursday, July 19, 2012

Overnight Camps For Teens

My high school classmate and I were talking about our kids just a month ago. My kids are still pretty young while my classmate’s kids are already on their teens. Her eldest son, a junior high school student, is very active on any of his school’s activities. Just like any other mom, she is thrilled but nervous at the same time for her son. She said she always wanted to be there for her son, see how he was doing and wish him luck but she cannot always be by his side. She gives him moral support, instead, and guidance.

One time, her son told her that he was to join a camp with his friends and classmates at school. She was expecting it and she knew it was also great for her son to keep him active. Besides, it was summer. However, she could not help but be a little nervous about it because it was the first time that he’s joining it and she can’t watch out for her. But she trusted her son and his friends and the school who would be there to guide them. And after the camping was over, she was also to see her son having a great time. She thought that if it was good for the kids, other mothers should not worry about it. She marveled how her son participated in that activity and even recommended to other moms, including me, that I should also do that to my kids once they are teenagers. Well, I will cross the bridge when I get there. 

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