Sunday, July 8, 2012

We're Dealing With Illness

Hello everyone!

I had not been blogging lately because hubby got sick, then I got sick and last week, baby girl Zoe had tonsillitis and still has cough right now. She had the worst condition as it had developed into an allergy that's why she could hardly sleep at night because of the attacks. And just this weekend, my eldest child, Chloe, had cough and colds but quite manageable, but still, dealing this is quite difficult but I've no choice. I want my kids to recover fast especially that both their birthdays are fast approaching.

I hope to post more nice stories next time. I'm just sharing what happen to me lately. My attention was really divided but I've to attend my family first. Hope all is well at your end. Be careful also as the weather is not so good these days.

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