Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Miss Drinking Coffee

I went to my OB-Gyne a week ago to get a vaccine and had some consultations. After listening to my woes, she asked me not to drink coffee for about 2 weeks and I did follow. But just this afternoon, I passed by a coffee shop, who promotes their whole bean coffee product, and how I craved to have a little drink in there. How I love the aroma that I can't wait for this 2 weeks to be over so that I can drink again!

Had Some Hair Treatment

I finally had some haircut... Last time I went to the parlor was January of this year. I've been planning to have my hair trimmed since July but I had been busy taking care of things at home that I totally forgot about myself. Now, I demanded to go to the parlor and get some treatment and trimmed my hair. I felt good afterwards. I really wish to do this regularly to have a stress-free hair!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Smiles

If you're over 25, you most likely remember the ugly metallic fillings dentists used to use. In fact, they're still widely used today, but for aesthetic, quality, and overall health, many dentists have switched entirely to white fillings made of resin or porcelain. Here are some reasons dentists say they only use white fillings.

A stronger, more durable filling - On the Boston cosmetic dentistry pages of Dental Partners of Boston website they explain that unlike with amalgam, white fillings are securely bonded with the tooth. This not only provides strength to the tooth, it keeps out material that can damage teeth from the inside out. Additionally, metal fillings expand and contract with changes in temperature. Just Smiles, a dental office in Hilliard, Ohio adds that this can cause teeth to crack beyond repair if left unchecked over enough time. This can introduce new cavities or even cause the tooth to be lost altogether.

Aesthetics - The attractiveness of white fillings over amalgam is indisputable. Whenever you open your mouth with metallic fillings people can see the dark gray blotches on your teeth. Even when inside the tooth, the enamel shows hints of the gray underneath. So teeth with amalgam fillings will never be quite white. The white resin easily blends with teeth whitening procedures. At Dental Partners of Boston they advertize that they can shade white fillings to match existing tooth color. This means they will be practically invisible.

Mercury - The old mercury-amalgam filling has been widely used for decades. Many dentists have assumed none of the toxic metal was released into the body. But today there is evidence that over time these fillings slowly exude a gaseous form of mercury. Certain tissues in the body, notably brain tissue, absorb the mercury where it can have very dangerous effects. The local Hilliard, Ohio dentist points out this technology has been around since the Civil War. Just Smiles refuse to use mercury on any of their patients.

The modern technology in white tooth fillings is simply a better product that the 150-year-old amalgam filling. It not only provides a better looking, longer lasting fix for your dental problems, it may be safer for your overall health. Ask your dental office if they offer mercury-free white fillings before your next appointment.

Glad It's Over!

I'm glad that tomorrow's the last day of my daughter's 2nd Quarter Exam. I've been busy reviewing her with her lessons for this week. So far, this is the first time to happen where she had a hard time studying her lessons and I, on the other hand, had a hard time tutoring her. For this quarter, their school was too relax on their students especially the grade 3 level. The had series of school activities lately and it seems that their lesson suffered. Now, the kids are having to grasp the lessons taught to them. Chloe is a straight A pupil but I've seen her struggled her lessons right now especially in Filipino and Civics subject. I guess her mind was still hibernating. By next quarter, I tend to teach her how to make an outline and focus only on the important subjects. Sometimes, I hate to tutor her because I often ran out of patience. But glad that their exam's over by tomorrow. At least my child can be free not only of her lessons but of me as well.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Want Those!

Owning a house is one big dream of ours. Although hubby and I lived in a house owned by his parents, and eventually they said he will inherit, it is still different if you buy one of your own. A place where you can have something to say on what to do with the house, how it will be designed and decorated. I've browsed online and how I love to have those shaker kitchen cabinets in my dream house! I bet I will have the drive to cook or bake if only my kitchen will look like that. Hoping that my dream will soon come true.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strolling at Avenue of Stars

One of the places we went to Hong Kong was at the Avenue of Stars. We were supposed to go to Ocean Park that day but it was cloudy and was about to rain. I was after of my kids' safety especially 2 year old Zoe. So we decided to just have a stroll nearby our hotel then in the afternoon, went to Avenue of Stars. But when we arrived there, it was drizzling. We kept on running for a place to cover ourselves. Although we brought Zoe's stroller with umbrella, it was not enough to cover her. The drizzle stopped so we went on with our sightseeing and had our pictures taken. Then it again rained and it was quite hard. It stopped then we continued. It was like that during the afternoon. My mom, who came with us, and I said thought that we'll have our shots taken fast with Chloe and she would just stay with Zoe nearby. As soon as we thought we covered the most important statue (of Bruce Lee, no less, hehe), we decided to go back to our place and have our early dinner. Besides, we were bound to go home the following day.
Hong Kong Skyline
Me and Bruce Lee :-)
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Improve Your Sleep with Natural Pillows and Bedding

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Looking For White Shoes

I'm a bit tired today. My eldest daughter Chloe will be having her First Communion 2 weeks from now and I was looking for a white shoes for her to wear. Chloe's only 9 years old but her shoe size is already 5. That big, huh? We found a very nice and cute white shoes yesterday at SM mall but it was only size 4 and that was the biggest. I was told by the saleslady why not brought her to the ladies section. But Chloe's hesitant to go there because she said she's still a kid! hehe.

Today, it was only me and Chloe who went out. We went to another mall and there were plenty of shoe boutique in that mall but we found none that we both liked. They don't have closed-shoes, too, and it's one of the requirements. We went up and down until we found a plain white shoes but still, there was no available size for Chloe. I felt bad because the shoes was on sale, hehe. Then we found one that's still plain but it was not on sale. I felt that my money will just be wasted on that item. Chloe wanted to surrender and said that she'd better buy that shoes because nothing fits her already. I told her that she still has next week to look for another shoes or I might find a pair for her during weekdays.

We were about to go out of the mall but suddenly stopped because I found another shoes boutique. Lo and behold, we found what we were looking for. Even though the shoes was not that cheap, at least it looks very nice and cute and perfect on Chloe's feet. That's all we wanted. I bought it right away. At least our shopping this afternoon, although tiring, was worth it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Healthy and Stylish Footwear

I have been using sandals since I was pregnant with my second child and until now, I find it comfortable to wear it. However, I just found out that orthotic sandals are much better to use because not only they are good to wear but it gives a healthy feel on my feet. What is nice about this sandal is that it has an arch support that relaxes your feet and even your find plus they look stylish, too!

Hello Doc!

I had ultrasound and blood tests done and I am going back to my doctor to show her the result. I am not so happy with it, although it's not so alarming, I just wish everything hits the normal range. Obviously, something's wrong with my kidney as 2 small cysts were found. I guess I'm going to see a urologist for further assessment. I am going back to my OB also to see my papsmear result then I'll go see again the gastroenterologist, who recommended to have my blood tested, to check on the result of my lab.

I guess I'll have busy days to see with the doctor but I need to do this for my own benefit.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mickey Mouse Waffle

My mom, 2 kids and I went to Hong Kong early this month and we didn't miss to go to Disneyland. Hubby was not able to join because he was still recuperating from his operation and this trip could not be cancelled anymore because it was planned since May.
Anyways, we went there on our own, road a train going to the resort and arrived past 10am. It was scorching hot! The heat of the sun really worn me out that I've been wanting to drink something or else I will dehydrate, loz!

It was 12noon already and we were hungry and thirsty. Water and snacks we brought was only good for Zoe and bringing of foods are not allowed. We were looking for the nearest resto but I worry for my 2 year old Zoe for she might need to rest as well as my 9 yr old Chloe. Walking a few more distance was like forever so we stopped at a nearby eatery and we ended up in this shop where they only sell hotdogs, waffles, corns and drinks!

We ordered right away for our 'lunch'. My mom decided to get this waffle. We ordered 2 mickey waffles and a bottle of coke and a juice. I changed Zoe's nappies and clothes for she was sweating already. I got so relieved after I was refreshed but realized later that our food was not enough, haha. We ate like a horse when we got back to our hotel later :-)

Mickey Mouse Waffle with cream and strawberry fruit
2 Mickey waffles, 1 minute maid and 1 bottle of coke that costs us HK$145!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs and Blankets

When you are ready to wrap up in your favorite blankets, the last thing you want to worry about is bed bugs. Prevention is the best way to keep these nasty creatures out of your resting space. Hygiene alone is not enough; barriers and specialized products are available and keep your bed a stress-free place of rest. Added precautions for special circumstances are easy and well worth the effort.

Prepare your mattress and bed frame by making your mattress a place bed bug clusters do not want to live. They love mattresses, so encase the mattress and the box spring with bug proof covers. You can find these products on line or near the allergy prevention products sold in bedding stores. Purchase a bug proof case for your blankets, and do not forget the pillow covers. Encasement products are also available for futons and other furniture as well. Many of these products are zippered and even waterproof. They may offer protection from more than just one type of bug. Dust mites and other irritants penetrate into bedding in the same way. Take it a step further and invest in bed bug interception products or make your own. They trap any bugs near the legs or base of the bed before they are able to climb under your bedding. If they are found in the traps, then it is a good idea to kick up your prevention measures and perhaps hire a professional exterminator. Frequent vacuuming with a HEPA filter is also helpful in keeping your home clean and free of bugs.

Enjoy a restful sleep when you take measures that protect your bedding and throw blankets from these nasty invaders. When you have new bedding, you have the best chance of preventing infestations. Proper hygiene, along with barrier products and traps, promise reliable protection.

Not Feeling That Well

I am not so feeling well today but I can't be sick coz baby Zoe is also having cough and colds. I brought her to the doctor today and Zoe's given antibiotic already. She had this cough since last week. I gave her meds and thought it would go away. But just yesterday, the sound of her cough changed and I knew I need to bring her to her pediatrician for further assessment. Zoe hated going to the hospital (where her ped had a clinic) that she was crying out loud when it was her turn to be checked by the doc. Anyways, there's nothing Zoe can do but be checked or else her conditioned worsened. She is so much alike with her big sister Chloe. I remembered having a hard time bringing Chloe to the doc when she was about 3-5 years old. Good thing she has overcome it already. Now, my problem is my 2 year old Zoe but glad that her pedia always find a way to check on her.

I don't feel better for the past few days but I can't afford to get sick so I drink paracetamol. I am having head colds and experiencing body malaise. Good thing my mom is here but she will go home this afternoon. I hope by that time I get better already.

I really wanted to check on other blogs and make comments but I am still tired. If I get better I'll definitely drop you a visit ;-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Express Yourself!

I have seen many people wearing custom t-shirts and I find it cool. The messages I have read speaks a lot and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to own a customized shirt. Although some people shirts have funny messages, others have deeper meaning that made me think twice after reading it. Often, the messages written on the shirt really caught my attention. 

You might want to order a custom t-shirt you just have to browse it online where there's plenty to choose from.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Very Tired Me

I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Sometimes, I want to think of nothing and forget everything around me. But that's very impossible to do because I have tons of things to take care of. First and foremost, my kids are my topmost priority. It's hard not to think of anything coz my kids are helpless.

I'm just so tired these days because the burden at home is upon me. Before hubby had his operation, I was already doing all the things at home. When he had his major operation more than 3 weeks ago, my chores at home doubled. When he got home, he was still dependent on me and of course, I have to be strong for my family.

However, my body's kind of tired these days and I'm afraid I might get sick. I don't really feel that well and I'm even having a sore throat right now. So, I immediately drank medicine but I don't know if this would really help me. I don't think that I'm physically weak, I guess I'm mentally or psychologically tired. Last week, my kids and I had a short vacation together with my mom. I thought I could use that time to relax and unwind but I hadn't. I think I got a little bit under stress the mere fact we traveled minus my husband because he was still recuperating from his surgery. And the mere fact also that we were not able to properly said our goodbyes (especially my eldest daughter) because someone was hurrying me up even though it was way too early to leave home. The mere fact that I left home so down and weary and all stressed up almost made me cancel the trip. Good thing I was able to focus and went on with what I had planned to make the trip possible and worthwhile.

Anyway, I'm now back at home but still busy taking care of the mess at home. I'm trying to do things one step at a time and I hope no one's trying to put me in haste this time coz I've had enough. I just want to do things according to my own pacing, and in a quiet way as much as possible because I'm more at peace like this...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Towing Solutions For You

If you are looking for a trailer hitch for car, just look for it online and it will be provided for you. Perhaps you wanted to go on speed boating in another place so, all you have to do is look for a reliable towing company to bring your heavy equipment or vehicle to that area. You need not worry because most of these companies are using specialize towing accessories, hitches and all other equipment that will surely make the transfer smooth. If you wanted to do this by yourself, just make sure you have the products needed for towing. You can find it online and make your order now!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back From Our Hong Kong Trip

Just got back from a short trip from Hong Kong with my family. This trip was planned last May and we already booked our flight. We availed it for a very low price because the airline was offering a 90% of their airbus fare (excluding tax). My mom joined us for this trip and we just joked that in case something happened, at least she's there. End of July, we made hotel reservations and we just waited for a month for this trip to push thru.

But early August my husband got sick. Only to find out he had ruptured appendix that he had to had an emergency appendectomy but the procedure was Ex-lap because his intestine and the rest of his organs needs to be cleaned. In other words, he had major surgery. He had operation August 16th and stayed in the hospital until Tuesday. He was on leave for his work because he needs to recuperate. During that time, we didn't discuss about our travel. Hubby tried his best to get better and followed doctor's order. When he went back to his surgeon to have his stitches checked (and removed the staples on his tummy), his doctor was happy that he progressed well, but of course, it cannot be denied that he got thinner. His doctor said that he is fit to travel but he needs to move slowly and avoid lifting heavy objects. He will be excused for work for 30 days.

When our trip was nearing, that was the time hubby and I discussed about Hong Kong. He wished to join but also hesitant because he felt he would just slow down our activities. We both talked about it and that there was a big possibility that he can't go with us. I was thinking of cancelling it but he wanted us to proceed without him. He will help me with the planning anyway. He was only thankful that my mom joined us with this plan coz at least she's there to help me.

So finally, my mom, me and my 2 kids were off to Hong Kong. Hubby printed, googled, researched all things that I need in going to HK because we didn't hire a travel agency. The "burden" was left under my shoulder but thanks to Google map street view, I was able to visualize the place we were going to stay.
The MRT map was readily printed, our hotel was also contacted that the name of the lead guest will be changed under my name instead of my husband's. How to locate our place riding a bus from the airport was also readied as well as what to expect when we arrived at HK airport and where to proceed.
I just can't believed that I managed all of those. I was even able to bring my mom & kids to Disneyland riding a train just using the map. If I don't have the guts to do it, we might be stuck up in our hotel room, haha. But I was braving everything because hubby believed in me and yes, I prayed, too. And I want us to enjoy this short trip with or without my hubby and glad everyone had fun.

I have to admit my stress level went up from time to time but my confidence always came back. I am not even ashamed to asked anyone if my direction was right and so far, people there were helpful.
We were planning to go to Ocean park the next day but cancelled it when I saw that the weather was not so good. I don't want to jeopardize my kids' health and safety especially baby Zoe. The place was quite far from our hotel, too, but the direction going there was quite easy. But still, I have to prioritize my kids. So we just went to Avenue of Stars and took pictures there. And before we went back to our hotel, we bought souvenir items for a fair price.

I'll be posting pics next time because I need to arrange them first. And my mind's still tired, all I want to do right now is to update my blogs :-)