Monday, September 17, 2012

Mickey Mouse Waffle

My mom, 2 kids and I went to Hong Kong early this month and we didn't miss to go to Disneyland. Hubby was not able to join because he was still recuperating from his operation and this trip could not be cancelled anymore because it was planned since May.
Anyways, we went there on our own, road a train going to the resort and arrived past 10am. It was scorching hot! The heat of the sun really worn me out that I've been wanting to drink something or else I will dehydrate, loz!

It was 12noon already and we were hungry and thirsty. Water and snacks we brought was only good for Zoe and bringing of foods are not allowed. We were looking for the nearest resto but I worry for my 2 year old Zoe for she might need to rest as well as my 9 yr old Chloe. Walking a few more distance was like forever so we stopped at a nearby eatery and we ended up in this shop where they only sell hotdogs, waffles, corns and drinks!

We ordered right away for our 'lunch'. My mom decided to get this waffle. We ordered 2 mickey waffles and a bottle of coke and a juice. I changed Zoe's nappies and clothes for she was sweating already. I got so relieved after I was refreshed but realized later that our food was not enough, haha. We ate like a horse when we got back to our hotel later :-)

Mickey Mouse Waffle with cream and strawberry fruit
2 Mickey waffles, 1 minute maid and 1 bottle of coke that costs us HK$145!

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Perfectly Blended said...

looks very cute and yum. :-)

Jessica Cassidy said...

that looks so sweet and delish Mickey waffles :-) My kids love waffles :-) Dropping by from YS.

Lalaine said...

That's a very cute waffle!.. and I'm sure expensive too..heheh! We went to Disney in 2009 and found the food to be quite pricey.. but wlay choice and it's okay lng since lingaw mn sad ang mga bata ug mga dagko..heheh!