Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glad It's Over!

I'm glad that tomorrow's the last day of my daughter's 2nd Quarter Exam. I've been busy reviewing her with her lessons for this week. So far, this is the first time to happen where she had a hard time studying her lessons and I, on the other hand, had a hard time tutoring her. For this quarter, their school was too relax on their students especially the grade 3 level. The had series of school activities lately and it seems that their lesson suffered. Now, the kids are having to grasp the lessons taught to them. Chloe is a straight A pupil but I've seen her struggled her lessons right now especially in Filipino and Civics subject. I guess her mind was still hibernating. By next quarter, I tend to teach her how to make an outline and focus only on the important subjects. Sometimes, I hate to tutor her because I often ran out of patience. But glad that their exam's over by tomorrow. At least my child can be free not only of her lessons but of me as well.

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