Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Feeling That Well

I am not so feeling well today but I can't be sick coz baby Zoe is also having cough and colds. I brought her to the doctor today and Zoe's given antibiotic already. She had this cough since last week. I gave her meds and thought it would go away. But just yesterday, the sound of her cough changed and I knew I need to bring her to her pediatrician for further assessment. Zoe hated going to the hospital (where her ped had a clinic) that she was crying out loud when it was her turn to be checked by the doc. Anyways, there's nothing Zoe can do but be checked or else her conditioned worsened. She is so much alike with her big sister Chloe. I remembered having a hard time bringing Chloe to the doc when she was about 3-5 years old. Good thing she has overcome it already. Now, my problem is my 2 year old Zoe but glad that her pedia always find a way to check on her.

I don't feel better for the past few days but I can't afford to get sick so I drink paracetamol. I am having head colds and experiencing body malaise. Good thing my mom is here but she will go home this afternoon. I hope by that time I get better already.

I really wanted to check on other blogs and make comments but I am still tired. If I get better I'll definitely drop you a visit ;-)

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