Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking For White Shoes

I'm a bit tired today. My eldest daughter Chloe will be having her First Communion 2 weeks from now and I was looking for a white shoes for her to wear. Chloe's only 9 years old but her shoe size is already 5. That big, huh? We found a very nice and cute white shoes yesterday at SM mall but it was only size 4 and that was the biggest. I was told by the saleslady why not brought her to the ladies section. But Chloe's hesitant to go there because she said she's still a kid! hehe.

Today, it was only me and Chloe who went out. We went to another mall and there were plenty of shoe boutique in that mall but we found none that we both liked. They don't have closed-shoes, too, and it's one of the requirements. We went up and down until we found a plain white shoes but still, there was no available size for Chloe. I felt bad because the shoes was on sale, hehe. Then we found one that's still plain but it was not on sale. I felt that my money will just be wasted on that item. Chloe wanted to surrender and said that she'd better buy that shoes because nothing fits her already. I told her that she still has next week to look for another shoes or I might find a pair for her during weekdays.

We were about to go out of the mall but suddenly stopped because I found another shoes boutique. Lo and behold, we found what we were looking for. Even though the shoes was not that cheap, at least it looks very nice and cute and perfect on Chloe's feet. That's all we wanted. I bought it right away. At least our shopping this afternoon, although tiring, was worth it!

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