Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back From Our Hong Kong Trip

Just got back from a short trip from Hong Kong with my family. This trip was planned last May and we already booked our flight. We availed it for a very low price because the airline was offering a 90% of their airbus fare (excluding tax). My mom joined us for this trip and we just joked that in case something happened, at least she's there. End of July, we made hotel reservations and we just waited for a month for this trip to push thru.

But early August my husband got sick. Only to find out he had ruptured appendix that he had to had an emergency appendectomy but the procedure was Ex-lap because his intestine and the rest of his organs needs to be cleaned. In other words, he had major surgery. He had operation August 16th and stayed in the hospital until Tuesday. He was on leave for his work because he needs to recuperate. During that time, we didn't discuss about our travel. Hubby tried his best to get better and followed doctor's order. When he went back to his surgeon to have his stitches checked (and removed the staples on his tummy), his doctor was happy that he progressed well, but of course, it cannot be denied that he got thinner. His doctor said that he is fit to travel but he needs to move slowly and avoid lifting heavy objects. He will be excused for work for 30 days.

When our trip was nearing, that was the time hubby and I discussed about Hong Kong. He wished to join but also hesitant because he felt he would just slow down our activities. We both talked about it and that there was a big possibility that he can't go with us. I was thinking of cancelling it but he wanted us to proceed without him. He will help me with the planning anyway. He was only thankful that my mom joined us with this plan coz at least she's there to help me.

So finally, my mom, me and my 2 kids were off to Hong Kong. Hubby printed, googled, researched all things that I need in going to HK because we didn't hire a travel agency. The "burden" was left under my shoulder but thanks to Google map street view, I was able to visualize the place we were going to stay.
The MRT map was readily printed, our hotel was also contacted that the name of the lead guest will be changed under my name instead of my husband's. How to locate our place riding a bus from the airport was also readied as well as what to expect when we arrived at HK airport and where to proceed.
I just can't believed that I managed all of those. I was even able to bring my mom & kids to Disneyland riding a train just using the map. If I don't have the guts to do it, we might be stuck up in our hotel room, haha. But I was braving everything because hubby believed in me and yes, I prayed, too. And I want us to enjoy this short trip with or without my hubby and glad everyone had fun.

I have to admit my stress level went up from time to time but my confidence always came back. I am not even ashamed to asked anyone if my direction was right and so far, people there were helpful.
We were planning to go to Ocean park the next day but cancelled it when I saw that the weather was not so good. I don't want to jeopardize my kids' health and safety especially baby Zoe. The place was quite far from our hotel, too, but the direction going there was quite easy. But still, I have to prioritize my kids. So we just went to Avenue of Stars and took pictures there. And before we went back to our hotel, we bought souvenir items for a fair price.

I'll be posting pics next time because I need to arrange them first. And my mind's still tired, all I want to do right now is to update my blogs :-)

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