Monday, September 10, 2012

A Very Tired Me

I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Sometimes, I want to think of nothing and forget everything around me. But that's very impossible to do because I have tons of things to take care of. First and foremost, my kids are my topmost priority. It's hard not to think of anything coz my kids are helpless.

I'm just so tired these days because the burden at home is upon me. Before hubby had his operation, I was already doing all the things at home. When he had his major operation more than 3 weeks ago, my chores at home doubled. When he got home, he was still dependent on me and of course, I have to be strong for my family.

However, my body's kind of tired these days and I'm afraid I might get sick. I don't really feel that well and I'm even having a sore throat right now. So, I immediately drank medicine but I don't know if this would really help me. I don't think that I'm physically weak, I guess I'm mentally or psychologically tired. Last week, my kids and I had a short vacation together with my mom. I thought I could use that time to relax and unwind but I hadn't. I think I got a little bit under stress the mere fact we traveled minus my husband because he was still recuperating from his surgery. And the mere fact also that we were not able to properly said our goodbyes (especially my eldest daughter) because someone was hurrying me up even though it was way too early to leave home. The mere fact that I left home so down and weary and all stressed up almost made me cancel the trip. Good thing I was able to focus and went on with what I had planned to make the trip possible and worthwhile.

Anyway, I'm now back at home but still busy taking care of the mess at home. I'm trying to do things one step at a time and I hope no one's trying to put me in haste this time coz I've had enough. I just want to do things according to my own pacing, and in a quiet way as much as possible because I'm more at peace like this...

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