Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laptop Computers

My husband always admires new gadgets and often wishes he has some of those things. I told him to be practical and get only what is necessary. We have computers at home so he should be satisfied with that. Recently, he told me that their company is planning to provide them with computers and I was, of course, glad for he will not spend a penny to buy a new item. They are to be provided with the best laptop computers and that's great news. Now, I have nothing to worry anymore.

Friday, March 30, 2012

My Pink Bunny Girl

Below are some pictures of youngest child, Zoe. She was wearing her older sister's pink bunny headband. Zoe doesn't usually like wearing accessories for her hair so when I saw her not complaining of the headband, I took pictures of her right away... and she seemed to be enjoying the camera ;-)

My Sweetiepie ♥

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Search and Shop Online

More than a decade ago, people would find time to go out to go to a store just looking for some items to shop. Some will find nice stuff thru the fliers inserted in the newspapers. My aunt used to do that and I often joined her in looking for some great deals. Then I went with her to buy the items once we found the right stuff. Some are still doing that these days but with the development of recent technology, a lot of people find shopping online to be more convenient. I do that, too, because it often saves a lot of my time. Going to the store or boutique anytime is quite impossible for me these days since I have two kids to attend to. I am a stay at home mom and I spent most of my time with them plus doing some household chores. I only go out during weekends or if there are occasions where my presence is needed.

Actually, the disadvantage in just looking at the fliers is that you don't exactly know the specifications of the item and you are not that sure if the item is worth buying. Unlike online shopping, you can browse for the specs, you can also read comments from other buyers if the items you are trying to get are highly recommended or not. At least it gives you an idea of the item is really worth buying before getting it.

So, if you are in dire need to shop online because going out is a luxury like I do, try using Cleveland classifieds to find items you are looking for. I am sure it will save a lot of your time and effort before purchasing anything. You can also try Nashville classifieds to find some great deals online.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Gold Medalist

I've attended my daughter's recognition day this afternoon, March 28, 2012. I'm proud to say that Chloe is again a gold medalist for this school year. Comes June, she will be in grade 3 and I pray that she will still do well with her studies.

Me and Chloe on the stage. She's been a consistent 1st-honor student since Nursery.
With her friends and classmates, also gold medalists. They had been together since Nursery from another school. I've seen these kids grown!
Photo op while waiting for my child's name to be called
Chloe's dad and paternal grandmother

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Save Big Using Coupon Codes

Things are just getting better these days especially when you plan to avail some items online. I remember my cousin once told me, why pay for more when you can pay less? I just learned then that she bought some items using the promo code savings she had when shopping online. She said she was being practical and promised herself to shop wisely. She told me she only buys items when they are on sale because she gets huge discounts. She admitted, however, that she often bought items that were not yet necessary at the moment but still get it for future use. She might give the items during Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, etc. I really admire her for that and currently, I am trying to follow her being practical.

Perhaps you want to avail items that are useful to your home, to your office, to schools and even to your health. So I suggest that you better check the items online before grabbing it or you will miss the chance to avail the promotional codes. If you are a very health conscious person, I guess you often buy multivitamins to keep you fit and strong. But would it be great if you buy these items for a discounted price? Well, Puritans Pride Coupon Codes might be very useful to you because they are offering free shipping for orders over $50. And when you buy 1 item, you get another 1 for free or if you decide to buy 2 multivitamins, you will get 3 items for free! Isn't that cool?! For more details, try visiting and perhaps you can avail whatever is in there that might be of interest to you.

Carousel Ride at Enchanted Kingdom

I've never experienced riding on a carousel when I was a kid. Even when I was growing up, I never had the opportunity to ride on a merry-go-round. I let it passed by and when I had a kid on my own, I let her ride the carousel as much as she could. It made me happy to see her smile.
2 years ago, we went to Manila while I was pregnant with my youngest. We went to Enchanted Kingdom to have fun. While the sun was scorching hot, our first stop was the carousel ride. Since we paid for ride-all-you-can, my hubby said why not enjoy it? I joined my hubby and daughter for the carousel was huge. I've realized then that one of my dreams came true - to ride the carousel, at 4mos pregnant!
I hope to go back in there someday and bring my youngest child with me so that she can also experience the fun.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding New Friends

I guess many of you are members of some social networking sites. I am a member of one site where I get connected with my friends all over the world. And what's great is that I get to keep in touch with my long lost friends or old classmates or relatives that I did not see for years. In that site, we can update each others' lives or our recent activities. And I love to see the different paths we take on our lives. It is also exciting it is to see how much we have changed since the last time we see each other. Online sites really make things possible and that is what I like in our evolving technology. And if you have nothing to do, instead of sulking, life is livelier when you turn on your computer and log on to different sites.

And to add more excitement, don't you think it is nice to part of a group who shared the same hobbies or likings as you do? You might be interested to join this site:

Of course you have to sign up first to get started and once registered, you can start recording the places and events that you would like to see and do. This can be your virtual diary or your journal where you list your planned activities for today, tomorrow or next week. Once you are done making your bucket list, it will be matched with other members who shared the same interests with you. You will be able to contact the other members or vice-versa and who knows, you might become good friends. Life is not boring indeed once you found someone you could talk to about what you like and what you plan to do. To know more about it, I suggest you visit the link I posted in here and good luck in finding a new-found friend!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Close Up Smiles :-)

This picture was taken last Sunday afternoon at Grand Caprice. Beside me in white blouse is my daughter's Nursery and K-1 teacher, T. Karen. She is also a dear friend of mine as we were schoolmates in high school. I love our smiles here and I felt that this pic is worth sharing in my blog ;-)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Practical Legal Attorney

You can hear a lot of married people say that divorce is not an option. In my opinion, it should be that way. Marriage is a vow that should be kept for better or for worse. However, people have different views and I guess we should not easily conclude anything or judge other people for their actions since they might have really justifiable reasons behind them.

Sad but true, you can always see couples bickering nonstop. It would all start from some petty issues that were not solved. And when another fight happens, previous arguments would then be dug up. I hope couples would try and find ways to sit down and listen to each other, in order to fix their problems. But I also salute others who go out of their way to find counselors to save their marriage. However, it is also hard to judge others whose marriage had ended after years of trying to save it. And to end this entire hullabaloo, these couples would decide to call it quits. What is worse in this scenario is that children always get affected. I've seen some couples whose differences were not settled, but there are also those who decided to remain friends for the sake of their children. So, I guess couples should not end it with a huge fight should their marriage fail. There is what they call a peaceful divorce that both parties settle amicably not only with their assets but with their kids as well.

Getting a good lawyer helps, too. If you can't get the best lawyer in town, you can always look for them online. The Boca Raton Attorneys are known for their practical legal advice to their clients. They are a group of professional lawyers who aim to help their clients with any legal problem they encounter. For more information about your legal rights and other matters, you can check out Florida Bar. Perhaps you can even find your answers there. Good luck!

Sing Away

My daughter, Chloe, was invited by her former school to sing during their closing ceremony yesterday and today at Grand Caprice. Chloe who loves to perform onstage was very excited not only to see her former teachers but to be in the limelight again, hehe. For an 8-year-old, she has confidence and I'm glad for that. She may have inherited her love for singing from me but I was never confident to perform in front of many people. I was always nervous and had butterflies in my stomach.

I hope Chloe will continue to develop her love for singing. And I will always support her. As a mom, I am proud and happy to see what my little girl has achieved.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Backpacking Tents

Planning to go on camping? Make sure you have all the necessary items especially for the first-timers. I guess it is better that you bring with you light but useful things. I remember a friend of mine endured carrying her heavy backpack full of heavy loads as they walk a few miles to their destination. So, my suggestions if you go on camping bring Lightweight Backpacking Tents with you. The material is light with balancing features. If interested, buy it now while they are still on clearance sale!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Daughter's Teacher

My daughter, Chloe, was invited by her former teacher to sing during her birthday celebration earlier this month. Chloe sang Lea Salonga's version of On My Own from the play, Les Misérables.

Teacher Marissa was Chloe's Kindergarten 2 teacher. She's also the owner and directress of Lifetime Study Center, where my daughter had attended her preschool years. If I were to describe Teacher Mari, well... she's tough and quite strict but she's also an excellent teacher and is well-loved by her students. She's described by many as perfectionist, especially when it comes to diction and penmanship, which is just fine for us parents since all of her graduates had turned out to be very good speakers and readers in grade school (most of them even turned out as medalists). ;-)

Teacher Marissa (or Khessa to some) celebrated her day with her family, a few friends and her school staff. My daughter said she couldn't be more happier and excited to see Teacher Marissa again since she really missed her a lot. She even asked me to buy a bouquet of flowers as a birthday gift for her former teacher.

Chloe with Teacher Marissa who was holding her bouquet

Teacher Marissa with her family. Teacher Karen (2nd from left) is another favorite teacher of Chloe and is a daughter of T. Marissa. She handled Chloe from Nursery to K1 and had discovered Chloe's love for singing.

Me, Teacher Marissa and Chloe

I will always be grateful to Teacher Marissa for the excellent education she had instilled not only to my daughter but to all of her students. She had helped my child attain the best nursery and kindergarten education and had also helped in honing Chloe's skills and develop her talents, especially at singing, sketching and her love for reading. In short, thank you, Teacher Mari, for bringing out the best in her ;-)

A truly special teacher is very wise, and sees tomorrow in every child's eyes. ~Author Unknown

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spending Less on Patek Philippe Watches

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Having Patek Philippe watches would make you feel proud and chic. There is nothing as cool as having a gadget in a Patek Philippe watch that has been produced with one of the best movement materials and also with leather straps. If you are going to make fashion statement with a watch, why not make it with a Patek Philippe watch that is excellent and in high quality? When it comes to precision and chronograph, Patek Philippe would not disappoint you in their watches. This is the reason why Patek Philippe replicas are made from original watches so that everyone can be able to make use of these watches without spending a fortune. This is for those who might not get theirs.

Patek Philippe watches have become the watches for those who enjoy spending good money on watches that are exceptionally great and beautiful. This Swiss company would not produce a watch that is less in design and features. There is a dream come through in Patek Philippe watches which is what we are trying to say in this article about this wonderful company and her great and expensive watches.

Monday, March 5, 2012

High School Classmates

I was browsing my album and saw several pictures of my high school days. I attended my 1st and 2nd year high school at Father Urios at Butuan City. But my family transferred to Cagayan de Oro and I was enrolled at Corpus Christi School where I attended my 3rd and 4th year high school. I was one of the pioneering class so there were only few of us who graduated from that school. I guess there were only 24 of us...

I don't have recent pictures of my HS classmates so I will just share with you the pictures taken years ago...

Pioneering Class of Corpus Christi
I was on the 2nd row, rightmost, with a sticker that says "Now that's class":D

1st year high school at Butuan City
I was at middle, the girl with the long hair. Taken during my 13th birthday.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Roadhouse Delicacy

We went malling yesterday afternoon and then we dined at Roadhouse. We love eating there as their food tasted good. We ordered Chopseuy, Baby back ribs and a grilled fish but I forgot to take pictures on them. I guess I was that hungry for I only remembered taking a pic after I was fully sated :-)

Our dessert was their Road house Delicacy. As you can see in the picture, there's an ice cream topped with a cherry, buko pandan, mango and with chocolate toppings. It tasted good that we left the place happy. We also gave tip to the waiter who served us for his good service.

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Increase Your Strength

If you are concern of your well-being, perhaps you might want to try to take novatest. For the male, this may help you develop muscle pump and increases your strength and stamina. Doing some physical exercise is still good to tone your muscles and stay fit but you can also take this supplement if you like. If you want to know more about this, just click on the link.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Looking For Shims?

Doing something that can't be done because of some gaps or spaces? I guess what you need are shims to fill the spaces between objects. If you are looking for shims that can be used in any purpose, it is available in one site that browsed online. Different sizes or thickness, different colors or choices of brass or steel are available at their site so better check it out or see for yourself!