Monday, March 5, 2012

High School Classmates

I was browsing my album and saw several pictures of my high school days. I attended my 1st and 2nd year high school at Father Urios at Butuan City. But my family transferred to Cagayan de Oro and I was enrolled at Corpus Christi School where I attended my 3rd and 4th year high school. I was one of the pioneering class so there were only few of us who graduated from that school. I guess there were only 24 of us...

I don't have recent pictures of my HS classmates so I will just share with you the pictures taken years ago...

Pioneering Class of Corpus Christi
I was on the 2nd row, rightmost, with a sticker that says "Now that's class":D

1st year high school at Butuan City
I was at middle, the girl with the long hair. Taken during my 13th birthday.

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kim said...

that was so cute!

Unknown said...

sarap balik balikan talaga yung high school life ano, pioneering d i mo sa corpus cristi cookie. i love their uniform

Mine is here

Emzkie said...

beautiful class picture sis cookie!
from MLM

Arlene said...

Hi Cookie, it;s nice and fun to look into old photos. Right? I am glad you joined this week.

Ang cute mo! ^^

Don't forget to join us again on Monday. ^^