Monday, March 19, 2012

Practical Legal Attorney

You can hear a lot of married people say that divorce is not an option. In my opinion, it should be that way. Marriage is a vow that should be kept for better or for worse. However, people have different views and I guess we should not easily conclude anything or judge other people for their actions since they might have really justifiable reasons behind them.

Sad but true, you can always see couples bickering nonstop. It would all start from some petty issues that were not solved. And when another fight happens, previous arguments would then be dug up. I hope couples would try and find ways to sit down and listen to each other, in order to fix their problems. But I also salute others who go out of their way to find counselors to save their marriage. However, it is also hard to judge others whose marriage had ended after years of trying to save it. And to end this entire hullabaloo, these couples would decide to call it quits. What is worse in this scenario is that children always get affected. I've seen some couples whose differences were not settled, but there are also those who decided to remain friends for the sake of their children. So, I guess couples should not end it with a huge fight should their marriage fail. There is what they call a peaceful divorce that both parties settle amicably not only with their assets but with their kids as well.

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