Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding New Friends

I guess many of you are members of some social networking sites. I am a member of one site where I get connected with my friends all over the world. And what's great is that I get to keep in touch with my long lost friends or old classmates or relatives that I did not see for years. In that site, we can update each others' lives or our recent activities. And I love to see the different paths we take on our lives. It is also exciting it is to see how much we have changed since the last time we see each other. Online sites really make things possible and that is what I like in our evolving technology. And if you have nothing to do, instead of sulking, life is livelier when you turn on your computer and log on to different sites.

And to add more excitement, don't you think it is nice to part of a group who shared the same hobbies or likings as you do? You might be interested to join this site:

Of course you have to sign up first to get started and once registered, you can start recording the places and events that you would like to see and do. This can be your virtual diary or your journal where you list your planned activities for today, tomorrow or next week. Once you are done making your bucket list, it will be matched with other members who shared the same interests with you. You will be able to contact the other members or vice-versa and who knows, you might become good friends. Life is not boring indeed once you found someone you could talk to about what you like and what you plan to do. To know more about it, I suggest you visit the link I posted in here and good luck in finding a new-found friend!

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