Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Glenn!

It's my husband Glenn's birthday today. He's turning a year older and I pray that he will be blessed more. I pray most especially for his health and may he be more successful in his work. Happy birthday Glenn! ~ Love, Cookie, Chloe and Baby Zoe (",)

Glenn and then 3-yr-old Chloe

Try This!

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Perfect Shape

I'm glad that some of my pants fit me now. I've been trying to work out to eliminate excess fats on my leg part and someway, somehow, it pays. However, I've not yet achieved my desired waistline. It's kind of frustrating. Perhaps I might try slimvox for it helps in achieving my desired figure. It can even help me become shapely and even enhances mood and clears unwanted blemishes or acne.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hulagway Sa Kinabuhi: Glenn

Hulagway sa Kinabuhi (Pictures of Life) is a meme for Bisdak Bloggers and is written in our local dialect ~ Bisaya. Translation is made for my blogger friends and visitors who don't speak our language.

Maayong adlaw sa mga ka Bisdakan! Karon pa jud ko naka apil ani nga meme ug sa dihang nalipay ko kay naa koy masulat sa letrang G!

Mao kini akong bana nga si Glenn. Walay laing guapo, hehehe. Ayaw namo ug supak kay inlababu kaayo ni sa ako, haha.

Ako kini sya gina kumbinse ug sulay sa blogging. Ug sa duha ka tuig na nilabay, nisugot ra jud. Busa kung makahigayon kamo, bisitahi pd intawon iyang blog ug unta maka follow kamo sa iyang gfc. Mao kini iyang link: My Hidden Fortress (

Daghan kaayong salamat!

(Good day to my fellow Bisdaks. It's my first time to join this meme and I'm very happy because I've something to write for letter G).
(This is my hubby, Glenn. No other handsome fella :D Don't argue in there for he is in love with me, haha. I've convinced him to try blogging. 2 years after, he agreed. If you have time, please visit his blog and hope you can follow thru his gfc ~ pls refer above link or click on the blog image).

(Thank you very much!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoe is 9!

My baby girl Zoe turned 9 months old last April 12, 2011. At this month, she can already sit without support and crawls fast. One of her lower tooth erupted but I was glad that she didn't get sick or anything. Even with Chloe, I didn't have a hard time dealing when she was teething.

It seems that Zoe has a cake every time she turns a month older. Thanks to her sponsors for buying (her 2 grandmas) and we ended up eating her cake.

Me and Zoe

Zoe and her cake; Chloe took a picture of us and look at the result ^.^

Ate Chloe (big sister) helped Zoe blow her candles; Happy with her grandma

Holy Week

Last Sunday marked the beginning of Holy Week. It was also Palm Sunday. As member of the Roman Catholic church, we are to observe this week's celebration. It's a time for prayer, fasting and visiting churches. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, and I think Black Saturday, are already declared a holiday but my family will just stay at home and not go somewhere else. We stocked our ref with seafoods so that we won't be eating meat on that day :-)

Wishing those who celebrate Holy Week a blessed one!

A Very Fine Linen

When I went to New York years ago, I stayed at my hubby's aunt for a few days. She and cousins accommodated me to their place and I really felt welcome by them. Aunt then brought me to a certain store in New Jersey to shop. They offered fine linens and she bought one set for me. I guess it was a designer sheet from matouk and how I love the fabric! Until now, we're still using it but hope to buy some more if ever I could go back in that store someday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Remembering My Dad

Last February 19, 2011 was my dad's 10th death anniversary. It seems like yesterday since I last saw him. Of course I still miss him but I know life must go on and I know that he's in a better place right now. My dad died of cancer (maxillary fibrosarcoma) and I can't help but wonder how life would turn out to be if he was still alive. He had never seen all his children got married and never had the chance to see his grandchildren... But that's life ~ it's unpredictable.

My mom, my brother, my sister in law and us went to Oro Gardens to visit the grave. My aunt and her grandsons were there, too, and we hired a prayer leader to pray with us. It was a nice family gathering. We only missed my other brother and his family for they were in Manila already. And after visiting the gardens, we went to the mall and had lunch in there. Sharing to you below the pictures taken on that day:

Me and my baby girl Zoe

My Girls ~ Chloe and Zoe

My family. Despite the heat, baby Zoe showed her megawatt smile :D

Beside my brother's yellow car =)

My family at Oro Gardens

My little girls having a good time at home


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Occasion

I posted some pictures in my other blog. Anyways, last March 29, 2011 was Chloe's Recognition day at her school. She got Gold Medal and I made sure to attend her important day. I was very happy with what my daughter achieved. And next school year, she will be in Grade 2.

Chloe and me while waiting for their program to start. I wore my favorite color red for this happy occasion =)

Striking a pose with another proud mommy

Putting on her 1st Honor Medal

With Chloe's proud parents

...and a picture of Chloe wearing red with her favorite baby sister, Zoe =)