Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoe is 9!

My baby girl Zoe turned 9 months old last April 12, 2011. At this month, she can already sit without support and crawls fast. One of her lower tooth erupted but I was glad that she didn't get sick or anything. Even with Chloe, I didn't have a hard time dealing when she was teething.

It seems that Zoe has a cake every time she turns a month older. Thanks to her sponsors for buying (her 2 grandmas) and we ended up eating her cake.

Me and Zoe

Zoe and her cake; Chloe took a picture of us and look at the result ^.^

Ate Chloe (big sister) helped Zoe blow her candles; Happy with her grandma


Bogie said...

uy ka cute, nag smile si taba ching2 :)

Cookie said...

@bogie: yes, big kaau ang smile. wala pa nako na post ni sa fb :D

Cecile said...

happy bday Zoe :-)

added and followed your blog here cookie :-)