Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Water Fountain

When my daughter was in preschool, her school was just very near the Cathedral where there was a park where people could sit down and kids could play. What she also loved was the water fountains outdoor installed by the Church. It had been there for many years and until now, it still looked great. That's why my daughter wanted me to bring her to school early so she could watch the water fountain before her class started.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deleting A Blog

I am planning to delete one of my blogs because of the reason that I had a hard time updating it. Second, it doesn't sell much and third, it's actually my husband's blog and he's too busy right now to write anything. The blog is under my account and I understand that hubby's lack of time for his one and only blog. He writes well but I have to understand that he can't keep up with it. At least he tried. I've paid for the domain and since it's just being stagnant for how many months, guess it's time to let go. But I told my husband to better transfer it to another site only we don't have to pay for the domain. Okay, we'll just wait and see...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Seeking Legal Advice after Surgical Complications

There are many surgical procedures that are done only in vein. Whether it be to look thinner, or maybe to look years younger, or sometimes both. The price that some people will pay for beauty is astounding. While these surgeries may not be medically necessary, there are many the certainly are. There are many people that may have lived with pain for many years. There are also those who may have some sort of physical abnormality that needs to be removed.

Medical companies and surgeons have designed and developed many devices that have helped so many people. These devices in many cases have been nothing short of a miracle for those who have them. Most of these individuals go on living happy healthy lives, because of these medical breakthroughs.

Some however, aren't always so lucky. Any surgery has the potential to be dangerous. However, some feel these risks are worth taking. Unfortunately, some of the risks may be worse than the initial symptoms. While there are countless people thriving in the world, walking around with some sort of prosthetic or implant that has changed their lives for the good. There are also some very unfortunate people that are living with devices that may be poisoning their bodies or causing them a great deal of pain.

Many woman have been diagnosed with a vaginal prolapse. This is due to a weakened pelvic muscle. This can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to the woman. There is a new surgical procedure that can rectify this problem. A surgeon will insert a mesh device that will aid in pelvic support. With any surgical procedure, negative side effects can occur. Unfortunately for many of these woman, there have been many vaginal mesh complications.

Anyone suffering side effects from any surgical procedure, should always seek legal advice. An attorney will know your rights and will represent you accordingly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zoe's Day Out


My baby Zoe's pictures wearing her red boots. This was taken last month while we went malling one Saturday afternoon. Isn't she cuddly? hehehe

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pool Supply

I am planning to enroll my child to a swimming lesson comes April and May. But right now, I'm scouting for a safe and better pool to make sure I don't have problems to encounter with my child. I've noticed that some of the swimming pool in our place, where some kids practice, they're obviously dirty and not well taken care of. I hope the owners would bother browsing what Pool Supply Unlimited has to offer. What the pool needed is there and they even have worldwide shipping so I guess you will have no problem if you order from them. For more details, visit their site now!

New Do

This is my daughter's new hairdo :-) 2 weeks ago I brought her to a Korean parlor to have a haircut and this is the result. It's nice actually when you just came out from the parlor. But now, her hair is again messy. I might bring her to another parlor to cut her hair short so that she will not have a hard time fixing her hair every morning before she goes to school...

Antivirus You Need

When our internet crashes, there's nothing I can do but wait for my husband to fix it. I am only good in typing and browsing the net but of course I make sure I don't click unknown or unreliable sources. Good thing hubby can find ways in mending it. I tried to understand how this antivirus going on and I just stumbled about ESET NOD32 Antivirus online. I read their benefits and features and so far, what they offer is really good. If you are interested in buying this, better check their site. What they have is good for home and business so drop them a visit now!

No Class On Friday

I am so glad my daughter has no class today therefore, I woke up late in the morning :-)
I usually wakes up around 5-5:30 am to prepare breakfast and cook food for lunch for my daughter and husband. Today, I told my husband if he can just buy food for himself at the office and let me savor this day, hehe.

After I'm done blogging, I'm off to do the laundry. My youngest child just woke up an hour ago and thank God her elder sister is at home to help me watch over my little one.
So I guess I won't stay long huh. Be updating more soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day gifts for him

I don't know about you, but thinking of gifts for my husband – Christmas, birthday, Valentine's – always takes me a while. Maybe it's because men are more difficult to buy for, or maybe my husband is just awkward! Since it's that time of year again, I thought I'd mention some of my ideas in case any of you need inspiration.
I find gadgets make a better present for the man in my life – it's better if you get him something he really wants. So I've been looking at things like those little Bluetooth radios you can get for the car, or maybe a massage cushion.
There are lots of joke-type presents around at this time of year, but I personally don't think they mean the same, plus I'm sure my husband isn't interested in novelty key rings or funny mugs! The personalised t-shirts are pretty good as he can still use it and you can order your own messages or pictures.
Also, since my husband has always liked having loads of pictures of our daughter around the house and since we've had a digital camera, we haven't printed out as many. I'm thinking of getting him a digital photo frame, so then he can change the picture whenever he likes or play them all in a slideshow.
But seriously, if you ever get stuck for ideas, making his favourite dinner always does the trick. Likewise, I was thrilled when he got me a heart-shaped cake for our Valentine's three years ago. Nice things like that show you've made the effort, which is the most important thing about Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's February...

It's the love month already and my daughter's telling me about her plans on February 14. I just let her babble about it, do as she pleases but I know in the end it's up to me whether to agree with her on not, hehe. I guess I'm passed those stage in celebrating this occasion.

But I've got to give credit whoever made Valentine's day because people tend to remember the loves of their lives and treat them Special.
I guess I'll just see what happens on that day if I'm going to listen to my kid or not, lolz.

Cheap Magazine Subscription

I love reading the latest trends online and I also love reading magazines at home during my leisure time to keep me updated and learn new things. I am a subscriber of a particular book magazine for years now and every month, I also bought my favorite fashion magazine. However, they stopped and I am now looking for a replacement. And when I happen to browse on the net, I found Magazine Subscription where they offer lots of good magazines to read. I don't know if it is applicable in our country but I will check with our local distributor if they have it here and with a reasonable price, too.

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