Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lucky Bride!

It had been 10 years since my husband and I got married. I remembered my friends who gave me a bridal shower and it was fun! I guess it's more fun these days especially there are so many things to do for the bride-to-be. I saw many bridal shower invitations and I find it so nice. Any bride these days are going to be lucky!

Snow Chain For Your Tire

I think it's best for all the vehicles to have a chain on their tires. It's for safety purposes and it protects your tire, too. Make sure to buy a chain that fits the tire and read the manual properly before using it. And if you happen to live in a place where it always snow, I guess you should pick the snow chain for your vehicle. It's a must especially if you travel on a snowy road a lot.

One Fine Sunday

After my family and I attended the 10:30 am mass, we had our lunch at Shakey's Pizza Parlor. I decided to omit my rice coz my tummy felt bloated. I was quite hungry but I don't want to upset my tummy, so I ordered only pizza with vegetable salad, 2 pieces mojos, 1 fried chicken and a soup. A can of coke, shared with Chloe, completed my meal.

After lunch, we went to Gap to see their best finds because they were having a sale on kids' clothing. But I only bought 1 skirt for Chloe because most of the items sold were long sleeves or woolen type of cloth. It's hot in our country so those types of clothing is not advisable. I was hoping to buy baby Zoe a dress but only black velvet dresses were available. The rest were quite big for her. I'll buy her another dress next time we go out to shop.

Just sharing my Sunday afternoon and hope you had a great one, too. I guess everybody's busy preparing for Halloween or All Soul's Day. Wishing you all a meaningful day and a great week ahead!

Great Accommodation

A lot of my friends worked or migrated or went to Australia for vacation. Some of them even invited me to go there for a short visit. I would love to but as of the moment, traveling out of the country is put on hold. My kids need me. They are still very young and I just can't leave them by entrusting them to anybody. But I love to hear stories about Australia and I even like browsing the pictures of my friends. I promise to go there one of these days. It’s even better if my family wants to tag along.

There are so many nice places to visit in Australia particularly in Melbourne. Looking for a place to stay is not even a problem for you can easily browse it on the internet. For executives and employees, who are on restricted budget but want to have their business planning there, they can do so. There are many melbourne serviced apartments that readily accommodate them. Their services include sourcing and allocation and they also take care of your other needs. Just specify your requirements to them and they will gladly provide it. While staying there, the employees can enjoy accessing other amenities like using their gym and swimming pool. So, if you are currently planning to go there, visit their site at

Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs from P. Joe's Diner is one of my favorite foods. I love the taste and how they cooked it was superb! Even my mom loved it! I took a picture on my favorite meal 3 weeks ago.

We were supposed to have dinner at P Joe's this evening but we were so surprised to see an empty space. We don't know if they closed or they moved to another area of the mall. I just hope they are still there. I will surely miss eating this baby back ribs if I will not be seeing them there. And I'm sure my daughter will miss them since she's a big fan for their sizzling squid!

My entry for Yummy Sunday. Have a blessed day everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Handy Tools

My husband has so many tools kept in our stock room because he wants to make sure he has his things ready should he need it anytime. In rare instances, I also use his tools if I found some leaks at home that need to be fixed, and as long as it's within my capacity, then I do it by myself.

But my husband's brother has more nice and branded tools. That's why during that time when we had our house renovated, most of my brother-in-law's tools were used by the workers. His Makita Angle Grinder and impact air wrench were very useful and it was kind enough of him to lend his things to the workers. There were several things I found in our stockroom and some of them I don't recognize. I was only familiar with electrical duct tapes and pipe thread sealant with Teflon that the workers sometimes use.

After the tiles of our kitchen and dining room were fixed, the workers requested for heavy duty degreasers. They wanted to make sure that the grease on the floor be removed immediately and effectively as not to cause harm to us. Thinking about safety, my husband bought it right away and had it applied immediately.

Termite Control

My family and I are currently at my mom's house. We had the Mapecon people came over at 10 a.m. to control the pests and termites in our house. And we need to get out of our place especially that I have 2 young kids. The chemicals are very harmful to them and even to older people.

But we have to do it since part of our house is made of wood. And it can also kill termites and other pests at home which is good. We are told that they will come back three months after to do the termite control again. I am all for it since it is for the best.

We'll be staying at my mom's home just for awhile. We might leave after lunch time coz we plan to go to the mall. And we will go back to our place late at night. I guess, by then, no scent of chemical can be smelled and we can sleep peacefully :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Forever Young

Cell Therapy is widely used by people now, the mere fact that it can revitalized skin and it can also regenerate and rejuvenate tissues, thus, making the skin look healthy. Thru this therapy, it can help in preventing in premature aging and exhaustion from the body.

Before, people were quite hesitant to take cell therapy supplement because of the fact that it came from the placenta. But thru research and studies, it was found out how extracts from the placenta can keep one healthy. It is also effective in atherosclerosis and even with cardiovascular diseases. Aside from that, it can keep one’s mind sharp and alert.

Since this therapy is a biological treatment, therefore, it is not harmful. It is 100% natural since it is not mixed with any kind of drug that may cause harm to the body. And so far, no side effects had been reported for many years. To know more about the details of Cell Therapy, you can visit their site at In there, you can browse what are the different types of soft gels that you might prefer to use. You will know also what the therapy can contribute to your body and how it can keep you stay young.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Search Is Over :-)

This picture was taken so many years ago. I joined the search for Miss Freshman and I ended up 1st runner-up. I was nominated by my classmates and teacher to represent our class, First Year Section Tindalo (it's a name of a tree), and although shy, I consented. But I think it was my mom who was excited for this contest...

I can still vividly recall the question asked to me: "Do you agree to have a steady boyfriend at the age of 13?"
And I answered: "No, because it disturbs my studies."

Actually, I was only 12 years old when I joined this contest. Backstage, my mom told me I could have answered "Yes, because it serves as my inspiration". She said a positive answer was more favorable for the judges.... And in my mind, I was like, Halllleeer! As if she won't freak out if that would happen in reality! Besides, I was very conservative so my answer obviously came from my heart :-)

I was still happy of the result. It was even scary if I won the title because I still have to compete another pageant and I couldn't take that anymore. But looking back I say it was a nice experience. I think I had fun and the support of my classmates, class adviser and friends was overwhelming. Well, this is one of the highlights in my high school life and I kinda miss it...

My entry for:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family and Home

My husband and I are currently thinking of landscaping our garden after we had our home renovated a few months ago. Although we are not so into gardening, still, we wanted the facade of our house to look nice and presentable. We have several plants in our garden but they are not put in their proper place that is why, the thought of hiring a professional landscaper came into our minds. We also wanted to have a small playground set-up for our kids.

When all is done, perhaps we can put the Adirondack chairs at the garden where we can enjoy seating while watching our children playing. And I guess adding playground equipment will complete the look of our garden.

My husband also mentioned to put Picnic Tables in our garden but he canceled his idea since the area is small, it can’t just fit everything. So, I think we would rather go to our nearby park and have our picnic there while sitting at the Park Benches. Perhaps we can do that this coming weekend where we are also going to meet with other members of our family.

No Internet Connection Again

We don't have internet connection since this morning so I am currently using my Globe Tattoo broadband. This greatly helps in emergency cases especially I'm trying to beat the deadline to one of my transactions online. I already complained to the internet provider that we don't have a connection. They said they already fixed it but unfortunately, nothing happened.

They sent a technician this afternoon, hoping that he could fix it but to no avail. In fact, he was just right here for about 10 minutes then left. Duh? Was he really a technician? Looked like he doesn't know what to do. I was hoping they could give me a reliable technician like the one they sent here before. This time, they sent us somebody who was incapable of his job. So, he left and told me that a line-man will be sent tomorrow morning and after that, he will come back to fix it.. ows? I hope so. If not, I will be very mad by then..

I Need Air!

My family and I went to one of the malls in our place last weekend but didn't stay long because it was quite hot. We would have loved to stay longer to canvass some materials needed at home, do the grocery and at the same time, shop things for the kids. But we only stayed there for an hour only then went home.

I don't understand why this mall did not make an effort to make their place cooler. When there was no current, their place was really hot. Their workers kept on using their fan to keep them cool while most of the customers leave. There was no ventilation thus, people can hardly breath and the best thing for everyone to do was to leave the place. I hope they should do something about it if they care for their establishment and the well-being of the people inside the mall.

This mall I am talking about is big but their generator can't cover all areas if they don't have electricity. And if that's always the case, they should at least put an industrial spot cooler in some areas because this helps in distributing cooler air to their mall. This portable air conditioner can be easily installed and will definitely make everyone at the mall calm and happy while shopping.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All Soul's Day..

October 31 is already declared a holiday here in the Philippines in preparation for the celebration of All Soul's Day on November 1.

Every year, my family would gather at Oro Gardens because it's where my late father was laid to rest. I can't believe that it had been more than 10 years since he passed away. I miss my dad but life has to go on.

I am planning to go to the cemetery late afternoon of November 1. I think it's not hot at that time but I hope it will not rain also. My hubby will come with me and so are my 2 kids. My mom, my brother and sister in law will be there so that makes only 8 of us. I hope my brother in Manila and his family can come home to visit but if not, I guess we will be seeing each other on Christmas Day.

So far, this is my plan for November 1...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Make It Last

After I graduated in College, I looked for a job and got accepted. It was a new company and I was one of the few applicants who were hired to work for them. At first, I was given a clerical job then later was promoted to a higher position in administrative department.

Later, the company hired additional workers but still we lack manpower so we did other things on our own. Each of us must learn how to operate things around us and one of them was the photocopying machine. It was an easy task but problem came when the machine started to malfunction. I think somebody did not use it properly for he use a different kind of toner cartridge not compatible to the machine. In the end, the machine was replaced.

I did not work in that company anymore but these days, I observed that some company preferred to use konica minolta bizhub c451 toner because of its high quality. And if you happen to use it at work, make sure that you follow the right instructions in installing the toner cartridge to make the machine last for a long time.

Nutritious Fruits

Banana and watermelon are both high in potassium. Potassium helps the heart and the nervous system of the body to function properly. It is responsible for nerve cell function, protein synthesis, muscle growth, and muscle contractions hence it can alleviate muscle cramps. So I guess it's best if we include potassium in our diet regularly.

The picture above was taken two years ago when we had breakfast at Marco Hotel in CDO. This is my entry for this week's Yummy Sunday :-)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Need Space?

When I had my US vacation years ago, I stayed at my uncle's place in Illinois. But my husband's relatives from New Jersey invited me to their place. They said that they would meet me either in Newark airport or at JFK airport since another relative was also living in New York City. While I was booking online for my airline ticket, it was quite hard to make a reservation en route to New York. In the end, my husband's relatives and I agreed to see each other at New Jersey but we would be going to New York by land.

At that time, I've heard that looking for a parking space in JFK airport was quite difficult. Unlike now where you can make reservations online and once done, you can enjoy using the services and you will be provided with free shuttles to and from the terminals.

If you want to know more about long term parking jfk, you can check online and look for the cheapest and safest services that you can avail. You are also guaranteed for a free on demand valet service and a friendly staff who are ready to help you anytime.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Lovely Package

A cousin who lives in the US sent me Bath & Body Works Country Chic lotion and fragrance mist... and how I love the scent! She also sent me BBW hand gels for me and my daughters. So sweet of her to do that!

A month ago, she (B) asked me what was my favorite scent in BBW. I don't know exactly what to say coz I've used a lot of lotions and most of them smelled good. So, I only gave her a clue: I'm not so into vanilla coz it smelled so sweet (ants might be all over my body, hehehe)...

And so last week, I received a package coming from her and I was so think we rarely see each other and we only communicate thru Facebook. But I was deeply moved by her kind gestures.

So, to cousin B, I wanna take this opportunity to thank you and let you know what a wonderful person you are! You are one of a kind and I'm so glad to have known you... (",)

My Dream Vacation

My daughter's semestral break will officially start next week so that means I am free from waking up early in the morning and free from helping her with her daily assignments. They will have a two week break and I hope we can have a short vacation by then. It would be great to go somewhere far from our place together with my family, to relax and unwind and not think of anything else but ourselves.

A friend of mine in the US recommended a nice vacation place called Cape Cod. That would have been a great idea the mere fact that we have not tried having a vacation outside the country as a family. But I guess it is a long way process since I still have to apply visas for my daughters.

My friend had been to Cape Cod Island and told me about its beautiful scenery. She didn't have any problem in going there as she just search for Cape Cod rental on the net and found a perfect place to stay.

Well, maybe next time my family and I can do that. Meantime, I will just save money for when the right time comes, we might be having our vacation at Cape Cod.

Electrifying Youth :-)

A picture of a 15 year old teenybopper who was a big fan of Phoebe Cates and Debbie Gibson. You can see their posters on the wall, right?

Well, okay, that girl was me and I miss those good ol days. I guess I was in third year high school when this picture was taken... And those posters were given to me by my best friends.

Gosh, can't believe that was years ago!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reliable Advertising Agency

Everything you see these days are the results of evolving technology. In fact, you can see a lot of improvements every year and it gets even better. Just like when you are trying to put up a business, you have to look for a new strategy how to make it more attractive to the consumers and that means you have to reach out to the social media because there is a big effect in there.

Perhaps it is best that you look for a reliable advertising agency to partner with you in order to meet your goal. Sometimes, in business, it is hard to click when you do it just by yourself. Someone will do the finances but someone should do the rest and letting others do it for you help lessen your load.

There is an Advertising Agency I found online that you might just need. They are advance in technology as they are born digital. They are a group of creative and skilled specialist who knew how to attract customers. They know how to incorporate the old media (like the print ads or TV commercials) to the new media (internet). Their expertise and experience in this field were the reasons why they were able to see clearly the trends, the pros and cons in advertising and what are the strategies that they should consider.

Best of all, they want their client to be happy. As long as both will work with dedication and passion together, then the results of the advertising campaigns will definitely have a positive result.

Gimme a Break...

Got quite irritated awhile ago. I know I shouldn't but can't help when you're too tired and drained. My baby was very cranky, I had been carrying her for almost 3 hours. Sometimes, I put her down and in a short while, she was wailing so I picked her up. Full time mommies I guess can understand this scenario that you need to rock your baby for awhile, cuddle her, sometimes you have to dance or sway a little or hum a song just to calm the baby and put her to sleep.

Until I almost ran out of patience and I just want to leave her on her crib wailing. But I can't stand listening to her cries so I picked her up again. And it has been on an on until hours had passed. I was done giving her milk, water, played with her but same thing happened. I guess she was just cranky this day.

I was just too glad that she finally went to sleep because she already gave me an achy breaky back! I think I need a massage for this. Now, it's quiet in our bedroom and I'm glad coz in a short while, I will try to rest and take a short nap peacefully...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seek Help

It is a sad fact that there are many people who are abusing some chemical substance that led them to addiction. They don't realize that these substances are fatal to their health and one of these drugs is call bath salts.

People should know that this could endanger their life so I hope they seek help and submit themselves to bath salt abuse addiction rehab treatment. And once recovered, I hope they will live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Mom's Coming

My mom will be arriving today from Manila and my daughter is excited to see her. She's been in Manila for about a month and Chloe just missed her. They are close to each other and my daughter is kind of spoiled to her grandma.

My brother's going to pick her up and anytime now she will arrive from the airport. Perhaps she will drop by our place first before proceeding to her place and that's why Chloe's taking her afternoon nap right now, hoping that when wakes up, she will see her Mama Bie :-)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help Them Recover

While I was browsing one entertainment site, I read in there that two aspiring starlets were caught buying drugs. What a waste! They should have put their money into good use, why drugs? While I read on their story, it was mentioned that these two youngsters were on methadone addiction for awhile. Their career also suffered since they became unprofessional on the set while filming a TV show.

But I guess there was a reason why they indulged in this prohibited drugs. Both of them were still on their teens, one came from a broken family while the other one's family lives abroad. No one guided them to the right path and perhaps they met people along the way who were a bad influence to them.

They can be helped by means of rehabilitating them. It may be painful for the parents to see their kids got wasted on drugs but if it is already there, the least the parents can do is to communicate with their children, understand why this had happened and help them recover. Let's give them a chance to renew themselves and hope for a bright future.

My New Phone (",)

My husband bought me a new phone, it's a Samsung Galaxy Ace android phone but I don't really know if it offers great features. I had been using my Nokia (N70) phone for over 4 years (5 yrs comes January) and so far, I didn't encounter any problems. Well, actually the camera is not functioning anymore but that doesn't matter with me. What is important is that I can call and text. And oh, sometimes my N phone hanged, hehe.

Hubby told me it's time for a change and he's buying me this as his early Christmas gift. I'm so behind now with the recent technology so I hope I can keep up. However, I got so drained exploring this new phone but I hope I'll get use to this touch screen pad.

But best of all, I wanna say thank you to my hubby for this lovely gift :-)

Online Shopping

I have been browsing some sites online hoping that I will be able to see what I was looking for. I want to buy something for myself and it can only be purchased online, instead, I was brought to another site. However, I got stucked in this site as it offers cheap and trendy big and tall mens clothing. Well, my husband is quite big and tall so I think some clothes here will fit him. The styles are quite unique and this can be hardly found in our local department store. But that's good as I don't want him to wear something that many people are using it also.

I am planning to buy some him some shirts and be giving it to him on Christmas day. I guess he will be happy about this as he likes receiving shirts from me. I am even planning to include a pair of jeans but I am not so sure of his waistline now. I think it is bigger than the previous year, lol. I might try to ask him nonchalantly later for his size and once done, I will go ahead with my transactions online.

I'm Free Today :-)

I'm currently sneezing due to dust. I hired a cleaning lady today and I smelled a lot of dust! I guess that's how dirty is our house, lol.

I wanna rest from doing some chores at least once a week. But there were some parts of our house that I cannot give my full attention since I am taking care of my 2 daughters. My kids are my topmost priority, my husband is the second (hehe, don't ask. he can take of himself anyways) and the rest will follow.

So far, the cleaning lady left me a good impression. I might hire her again next week, same time, same day =)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Need Space?

Having a business means you have to have capital and a good place to operate. Location has a lot of impact on the business you are going to put up, hence in choosing one, you should make sure that it is easily accessible and safe for everyone to go. The business should also be located in a good neighborhood in order to make your clients feel at ease every time they do their transactions with you.

If you are looking for a space to use for your business, try property acquisition jackson mississippi if you live near that area. There, you can find Parkway Properties that has Class A commercial spaces for you to use. What is nice about this place is that you will be treated as a customer and not a tenant so anything you need will be provided by them. They are willing to extend you a hand if you need one. Their utmost priority is to render excellent services to their customers.

To get more detailed information, you can visit Parkway Properties at their site and look for an available space that might interest you.

P Joe's Best Sampler

We had our lunch at P Joe's yesterday and one of our menus was their P Joe's Best Sampler. It has mozzarella sticks, bacon and cheese baked potato and tender chicken fingers. It tasted so good that's why we kept coming back to this diner.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Legal Solutions

Perhaps you are running a family business that requires a lot of legal documentation. Or maybe you work for a company who hires legal services just to look after their legal matters. Sometimes, the problem arises when they are not doing their job well . This could badly affect your business and worst, could put you in jeopardy in terms of facing legal problems. That is why choosing the right people for the job is important. If not, then you might be facing bigger problems if the future.

Have you heard about Court Reporting Services? They are highly knowledgeable and diligent at reporting and producing transcripts for all kinds of industries. These court reporting professionals are also highly qualified in doing the job and know very well the procedures on how to go about it. They will even guide or help you with court terminologies that you might find difficult to understand. They are accurate and reliable when it comes to doing your case.

So, if you are in need of these people, better hire Depotexas Deposition Services as they have already established a good reputation and getting your problems fixed is their topmost priority. Check it out at their site to get more detailed information.

It's Up To You...

My husband kept on bugging me since last night. He was asking for my opinion if he should buy XBOX or PS3 for our daughter or for himself. I think it's more for himself and he is just using our daughter so that I'll agree :-)

Well, I told him duh, why ask me? As if I know those gadgets and my answer will always be the same: they're expensive. But he said he can install something useful for me to use like exercise or body fitness whatever. And besides, whatever is my answer today will not matter the mere fact that he's decided. He's only confused what to get and that's what he wants to hear from me.. oh well!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Shopping Galore

One of the malls in our place is having a three day sale this weekend and I bet a lot of buyers will flock in there to shop till they drop. However, I can't help myself in going there also because I know they will be slashing off huge amount of prices! It's not every day that they are on sale so I guess I will be taking this opportunity to shop not only for myself but for my mom and mother-in-law.

I want to buy that trendy plus size clothing I found the other week at the mall. I'm sure my two moms would love to have it. The designs are unique and would fit perfectly for their age and personality. I might buy it this weekend but I will probably give these to them on Christmas as my gift to them.

I am also interested in buying some items at I found online as they offer more stylish plus size clothing. You might be interested to buy a dress for yourself so better check it out. On top of that, they are on sale so don't think twice and shop now!

My Plan This Weekend

My sister-in-law and I are planning to have a meet-up this weekend. I'm looking forward to it because we had not seen each other for months, only online. It's different when you talk in person than talking over via the computer. My family will come with me so that our kids can play each other.

She told me she will bake goodies for me and that's one of the reasons why I have to go there, hehe. I don't know what will I bring but I'll just worry on that very day (",). We will just bond at her place and reminisce our good old days.

Loud and Clear

Perhaps you are expecting a very important call but can't get thru it because of the very weak signal or due to electrical interference. I guess what you need is a wireless cellular booster for easy access. If you had it, your problem with your incoming calls will be solved and you can right away get the incoming messages. Check it out online for some of the sites are currently offering big discounts!

Get A Free Quote!

Perhaps you might need a motor home repair right now and I recommend you to check out one site where you can also get a free quote. It is very important that you take care of your vehicle so that it will last longer and have it insured for protection purposes. If you own one, have it covered to the nearest service plan now visit a site that offers you great services!

I'm Hooked with Angry Birds!

OMG! I never thought I'd get hooked with Angry Birds. My husband installed this game in my laptop so that Chloe can use it anytime she's free. Turns out I was the one who kept on playing it. It feels so good every time I crushed all the pigs :D

I never knew this game before and was surprised how popular it is right now. Chloe collected 4 Angry Birds stuffed toys already and she's hoping to collect all! But because of its popularity, the toys are sold out, my goshling! I could only imagine how rich the owner or founder of these birdies.

In all fairness they are cute. I like the black bird because it carries a bomb and also the small blue bird for when I clicked it, 3 birds will come out and that made them strong.

I posted this before and I'll post it again now.. Sharing to you Chloe's computer drawings on Angry Birds.

I'm A Bookworm!

I went to the book store last weekend and asked the sales lady if Rick Riordan's Son of Neptune novel has arrived. Turned out I was late. It was sold like hotcakes! Now, I have to wait for a week or two for their additional orders.

Reading a book is one of my favorite past times. It relaxes me and also broadens my knowledge. Sharing the same passion for reading is my husband. He is a certified bookworm for I think he has read more books than I do. Sometimes, we exchange ideas or opinions after reading the same book. And we both like suspense, science fiction and adventure stories.

Anyway, we are definitely going back to the book store this weekend to check on their new arrivals. And if RR's book is available, I’ll surely grab a copy of it!


Thank God it's Friday! Because tomorrow is Saturday! hehehe.. It's my last day of the week to wake up early in the morning (I'm already up by 5:20am) to prepare breakfast and help my daughter for school. This morning however, I was struggling to wake up. I really wanted to sleep coz I felt too tired. Perhaps blue moon appeared this morning for my hubby took over as he was up so early reading his e-book. He cooked breakfast but I did the rest. At least my sleep was extended for a good 15-minute.

Weekend means it's time to go somewhere either to shop or visiting friends and relatives or just simply strolling with the kids anywhere in the city. Oh, I'm so looking forward on it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cute Apparel for Girls

After I got married and had kids, I shop less for myself. I don't know but I seem more attracted to buy clothes for my two girls ages eight and one. It's usually my first stop whenever I get to go to any department stores in our place. I only shop for myself if I am to attend an important occasion or if I just feel like it. I think I'm way past the stage of shopping for myself that it doesn't excite me that much.

My eldest daughter is quite tall for her age so I only shop and find the right size for her at girls clothing stores. In there, I can find so many nice tops, stylish leg wear, funky shirts and girly dresses. My kids are lucky because in my time, these kinds of clothing were hard to find.

Online, I tried to browse and look for best buy trendy clothes. Aeropostale has everything I want to find. I'm even thinking of purchasing their new tops and pants for my daughter for they are slashing off prices right now. You might be interested so I suggest you go to their site and start shopping!

Little Ballerinas

Sharing with you the video I took on Chloe last Sunday, October 9, 2011 to the tune of Little Mermaid's Allegro. She wore fuchsia pink tutu. Feel free to view:

This is what I wrote in my FB:

Chloe may not be a born dancer and not yet as graceful as the other pretty little ballerina girls :-) But with more practice and a little effort, I know one day she will be… Yet she made us proud when she danced on the stage last Sunday. She gave her best and that’s more than enough with us. We love you Chloe and we will always support you. Congrats also to GPDC for a successful show.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Dream Vacation

When I had my vacation in the US years ago, I went to seven different major places but never been to Orlando. I promised myself to visit this place when I go there next time. Besides, a good friend of mine is residing there and she had been inviting me to visit her.

If my plans push thru to go to the US next year, I hope to see Disney resorts Orlando. My aunt in Illinois told me that she had been to this place and the place was awesome. I browsed it at the net and they have indeed a magical place. Near the resort are the theme parks and different attractions that I am pretty sure are great to see. And I will definitely not miss to see my favorite Disney characters when I was a kid.

Staying at the resort has allows you to avail lots of Disney benefits so, if you are interested in grabbing them, book with them now. You better check with their site at and see the many privileges that you will enjoy while you stay with them. So, make your reservations now!

Rainy Tuesday Morning

It's raining and so cold in this early Tuesday morning. As much as I would like to sleep longer, I can't. I need to wake up early because I have to prepare breakfast and ready my daughter for school. She's still asleep right now but gonna wake her up in a jiffy. Probably around 6am so that she can start eating her food.

I think there's a typhoon that hits near our place. I just hope that there's no casualties and no lives are lost. I'm praying that everything's safe this day. Even to my family and friends that we will all be protected. I pray also for my daughter Chloe that she will be safe in going to and from school...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Fit

Some people think that having a slim or skinny figure is ideal. But I don't see it that way. No matter how big or curvy you are and if you are confident with your body and knows exactly how to dress up, then that's still ideal for me. It is a good thing that plus size clothing for women is readily available these days unlike before where it was very hard to find.

One would not fret these days looking for nice trendy clothes fit for their size as these can be easily found and ordered online. Have you visited Perhaps it might be the store that you are looking for.

They have many plus size clothes for women that are stylish and very much affordable. In fact, they are currently offering huge discounts at the moment so why don't you check it out?! I am even tempted to buy some clothes not for myself but for my mom. Their blouses and sweaters are the kinds of clothing my mom love to wear. And I think I just found a perfect gift for her.

We Had a Busy Sunday

I was quite busy yesterday. I attended Chloe's ballet show at SM atrium at 4 pm but of course we have to be there by 2 pm. All of us went there including my hubby, baby and mother-in-law and father in law who supported my daughter.

Chloe's not really a born dancer but one way to develop this skill is to enroll her in a dance or ballet school. She was at first interested to join Hula dance because it was quite easy for her to sway. However, it was not offered last summer to that certain school so she decided to try ballet since the school was also offering tahitian dance. She joined the recital and after that, she didn't want to stop. So, until now, she's joining ballet class and although she's not yet that super graceful, at least she's trying to be and followed the right steps. I'm proud of my daughter whenever I see her onstage and she really tried to give her best. With constant practice and unending support, I know she will be as graceful like the swan, hehe..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Costume

My daughter had been telling me since last month to host a Halloween party at home. We don't actually celebrate Halloween but I guess I might give in to her this time just for fun. My daughter wanted to wear a Bird costume while her grandfather decided to be a pumpkin. As for myself, I cannot decide on what to wear. But for a change, I might end up wearing the Snooki costume to surprise everyone. After all, I am allowed to wear anything on this day, even outrageous ones, right?

Snooki costume is actually nice but it looks very sexy on me. People are used to see me wearing ragged or casual attire. But when I tried to check it on the net, the costume was okay. In fact, I was quite eager in wearing this leopard printed mini dress. Perhaps I will just put an accent on the top part so that I can wear it very comfortably. But what is nice about this costume is that I can use this in other social functions if ever I get invited.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mommy's Hobby

I am joining this week's Mommy Moment's meme and it's all about mommy's hobbies.

So, what is my hobby? You wanna know?

1. I'm into singing.

It's my hobby but I don't sing often now. I guess I'll pass it on to my daughter who is musically-inclined. I joined Glee Club in college and I loved the experience! My voice belongs to Soprano 1. I often got invited to sing on weddings (",)

2. I play guitar.

I'm not really that good but at least I know how to read the chords, strum and sing away. My hubby and brothers were the ones good in guitar. They used to have their own bands in their heydays :-) I play the guitar when I heard a nice music on the radio and tried to practice it.

3. I love reading books

It's my favorite past time. I got hooked on Sidney Sheldon Books, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan Books (Percy Jackson & the Kane Chronicles), the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare, Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and so on and so forth. But am not a sucker for love stories that's why Nicolas Sparks is at the bottom part of my list (sorry to his fans).

4. Blogging

I guess a lot of us falls into this category. Since I became a stay at home mom, blogging became a hobby. I just love to write anything under the sun =)

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Lazy Day

I am definitely in no mood for doing household chores today. I decided to wash clothes tomorrow, clean dusty rooms on Sunday and fix items that need to be fixed by next week. Call me lazy but am tired today! I'll just make sure to cook food for my family and take care of the kids. I plan to sleep, do blogging and watch shows later and munch some junk foods.

If only I could get the services of some professionals just like the one doing furniture cleaning austin in Texas that would have saved my day. I don't have a maid at home but I guess once in awhile I need a house cleaning service just for one day to give my self a break.

If you have carpets or furniture that needs to be cleaned by a professional, visit this site at They have been in this business for over two decades and they have proven themselves to give their customers the satisfaction that they deserved. So, check it out now!

Exam's Over!

I am so glad my daughter's second quarter exam is now over. She arrived home early today and was also happy that her exam's finished so that she can do "whatever she wants to do". Right now, she's at our living room, watching Smurf on TV. She told me that she will use my laptop later because I also promised her that.. sigh (okay, fine). But I will let her ~ but with limit, of course.

Like every mom, I am proud with my daughter. But still during exams, I reviewed with her to make sure she really understood her lesson. But am amazed that she can recall her lessons very well, even with the minute details. Sometimes, I worry that she might forget it. But she always assured me not to worry and that she's always excited for the exam. Yet I told her not to be overconfident =)

So far, her difficult subject is Filipino. It's hard for her to understand Tagalog right away. It's because she speaks English at home while me and her dad speaks Visayan and that's all she knew. So, I sometimes translate Tagalog into English or Visayan (or Bisaya). But when I received her test paper for Filipino, she usually got only 1 or 2 (or sometimes 3) mistakes. I told her that it's okay. I don't want her to become perfectionist also although that's what she's aiming. As long as she understands and passed the test, it's fine with me. But I have to admit that deep inside, I am jumping for joy when I see her straight A's on the report card.

I am just glad for her. Her achievements meant that I did something good, too, hehe. It's a reward to me. I never received a medal during my school days so what my daughter achieved now is more than just a medal or a trophy to me (",)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Strain Yourself!

When I was a nursing student, I was assigned to a patient who was quite heavy. And when she needed to go to the bathroom, I had to assist her by trying my best to use proper body mechanics. But I guess she was quite heavy for me because after I put her back to bed, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back I cannot explain. After my 8-hour duty ended, I also felt a tingling sensation on my right leg. My clinical instructor thought I was experiencing sciatica pain. She let me rest the following day so I stayed on my bed to recuperate. Fortunately, the pain did not go worst and it just subsided, so, I went on duty the next day.

But if you are experiencing a burning or throbbing pain on your lower back that extends to your thigh and lower extremity, or if you have difficulty in moving your leg, I think it's best to seek professional help. If a therapy or treatment is recommended, you may do so although this pain may go away eventually. However, in worst cases, you can have sciatica treatment nyc for they have the best facilities and they also provide you with the modes of treatment. If you want to know more about them, you can visit their site at

But most of all, let's be very vigilant of our health and avoid carrying heavy load that is way beyond our capacity as not to strain ourselves.

White Calla Lily

I love Calla Lily. They looked so dainty, pure and graceful to see, perfect to use on wedding day. This picture was taken on my eldest brother's wedding where I served as matron-of-honor. I took the opportunity to strike a pose here even though I don't quite like my make-up for my eyes looked different (but I love my very straight ironed hair, hehe).

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Relax and Get Healthy

Have you heard and tried bath sea salt? Apparently, this has been used by people thousands of years ago to relax and cure ailments and even until now, it is still widely used by people for this purpose. It can also make our skin glow. There is a site online where you can order bath salt and I am planning to get one for myself.

Angry Birds by Chloe

Sharing with you my 8-year-old daughter Chloe's drawings on Angry Birds. She used the Paint program in the computer and came up with this:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the National Breast Cancer Month and one way of supporting this campaign is to wear or use the pink-colored cancer awareness ribbons. This campaign is celebrated yearly worldwide and is organized by major breast cancer charities in the hopes of increasing awareness to individuals about this disease. The best chance to cure this disease is early detection. I have seen some of my family members and friends who bravely fought against this disease and I’m glad that a few of them are now cancer-free. Most importantly, we should take good care of our health by having a well-balanced diet, living a healthy lifestyle and going to the doctor for check-ups regularly.

There are actually many ways in supporting this cause. Aside from using ribbons, you can use a lapel, pin or rubber bracelet with a cause. If you want, you can have it personalized and order it online. You can visit and browse their site as they carry a wide range of different awareness products that you may want. Best of all, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pink Ribbon Cake

Pink Ribbon Cake

Pink Ribbon Cake was made by Zen of Isabel's Confections. She was the one who made Zoe's Tinkerbell cake on her first birthday (see here). I am so happy that Zen allowed me to post this beautiful cake she made for a friend. She also allowed me to grab some of her pictures and some were shared to me by a common friend.

Description of the cake: The fondant bra is removable to see the "stitch"

Let it be known that October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention and cure. Let's continue to support and spread this cause in honor of our friends, family members or acquaintances who bravely fought cancer.

By the way, if you wish to order a cake from Isabel's Confections, you can contact her thru her site at: She's currently living in Cagayan de Oro with her beautiful daughter named Isabel =)... Again, thanking Zen and her friend for sharing me these pictures with a cause.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Restoration Service

Accidents happen anytime so we must be careful at all times. However, things like these cannot be avoided and when it happens, it's like you start from scratch. It's really hard when you are put in difficult situation, like losing your house on fire or your house was damaged because of flood. Apart from that, you will undergo emotional, psychological and financial stress. But there are people who are willing to extend their hand, ready to help in times of needs. Triton Renovation is trained to take care of your damaged properties, either commercial or residential.

They are experienced in this field as they are known across the US as the provider of water and fire restoration. They were the ones responsible in houston water damage restoration and their expertise don't limit from there as they also offer other types of restoration needs such as structural drying, thermal imaging, document recovery, odor elimination, emergency generators, etc.

So, if you are encountering a problem that needs to be fixed, contact Triton Renovation, who finds real solutions for you in real time!