Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Fine Sunday

After my family and I attended the 10:30 am mass, we had our lunch at Shakey's Pizza Parlor. I decided to omit my rice coz my tummy felt bloated. I was quite hungry but I don't want to upset my tummy, so I ordered only pizza with vegetable salad, 2 pieces mojos, 1 fried chicken and a soup. A can of coke, shared with Chloe, completed my meal.

After lunch, we went to Gap to see their best finds because they were having a sale on kids' clothing. But I only bought 1 skirt for Chloe because most of the items sold were long sleeves or woolen type of cloth. It's hot in our country so those types of clothing is not advisable. I was hoping to buy baby Zoe a dress but only black velvet dresses were available. The rest were quite big for her. I'll buy her another dress next time we go out to shop.

Just sharing my Sunday afternoon and hope you had a great one, too. I guess everybody's busy preparing for Halloween or All Soul's Day. Wishing you all a meaningful day and a great week ahead!

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