Saturday, October 29, 2011

Handy Tools

My husband has so many tools kept in our stock room because he wants to make sure he has his things ready should he need it anytime. In rare instances, I also use his tools if I found some leaks at home that need to be fixed, and as long as it's within my capacity, then I do it by myself.

But my husband's brother has more nice and branded tools. That's why during that time when we had our house renovated, most of my brother-in-law's tools were used by the workers. His Makita Angle Grinder and impact air wrench were very useful and it was kind enough of him to lend his things to the workers. There were several things I found in our stockroom and some of them I don't recognize. I was only familiar with electrical duct tapes and pipe thread sealant with Teflon that the workers sometimes use.

After the tiles of our kitchen and dining room were fixed, the workers requested for heavy duty degreasers. They wanted to make sure that the grease on the floor be removed immediately and effectively as not to cause harm to us. Thinking about safety, my husband bought it right away and had it applied immediately.

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