Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Costume

My daughter had been telling me since last month to host a Halloween party at home. We don't actually celebrate Halloween but I guess I might give in to her this time just for fun. My daughter wanted to wear a Bird costume while her grandfather decided to be a pumpkin. As for myself, I cannot decide on what to wear. But for a change, I might end up wearing the Snooki costume to surprise everyone. After all, I am allowed to wear anything on this day, even outrageous ones, right?

Snooki costume is actually nice but it looks very sexy on me. People are used to see me wearing ragged or casual attire. But when I tried to check it on the net, the costume was okay. In fact, I was quite eager in wearing this leopard printed mini dress. Perhaps I will just put an accent on the top part so that I can wear it very comfortably. But what is nice about this costume is that I can use this in other social functions if ever I get invited.

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