Monday, October 10, 2011

We Had a Busy Sunday

I was quite busy yesterday. I attended Chloe's ballet show at SM atrium at 4 pm but of course we have to be there by 2 pm. All of us went there including my hubby, baby and mother-in-law and father in law who supported my daughter.

Chloe's not really a born dancer but one way to develop this skill is to enroll her in a dance or ballet school. She was at first interested to join Hula dance because it was quite easy for her to sway. However, it was not offered last summer to that certain school so she decided to try ballet since the school was also offering tahitian dance. She joined the recital and after that, she didn't want to stop. So, until now, she's joining ballet class and although she's not yet that super graceful, at least she's trying to be and followed the right steps. I'm proud of my daughter whenever I see her onstage and she really tried to give her best. With constant practice and unending support, I know she will be as graceful like the swan, hehe..

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