Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Help Them Recover

While I was browsing one entertainment site, I read in there that two aspiring starlets were caught buying drugs. What a waste! They should have put their money into good use, why drugs? While I read on their story, it was mentioned that these two youngsters were on methadone addiction for awhile. Their career also suffered since they became unprofessional on the set while filming a TV show.

But I guess there was a reason why they indulged in this prohibited drugs. Both of them were still on their teens, one came from a broken family while the other one's family lives abroad. No one guided them to the right path and perhaps they met people along the way who were a bad influence to them.

They can be helped by means of rehabilitating them. It may be painful for the parents to see their kids got wasted on drugs but if it is already there, the least the parents can do is to communicate with their children, understand why this had happened and help them recover. Let's give them a chance to renew themselves and hope for a bright future.

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