Friday, October 21, 2011

My Dream Vacation

My daughter's semestral break will officially start next week so that means I am free from waking up early in the morning and free from helping her with her daily assignments. They will have a two week break and I hope we can have a short vacation by then. It would be great to go somewhere far from our place together with my family, to relax and unwind and not think of anything else but ourselves.

A friend of mine in the US recommended a nice vacation place called Cape Cod. That would have been a great idea the mere fact that we have not tried having a vacation outside the country as a family. But I guess it is a long way process since I still have to apply visas for my daughters.

My friend had been to Cape Cod Island and told me about its beautiful scenery. She didn't have any problem in going there as she just search for Cape Cod rental on the net and found a perfect place to stay.

Well, maybe next time my family and I can do that. Meantime, I will just save money for when the right time comes, we might be having our vacation at Cape Cod.

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