Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family and Home

My husband and I are currently thinking of landscaping our garden after we had our home renovated a few months ago. Although we are not so into gardening, still, we wanted the facade of our house to look nice and presentable. We have several plants in our garden but they are not put in their proper place that is why, the thought of hiring a professional landscaper came into our minds. We also wanted to have a small playground set-up for our kids.

When all is done, perhaps we can put the Adirondack chairs at the garden where we can enjoy seating while watching our children playing. And I guess adding playground equipment will complete the look of our garden.

My husband also mentioned to put Picnic Tables in our garden but he canceled his idea since the area is small, it can’t just fit everything. So, I think we would rather go to our nearby park and have our picnic there while sitting at the Park Benches. Perhaps we can do that this coming weekend where we are also going to meet with other members of our family.

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