Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Online Shopping

I have been browsing some sites online hoping that I will be able to see what I was looking for. I want to buy something for myself and it can only be purchased online, instead, I was brought to another site. However, I got stucked in this site as it offers cheap and trendy big and tall mens clothing. Well, my husband is quite big and tall so I think some clothes here will fit him. The styles are quite unique and this can be hardly found in our local department store. But that's good as I don't want him to wear something that many people are using it also.

I am planning to buy some him some shirts and be giving it to him on Christmas day. I guess he will be happy about this as he likes receiving shirts from me. I am even planning to include a pair of jeans but I am not so sure of his waistline now. I think it is bigger than the previous year, lol. I might try to ask him nonchalantly later for his size and once done, I will go ahead with my transactions online.

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