Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Need Air!

My family and I went to one of the malls in our place last weekend but didn't stay long because it was quite hot. We would have loved to stay longer to canvass some materials needed at home, do the grocery and at the same time, shop things for the kids. But we only stayed there for an hour only then went home.

I don't understand why this mall did not make an effort to make their place cooler. When there was no current, their place was really hot. Their workers kept on using their fan to keep them cool while most of the customers leave. There was no ventilation thus, people can hardly breath and the best thing for everyone to do was to leave the place. I hope they should do something about it if they care for their establishment and the well-being of the people inside the mall.

This mall I am talking about is big but their generator can't cover all areas if they don't have electricity. And if that's always the case, they should at least put an industrial spot cooler in some areas because this helps in distributing cooler air to their mall. This portable air conditioner can be easily installed and will definitely make everyone at the mall calm and happy while shopping.

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