Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gimme a Break...

Got quite irritated awhile ago. I know I shouldn't but can't help when you're too tired and drained. My baby was very cranky, I had been carrying her for almost 3 hours. Sometimes, I put her down and in a short while, she was wailing so I picked her up. Full time mommies I guess can understand this scenario that you need to rock your baby for awhile, cuddle her, sometimes you have to dance or sway a little or hum a song just to calm the baby and put her to sleep.

Until I almost ran out of patience and I just want to leave her on her crib wailing. But I can't stand listening to her cries so I picked her up again. And it has been on an on until hours had passed. I was done giving her milk, water, played with her but same thing happened. I guess she was just cranky this day.

I was just too glad that she finally went to sleep because she already gave me an achy breaky back! I think I need a massage for this. Now, it's quiet in our bedroom and I'm glad coz in a short while, I will try to rest and take a short nap peacefully...


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