Friday, October 7, 2011

Exam's Over!

I am so glad my daughter's second quarter exam is now over. She arrived home early today and was also happy that her exam's finished so that she can do "whatever she wants to do". Right now, she's at our living room, watching Smurf on TV. She told me that she will use my laptop later because I also promised her that.. sigh (okay, fine). But I will let her ~ but with limit, of course.

Like every mom, I am proud with my daughter. But still during exams, I reviewed with her to make sure she really understood her lesson. But am amazed that she can recall her lessons very well, even with the minute details. Sometimes, I worry that she might forget it. But she always assured me not to worry and that she's always excited for the exam. Yet I told her not to be overconfident =)

So far, her difficult subject is Filipino. It's hard for her to understand Tagalog right away. It's because she speaks English at home while me and her dad speaks Visayan and that's all she knew. So, I sometimes translate Tagalog into English or Visayan (or Bisaya). But when I received her test paper for Filipino, she usually got only 1 or 2 (or sometimes 3) mistakes. I told her that it's okay. I don't want her to become perfectionist also although that's what she's aiming. As long as she understands and passed the test, it's fine with me. But I have to admit that deep inside, I am jumping for joy when I see her straight A's on the report card.

I am just glad for her. Her achievements meant that I did something good, too, hehe. It's a reward to me. I never received a medal during my school days so what my daughter achieved now is more than just a medal or a trophy to me (",)

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Unknown said...

You are absolutely right. Don't put too much pressure..Glad to hear that Chloe finished her exam...