Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dry and Comfy

My friends who are living in another city kept on complaining that their place is always flooded with rain. It was hard for them to go to work as they will be soaking wet when they arrive in their work area. Finally, they bought women's rain boots to protect themselves from getting wet and to be comfortable in walking around the flooded area. And I find them fashionable for donning their colorful boots.

Job Seeker

A relative of mine is about to graduate from college end of March this year. He said that as early as now, he is already looking for a job that best fit his degree or at least, showcases his skills. He is seeking employment on construction jobs as he is knowledgeable in that field. I encouraged him and recommend to him that he can browse online where to apply to save time, money and effort in finding a job. I really wish him luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Rest & Relaxation

We had a family outing last February 6. We checked in to a nearby resort for a one day rest and relaxation. We had a great time at Apple Tree Hotel and Beach Resort and we even invited my family to join us. Glad that everybody had a blast. Sharing to you some of the pictures taken below:

Chloe at the beach (not so clean, eh?)

Baby Zoe and Chloe

Chloe near the terrace

with my 2 girls

Chloe @ the Pool

with my mom, SIL, older brother, hubby & Zoe

    Zoe in her swimsuit =)

    Zoe with Daddy Glenn; Me & Zoe taking a late afternoon stroll @ the beach

    Finally Arrived!

    Chloe finally arrived 15 minutes past 12 and I already carried Zoe at that time because she was already wailing. But I've no choice but put her down on her crib again because I have to open the gate for Chloe. These are the times that makes my head go on spinning. Sometimes, I asked why was she awake at that very hour, minute, seconds?... Anyway, I know all I can do is to set my priorities or just balance everything. Timing is the key here. And when I was done with Chloe, I ran right away to Zoe as she was crying hard and put her down to sleep. Good thing my husband decided to go home and brought some food so that I don't have to cook anymore. Gaaaahhd, I wish times like this will be over. I love taking care of my kids but I hope I won't be put in this situation...

    Waiting Anxiously...

    It's almost 12 noon and I'm waiting for my eldest daughter to arrive. She will be riding a carpool owned by a friend and I'm anxious for her arrival. My baby Zoe is now cranky and I think she's already sleepy. Once I picked her up, she will cry much louder if I put her down again. So, I gave her different kinds of toys or books that are safe to distract her attention everytime she cries. And right now, it's raining very hard outside. I need to open the gate for Chloe as it's hard for her unlock the gate. Besides, her bag is big and she's bringing other things she might forget to cover herself from the rain. Gosh, I just hope Chloe will arrive now so that I can concentrate on taking care of the baby...

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Effective Cleanser

    Taking care of one's health is very essential as not to get ill easily. By having our colon cleanse is even better because it releases toxins in our body. There are colon cleansers available online but make sure that you've read and reviewed the effectiveness and safety and customer feedback because they are mostly reliable. If these criteria were met, then you can use this cleanser to stay healthy.

    Family Pictures

    I'm posting our unpublished family pictures here. This was taken last year when I was still 2 months pregnant with Zoe. I've been meaning to post this before but I kept on procrastinating thus the delay, until I gave birth and forgot about everything, hehe. Sharing with you my family tree =) (just scroll down to view more pics):

    Taken: January 2, 2010 @ Agfa Colorhouse

    Chloe, Glenn, Me still pregnant with Zoe

    With SIL Bogie, Anna, Chloe and my Mom

    With my mom, brothers & sisters-in-law and kids

    Wacky Pose :p

      Thanks for viewing! And hope to post pics with my baby Zoe soon...

      Try To Remember

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      Get Energized!

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      Young and Healthy

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      Powerful Workout

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      Thursday, February 10, 2011

      He Wants a New Desktop

      At home, I usually use my laptop and my husband uses his desktop. However, his unit is currently not functioning properly because everytime he's using it, it just turned off by itself. He thought the problem was the motherboard. But now, he wants to change everything because his unit is already outdated. I even helped him browse several desktops on the net so that he will have an idea what to get should he buy a new one on weekend.

      Need Repair?

      I just had a chat with my friend who owns 2 different SUVs, trucks and a car in their place. She and her husband are running a business and transportation is very important to them. She asked me if I knew of a cheap rv repair as one of her trucks was not in good condition. She was hoping she could find somebody who can fix it as soon as possible to keep their business going. I told her I'll give her a call if ever I find one.

      Friday, February 4, 2011

      Change Or Not?

      Happy Hearts to everyone! Yeah, February is the love month because it's the time where we celebrate Valentine's day. I'm kind of busy doing some other things lately. I was actually busy FB-ing because I met other mommy bloggers in there and I learned a lot from them. Then I was busy reconstructing, installing, 'beautifying' my other blogs but some I don't know what to do. I even have a hard time how to put the Google Connect thing in my wordpress blog. And for my blog in here, I'm planning to change the template coz I've been using it for 2 years now. Although I am still debating whether to change it or not, I feel that it's time for me to let it go and try a new one... But I really don't know...oh well.

      Hope you're all doing great today and Thank God It's Friday!

      Thursday, February 3, 2011

      Safe and Sound

      With what's going on with our surroundings these days, we should be more careful and be on guard especially at our own abode. Putting up a remote security at home is a good decision to make as it helps me monitor with what's going on in other parts of our house. With this device, I will be alerted should there be any gas or water leaks. And should there be fire or intruders, I will know it even when I'm just inside my bedroom and I can call help right away. It's really a relief to know that you're safe in your own home.

      I'm Satisfied

      I was on blogging hiatus for almost a year then I decided to go back on track and tried to be active again. There's so much to do with my blogs and I'm glad I have my sister in law and other blogger friends who helped me on what to do. After securing a domain, I decided to have my other blogs self-hosted, in where I can do everything I want. Good thing I found someone with dedicated hosting provider for I'm very satisfied with the services it gave me.