Saturday, September 28, 2019

HMR Trading Haus Opened its 29th Store in Cagayan de Oro!

At Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro on September 28, 2019 - The HMR Group of Companies announced the opening of its new HMR Trading Haus store as it hails as the No.1 Discount Superstore, facilitating the overflow of reverse logistics stock in the country.

This new location in Mindanao offers pristine products that include a wide range of goods: branded appliances, housewares, gadgets, electronics, power tools, industrial supplies, outdoor products, sporting goods, and furniture for home, office and hospitality industry needs - all at affordable prices  compared to other retailers.
Located inside Puregold at Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro, this 1,500 sqm HMR store is the 29th store; and the company plans to establish more than 30 stores before the year ends. "We plan to steadily grow through opening destination stores around major cities nationwide. We are also building our wholesale market by franchising to extend our demographics into the provincial pockets and provide opportunities to local entrepreneurs within those regions", said Sharelen Carman-Powell, HMR Philippines CEO.

HMR Trading Haus has been the go to destination for quality products needed by resellers, commercial establishments and varied end users. Bringing customers the Best Finds at the Lowest Prices every day, this new store will serve fresh inventory on a daily basis for all Cagayanons and  neighboring cities as well.
HMR Ribbon Cutting with CDO Mayor Oscar Moreno
"Our clients include all types of agricultural and industrial enterprises. We are used to providing equipment for large business and small enterprises as well. Ensuring quality through our standardized refurbishment expertise is a very important aspect ow what makes us reliable outlet for our clients and customers", said Sharlene.

For more information on HMR Trading Haus, visit or like @HMRTradingHausOfficial on Facebook.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Seagate and Dahua Teamed-Up for Smart and Safer Cities

Who doesn't want to live in a place where you feel safe? Well, I DO want to live in a safe place, especially in my own city, where I feel most secured and no harm come my way.

As they say, Smart cities are, as a concept, are safer cities.

Urban officials dream of a future of "Smart Cities" that use new technologies to gather comprehensive data and algorithms  to achieve increased efficiency, sustainability and  safety.  Many of these technologies involve cameras and data storage that can be tasked with jobs that ranges from keeping track of traffic  to monitoring peace and order in the city.
Smart City Surveillance Seminar held at Limketkai Luxe Hotel
Last September 20, 2019, Seagate and Dahua conducted a seminar at Limketkai Luxe Hotel. Some members of CDOBloggers were able to attend and learned about their Products and Solutions update.

CDOBloggers in attendance   (Photo credits: CDOBloggers)
Seagate Technology, a world leader in storage solutions and Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric lot solution and service provider, teamed up to deliver the next wave of  highly intelligent video surveillance servers with DAHUA IVSS and  Skyhawk AI.

Smart City, Safe Living

Dahua's safe city solution provides an integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure cities are well guarded and efficiently run by providing end-to-end solution through the use surveillance technology. Enhanced features like  cutting-edge Face Recognition which boasts off 99.8% accuracy, Abnormal Behavior Detection, License Plate Recognition, and Traffic Violation Detection. This unified safe city platform tasked with unified command and centralized data storage, this can provide rapid emergency response or cross-department information sharing among authorities. Dahua Technology also provides Mobile Enforcement that enables location detection and video footage sharing to security centers via 3G/4G for faster and more accurate action.

Dahua solution provides good quality video images and smart detection in any weather conditions. After being widely used by many cities, the Dahua safe city solution has been proven to be both efficient and effective in protecting the safety within a city.

SkyHawk AI provides bandwidth and processing power to manage always-on, data--intensive workloads, while simultaneously analyzing and recording footage from 64 HD cameras and ssupport 16 AI cameras with minimized dropped frames, reduced downtime and can withstand 24/7  operations. Equipped with Seagate ImagePerfect AI firmware, which means it can record high quality, sharp video footages while simultaneously facilitating AI-enabled NNVR analytics that ensures files gathered through video surveillance are properly stored and easily accessible.
The SkyHawk storage capacity ranges from 1TB up to 14 TB and with a workload capacity of 180 TB per year  for the normal SkyHawk, while the Skyhawk AI can withstand up to 550 TB workload per year.

Dahua Technology made an early start in AI applications and has since made several achievements in the industry with the launch of their IVSS series. Through this partnership, Seagate's advanced technology complements Dahua'ss data storage challenges with their  facial recognition, ANPR, PFA and other advanced video analytics advanced features. In addition, this strategic partnership between Dahua Technology and Seagate can boost the AI application across the surveillance industry.

About Seagate

Seagate creates space for the human experience by innovating how data is stored, shared and used. Learn more at Follow Seagate  on Facebook (SeagatePH), Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Spiceworks, Youtube and subscribe to their blog.

About Dahua

(Dahua Technology) is a world-leading video-centric smart loT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management and consumers. Committed to the mission of "Enabling a safer society and smarter living", Dahua Technology will adhere to the core value of "customer-centered", provide the market with excellent quality and service to create more value for customers, and make unremitting efforts to build a safe, intelligent, convenient and efficient society.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Contemplating Is What I Do Best...

Hi! Sorry for being 'silent' for a while. I was  quite busy... Or shall I say, I have other more important matters to attend to that updating my blog is quite a luxury for me to do.

Even in my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) were hardly updated. Although I often check them from time to time, but sharing something on my wall or page takes a  lot of effort  for me to do.

Actually, I've so much to say and so much to share...but in the end, I chose to be silent. I always weigh things if they are good or worthy to share. I  do believed they are worthy but decided in the end to keep things to myself (yet) if I'm not ready to be bombarded with questions that I don't have time to reply.

Yes, I guess I'm like that 🤔 - always contemplating that in the end, I'd rather keep things and let my lone self worry about it.

Sometimes, it's ironic that I tend to share some personal stuff to people not really  that close to me but somehow respect my personal views. More often that not, I really wanted to talk to people who already build a relationship towards me but  I tend to hold back when I remember the things they say or their opinion towards other people before it happened to  me.

I mean they gave a not so nice opinion to others about something. And a year (or years) later, that something happened to me (or to my family - my kids, especially). So, can you blame me for not sharing it to them instead?

It's actually quite surprising that some people who are not my bff or my kins are the ones who are most sensitive to what I feel. They're the ones letting me feel that it's okay to be quiet and it's okay to share when I'm ready. They also respected my privacy by not sharing to others what I went thru. They're only a handful you know, and I appreciate that. They're the people I lest expected to lend me an ear (and hand, if necessary) should I feel down. Privacy is everything to me. That's why I also do the same to others should they asked for it. I don't just share some details of my close friend to another close friend especially if it doesn't concern them.

But there were also instances that some people not really close to me, who at  first  shared concern to my woes, and later managed to unmasked my weakness and tried to sound concern wherein actually, they just insulted my well-being.

Well, I guess you're confuse with what I'm saying  here in case you're reading my blog. I kept promising to share some of the things I've been thru lately or for the past years. I really do. But I'm too tired to write now ✌ I hope I can share it with you in my next entry. I'm still drafting it and hope to post it soon and (hope to) inspire others with my journey 💕