Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink Stroller

This picture was taken right after baby Zoe's 1st birthday last July 2011. She was very happy opening her gifts while riding in her pink Winnie the Pooh stroller, used to be owned by her Ate Chloe. We actually bought this stroller 8 years ago for Chloe and now, it's Zoe's turn to use it. Glad it's still good as new!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Brother's Wedding

A picture of my brother, Ken, and his wife, Anna, during their wedding day on May 2006. They are now blessed with a 2 year old son they named CK. I was their matron of honor on their wedding day and I was so glad that my brother found his partner for life. They are now residing in Manila because of their work. We seldom see each other unlike before where they just dropped by anytime at my place.

I just love this silhouette effect...

Their wedding portrait.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Compare The Rates

Our car insurance will expire next month and the company just sent us the quotation for our vehicle this year. Although the value depreciated, it still covers a lot of money and that's what my hubby is trying to set aside now.

We are also trying to look what other companies are offering to check if they have something good to offer. In fact, some of them sent us brochures but we are still studying them. With all the expenses that we currently have, it's also best to compare cheaper rates for quality car insurance to other company. Of course, who would not want to avail the services of a quality yet cheaper services?! If you have the same opinion as mine, you can check one site for you might get an idea from them. Try visiting it now!

Globe Saved My Day

Our internet service provider is currently down so we don't have access to internet. I'm glad that we have globe tattoo so that I can continue using the internet, to check my emails and do that the tasks that will expire anytime soon. Our local service provider was down since yesterday and until now, it's not yet fixed. I've been calling them several times yet I got the same answer: they still don't know when it will be fixed. Darn it! Anyways, I'm actually a Smart bro user and it's only this time that I use globe. But so far, so good. The connection was fast, I was able to do blogging, got some tasks from advertisers... well, I don't need to complain for more for this has saved my day =)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pop Up Booths

Most companies are now using pop up displays at trade shows, events, job fairs, some stores, etc. They find it convenient to bring since it can be easily be installed and packed if the show is over. It will not also eat up space as it is design to fit to a certain area.

If you have a business and you are planning to advertise it, you can use pop up booths where people can easily see it. Make sure you have the right sizes or shapes needed. And if you want it, you can have it customized.

You can also get an idea by watching some pop up trade show displays or check it at the internet for there's a site that has several selections that you might want to see. And if you find something that appeals you, you can modify it if it's your turn to display it.

YS: Special Halo-Halo

I am currently craving for this:

It was my brother who ordered this Special Halo-halo at Mom's Corner but he let me try it. It was indeed yummy and when I came back to that place again, I ordered this yummy delight.

Do you have any food to share? Join Perfectly Blended's YS every Sunday and show us a pic of your yummy food!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Online School For You!

I am thankful that there are now schools offering courses online so that people can study while they are working or those who are stay at home moms can enroll themselves online. offers a wide variety of degree courses that you can choose from.

Walden University's online degree programs offer career services including financial and technical as they aim to support their students in their endeavor. If you want to learn about Walden, now is your time to check it out. You can visit their site and see which online course you want to take. Remember that Walden's goal is there to help you and will bring your education to the next level. I'm even thinking of signing up with them should I want to go back to school.

He Brought Zoe's Stroller Instead... :-)

My husband drove Chloe to school the other day only to find out that he left my daughter's trolley bag and put Zoe's stroller instead. They already reached school when the guard found nothing at the car's trunk except for the stroller. Chloe was mad and hubby was blaming me for not helping him remember. He went back to the house to get it and murmured, I was also mumbling for how come he forgot it. I already woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, helped Chloe with her needs, assisted her in bathing, checked on the baby, etc, and his only duty was to put Chloe's things inside the trunk and drove her to school. He blamed me for putting the stroller beside the bag (to think he was the one who put it there). Well, he is always like that, blaming me for his forgetfulness. But one thing was clear: he got embarrassed (",)

Instead of arguing with him, I found the scenario humorous. I could only imagine his face got red when he went out of the car to check it and found no bag =) The mere fact that my daughter's teacher called at home to inform about the bag added his embarrassment (",) And when he arrived school to bring Chloe's bag, my daughter' classmates were even cheering for him, haha :))

Actually, the color of Chloe's bag and Zoe's stroller are the same = fuchsia pink. I kept warning before that he might exchange it and he told me that that will never happen for he can see clearly the difference. Well, sometimes we should not be too overconfident, hehe.. What happened was a lesson learned =)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Designer Scrub Suit

Are you a nurse or are you working in a medical-related field? Are you required to wear a uniform or a scrub suit? If so, you might like to check this site to see for designs that you think is perfect for you to wear.

When reporting for duty or work, it is necessary that we wear something comfortable. Imagine entertaining a client and you cannot concentrate because the cloth you are wearing is too tight or too loose, or too itchy or very dull to look at. Remember, it's best to be presentable when dealing a patient.

If you want to buy hospital scrubs, you can visit the site I mentioned for they have a lot to offer. You can select which clothe suits you best! So, check it out now!

Mommy Moments: Fashion Tips

I'm finally joining Mommy Moments this time after so many weeks of absences. Thank you mommy Chris for sending me the link coz I really had a problem opening your great blog last time I check it...

So, here it is. This week's theme is about Fashion Tips. I am no fashionista but my eldest daughter is. Chloe likes to dress up and strikes a pose anywhere. Mind you, she's not camera-shy and below are the proof :-)

Chloe at 3 & 4 yo. Holding a rose she gave to me and striking her signature pose on her 4th birthday....

L: wearing her red chiongsam on New Year's day; R: trying to pose at the church.

L: Joining Toon Fest with her friend; R: during their school activity last year.

I can't wait for my second daughter, Zoe, to grow up and see her fashion style.

mommy moments

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My MBA Experience

I was already working when my late father encouraged me to take a Master's degree course. I was a BS-Psychology graduate but the thought of widening my horizon inspired me to take another course, preferably one which was in demand at that time. The problem was that I didn't have any background in management or accounting. Challenged, I enrolled myself after I took the entrance exam with flying colors. I took up masters in business administration and tried my best to study hard. It was difficult at first since the professors assumed that all the students knew basic accounting. I had to learn the rules on debit, credit and balancing in order. Also, I had to adjust to my new classmates since we all came from different courses and our ages differed, some were young while others were years my senior.

Looking back, I was glad I surpassed the first year of my MBA course. I cannot even imagine how I managed to balance my schedule since I worked during daytime and attended classes at night, not to mention my personal life in between. But fortunately I made it, with perseverance and discipline. I was even surprised I got high grades in all of my subjects. However, I was not able to proceed to my second year because I had to attend to my father, whose health was deteriorating at that time. But the experience and lessons that I had learned, however, was certainly worth it.

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

The Flower Dance

Below were some of the pictures I took on Chloe on their dance presentation duringtheir Foundation day held last September 9, 2011. All grade2 pupils wore green costume while they held 2 sunflowers on their hands and the other 2 were tied on their ankle (yes, including the boys). Their dance was called Panagbenga, or the Flower Dance of Baguio City . I made sure to always be there during my daughter's activities for she will only be grade 2 once. And of course to take pictures on her so that she can reminisce her childhood when she grows up. I'm sure I will miss this, too.

Before their presentation started, Chloe was striking a pose for mommy.

With her friends Kristine & Yryl; and goofing with her bff Yani

Taken during their dance number where there were lots of rolling on the floor :-)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clean And Restore

Want to take a break from cleaning your things at home? Or do you want somebody to clean your furniture? Then leave it to the expert! There are furniture cleaning services austin and in Dallas, Texas for they are famous to do this job.

They have been on this business for over two decades so they are already experienced in this field. Their utmost goal is to provide their client customer satisfaction and by letting them get their money's worth.

You can check their site online at to know more about their business or if you want to set an appointment with them. They will also give you a quotation should you request for it so, just try to contact them thru their website.


Chloe wanted to take a picture with her daddy in this church after my nephew's baptismal rites was over. This was at Eco - Church, Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City. The church was beautiful and it was surrounded with beautiful plants and trees. I used to go there during Sundays when I was single for I live very near this place...

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mom's Awesome

Content by Mac Kline

Mom’s the best – she got me one of those cannon satellite packagesystems last week because she knew how much I was liking all the Food Network shows we’d been watching recently! I had visited her for a few weeks and she had all those cable channels so I had gotten really accustomed to watching whatever whenever and was sad when I had to go back home. My mom and I have always been so close and I love nothing more than going to visit her and it’s what I save up my vacation for every single year! She and dad have this great house in the mountains and there’s nothing more relaxing than just getting off the grid for a few days at a time and really getting to spend some quality time with them. There’s nothing like hanging out with my parents to bring me back to reality and sometimes that’s exactly what I need to happen! LA can really make you crazy if you live there!

Des Plaines Lake

This picture was taken at Des Plaines Park District, Illinois years ago. My relatives and I attended a party where they celebrate it on this man-made lake. I maybe smiling from ear to ear but was actually missing my brand-new hubby whom I left at home :-)

But I love the view here. My cousins and I decided to have fun at the lake and rented a boat for we really don't know most of the people attending the party :D

Me, when my tummy was still flat :-p

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Find Your Home Online

Planning a month long vacation with your family or perhaps moving to a new place? Try to check Calgary rentals for they offer you everything that you might just need. Going to a new place should be memorable, fun and relaxing so you should find a place that will make your stay a memorable one.

All you have to do is to browse at the net and search for the place that you think closest to your home. Calgary apartments for rent provides you the amenities that you are looking for and they are there to help you with what you need while you stay with them.

To know more about the details, visit their site to see which type of apartment that suits you best. You can opt for a 2 bedroom apartment or settle for one. The place is also fully furnished so it's readily available for you to live!

YS: Do Nuts

My brother, who is based in Manila, came home last July and brought these Doughnuts from Go Nut Do Nuts. I found the Pooh design cute and there was even a mickey mouse doughnut on the other box. I've to admit I'm not so fond of sweets but I was able to consume 2 of these doughnuts while I was drinking my coffee =)

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Place To Relax

My friends and I used to go swimming on a pool once a week and after that, we settled for a hot spa to rejuvenate our skin, and also to relax. We felt good when we were done. Now that I am married, I seldom go swimming for I am busy with my family. But lately, when we had our house renovated, hubby and I thought of putting a tub on our bathroom, with hot and cold water. Or perhaps we will make another bathroom where we can use it like a spa. I was even browsing on the net and I found great designer hot tubs I know it will look perfect on a bathroom. I told my hubby about it and he said that that will be our next project. So, I guess for the meantime, we have to save so that we can build our ideal bathroom when everything's settled.

My Darling Flower by Chloe

My 8 year old daughter, Chloe, composed this poem last month about her Darling Flower. And she tried her best to rhyme her poem. I didn't teach her but am proud of her work :-) And here's what poem says:

Oh, my Darling Flower!
How Lovely of you to see
Don't go too lower
Because you are the
prettiest to me.

Oh, my Darling Flower!
Thou shalt not go too far,
How lovely pretty flower,
for you lovely are.

Oh, my Darling Flower!
What a terrible day!
I am now full of sorrow,
For you were put to death.

(...and what a tragedy indeed! -whew)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Aiming For The Best

Sometimes, you have to leave a mark so that you will be remembered. Just like when you are selling cars, you have to let the world know what you can offer, why you have the best quality and why you think you are better than the rest. Mission of the company should be considered. Just like what I read in gm culture that they strive to design, build and sell the world’s best vehicles. The statement was very convincing and striking. They have a very clear definition on how they will attain their goal. So far, the company is doing well and still going strong. People who purchased vehicles from them were more than satisfied. It is really important to set a goal so that the employees, together with the manufacturer, will work together and aim for the best. Moreover, it’s important to establish good relationship with the consumers because they are one of the biggest reasons of the company’s success.

The Burning Bush

My daughter Chloe painted this in the computer. I didn't even know what she did and when I look at it now, I say it was Brilliant!

I'm glad that she's interested to know about Bible stories. But of course there were some verses that needs guidance. But going back to her work, I was really impressed!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slip Resistant Coating

Our garage is not yet completely done after we had a major renovation in our house. There's no roof yet but so far, the area can be used. Hubby is still thinking of beautifying some parts of our house including our garage floor. I don't know why he thought about it but he's even canvassing an expoxy garage floor coating. I guess he has a point to make everything safe especially that our eldest daughter seldom plays in that area.

Easy Ride

For bikers to reach their destination easily, they can put zumo motorcycle gps as their guide. It helps navigate your way or locate the place that you are looking for. All information needed is there and it offers lots of features. What's also interesting is that the unit is waterproof. But of course, safety should be put first. Remember that defensive and careful driving brings you to a place safe and sound.

Panagbenga Dance 2011

I'm posting below Chloe's dance presentation last September 9. Grade 2 pupils performed Panagbenga Dance (flower dance from Baguio City) during their school's 25th Foundation Day. Just bear with the video for it was shaky :-) Anyway, as always, Chloe was at the leftmost and the last girl dancing at the back.

Safety Tips on the Operating Table

Two years ago, I worked at the hospital and was assigned at the Operating Room. Sometimes, I was the scrub nurse where I got to assist the doctors. Oftentimes, I was the circulating nurse where I had to check the patient's chart prior to his or her surgery. I had to make sure that everything was in place before the operation started and one important thing was to shave the patient. This was actually the hospital protocol especially if the patient was to be inserted with a catheter. And if the surgical procedure was to be on the abdominal area, I had to remove the hair by shaving it as not to cause hindrance during the operation and also to minimize infection. It was our duty to clean the patient first before letting the surgeon takes over.

In order to make sure the patient was comfortable throughout the shaving procedure, we had to have a good technique for shaving and use only a safety razor. It was also best to avoid putting too much pressure when using the razor so as to prevent unwanted cuts or injuries which could possibly endanger the patient. Moreover, the razor blades must always be checked if they are still sharp and usable. My experience at the OR may be short but I've certainly learned a lot on the art of shaving :)

Disclaimer: I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Chloe's school is named St. Mary's so she very well knew the feast of her school. Today, it's Mama Mary's Birthday and my little girl made a sketch this morning and here it goes:

As Catholic, it's our practice to go to church on this day but I haven't done that in years for I can't leave my kids without someone taking care of them. I don't want to tag them along also as there are many people inside the church so I just stay home and offer a simple prayer.

Anyway, Chloe's school is also celebrating her birthday today so they have no class. Actually, she has no class for 1 week as it's also their foundation day. She will just go to school tomorrow for their field demonstration.

Well, let me end this post by saying, Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Herbal City

People who are experiencing depression, anxiety or stress should try to help themselves also. Every normal human being experienced these but if it goes too much to bear, then I guess you try taking the product from Herbal City LLC as they are design to enhance your mood.

You can try checking on their Party enhancers if it's what you need. Or perhaps, the K6 herbal incense or the Spiritual powder is what you are just looking for. Contents of these items are legal so you need not worry should you decide to purchase the items online.

If you are interested, visit their site now to know more about the details.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Savoring Every Moment =)

I'm glad that Chloe has no class this week so I can sleep very late at night and wake up late in the morning =) Unless of course the baby Zoe's awake early in the morning for I will be forced to be out of bed. Chloe's school is celebrating their 25th year Foundation Day. She's only to come to school on Friday for their dance presentation. While she's at home, I asked her to help me do simple chores like fold her blanket when she wakes up and arrange her messy things :-)

By next week, it will be back to normal for I usually wake up around 5:00-5:30 am during school days to prepare breakfast, etc... That's why for this week, I'm savoring every moment until it lasts...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reliable Writers

When I was about to graduate in College years ago, my professor in every subject gave me and my classmates' lots of projects like making term paper or essay writing. We were really fully loaded with essays, not to mention the exams that we need to study in order to pass and graduate. Most of the time, I spent my afternoons or free period at the library doing my research. That was more than 10 years ago when the word internet was still unknown.

Thanks to the new decade where everything can be found in just one click. If you have tons of things to do and you don't want to jeopardize your lessons, all you have to do is find the essay writers online. I found a site where they offer writing services, and you need not worry as these writers are highly qualified and reliable. They also make sure to check every paper for plagiarism. What you have to do is to inform them of what you need, what you want to appear with your paper and once everything is in place, they will complete your essay in just 3-12 hours!

You can check their site at to learn more about them.

Zoe's Milestone

I was quite busy awhile ago putting placing alphabets on the wall. That's what I did when Chloe was a baby. This time, I'm doing it for baby Zoe. I always believed that if you help your child, the more their young minds are practiced at an early age. I've exposed Chloe to reading alphabets, books and pictures suitable for babies and now I'm applying it to Zoe. Young as she is, her mind is already working. At 4 months, baby Zoe knew how to flip pages of the book and now, it has become her hobby. Sometimes, I don't mind if she tears some of the pages for I made sure to give her old books anyway ;-) But there are some instances where she can get a new book and oh well, I can't do anything about it but repair it afterward.

Baby Zoe is already 1 year old and 1 month now. She learns how to balance and can walk up to 4 steps only. Some of the babies may learn how to walk before they turn 1 but am not so worried about this for every child has a different developmental stages. I will only be worried if she doesn't know how to talk when she reaches the age of 3!

Zoe is a happy baby and am glad she's not that hard to take care unlike my first, hehe. If not feeling cranky, baby Zoe will sleep in her crib by herself. But of course I check on her from time to time to make sure she's safe. And oh, she's quite big for her age, perhaps because she's not a picky eater. She loves to drink water also, which I'm glad for she's not a constipated baby unlike my eldest.

I'm just posting here the latest update on Zoe. Her favorite playmate is her big sister and I really like see them play. I don't mind the shrieking, at least I know my baby is healthy, happy and okay (",)

Baby Girl Zoe at 1 yr & 1 month

Best Online Coupons

There are so many advantages with our recent technology these days because almost everything is accessible. Just like when you are planning to go to the mall to shop, you don't need to go through all the hassles like traveling to the store to look for the items you want to shop since you can now do it online. Unlike what I did last weekend, I went to the mall because it was announced that they will be having 75% off on selected items but when I get in there, no items were shown. Others were only 5% off and some were just too expensive to buy even though they offer big discounts, it made me wonder how they made it look cheap.

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I went to Chloe's school last week for a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) and I was so happy to see all A's in her report card, including her conduct (and no minuses!).

But I was more concern on her socialization skills if she has improved and so far, she's now very well adjusted as a grade 2 pupil. She used to be very sensitive before, she was quite picky with her friends because she was afraid they might quarrel her or hurt her feelings. But now, she found new friends, learn the essence of girl bonding and I often see her running around with her classmates! --- Well, that's what I call ~ normal. *wink*

Her teacher informed me that Chloe usually tops the quizzes and always came up with the best answers being asked. With what she told me, it made me more proud of Chloe. I hope you don't mind my bragging here but am just too happy to share coz I never received these kind of grades when I went to school, haha.

I rewarded Chloe with a book coz it's what she asked =)