Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

Chloe's school is named St. Mary's so she very well knew the feast of her school. Today, it's Mama Mary's Birthday and my little girl made a sketch this morning and here it goes:

As Catholic, it's our practice to go to church on this day but I haven't done that in years for I can't leave my kids without someone taking care of them. I don't want to tag them along also as there are many people inside the church so I just stay home and offer a simple prayer.

Anyway, Chloe's school is also celebrating her birthday today so they have no class. Actually, she has no class for 1 week as it's also their foundation day. She will just go to school tomorrow for their field demonstration.

Well, let me end this post by saying, Happy Birthday Mama Mary!

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