Thursday, September 15, 2011

Safety Tips on the Operating Table

Two years ago, I worked at the hospital and was assigned at the Operating Room. Sometimes, I was the scrub nurse where I got to assist the doctors. Oftentimes, I was the circulating nurse where I had to check the patient's chart prior to his or her surgery. I had to make sure that everything was in place before the operation started and one important thing was to shave the patient. This was actually the hospital protocol especially if the patient was to be inserted with a catheter. And if the surgical procedure was to be on the abdominal area, I had to remove the hair by shaving it as not to cause hindrance during the operation and also to minimize infection. It was our duty to clean the patient first before letting the surgeon takes over.

In order to make sure the patient was comfortable throughout the shaving procedure, we had to have a good technique for shaving and use only a safety razor. It was also best to avoid putting too much pressure when using the razor so as to prevent unwanted cuts or injuries which could possibly endanger the patient. Moreover, the razor blades must always be checked if they are still sharp and usable. My experience at the OR may be short but I've certainly learned a lot on the art of shaving :)

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