Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoe's Milestone

I was quite busy awhile ago putting placing alphabets on the wall. That's what I did when Chloe was a baby. This time, I'm doing it for baby Zoe. I always believed that if you help your child, the more their young minds are practiced at an early age. I've exposed Chloe to reading alphabets, books and pictures suitable for babies and now I'm applying it to Zoe. Young as she is, her mind is already working. At 4 months, baby Zoe knew how to flip pages of the book and now, it has become her hobby. Sometimes, I don't mind if she tears some of the pages for I made sure to give her old books anyway ;-) But there are some instances where she can get a new book and oh well, I can't do anything about it but repair it afterward.

Baby Zoe is already 1 year old and 1 month now. She learns how to balance and can walk up to 4 steps only. Some of the babies may learn how to walk before they turn 1 but am not so worried about this for every child has a different developmental stages. I will only be worried if she doesn't know how to talk when she reaches the age of 3!

Zoe is a happy baby and am glad she's not that hard to take care unlike my first, hehe. If not feeling cranky, baby Zoe will sleep in her crib by herself. But of course I check on her from time to time to make sure she's safe. And oh, she's quite big for her age, perhaps because she's not a picky eater. She loves to drink water also, which I'm glad for she's not a constipated baby unlike my eldest.

I'm just posting here the latest update on Zoe. Her favorite playmate is her big sister and I really like see them play. I don't mind the shrieking, at least I know my baby is healthy, happy and okay (",)

Baby Girl Zoe at 1 yr & 1 month

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