Saturday, September 24, 2011

He Brought Zoe's Stroller Instead... :-)

My husband drove Chloe to school the other day only to find out that he left my daughter's trolley bag and put Zoe's stroller instead. They already reached school when the guard found nothing at the car's trunk except for the stroller. Chloe was mad and hubby was blaming me for not helping him remember. He went back to the house to get it and murmured, I was also mumbling for how come he forgot it. I already woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, helped Chloe with her needs, assisted her in bathing, checked on the baby, etc, and his only duty was to put Chloe's things inside the trunk and drove her to school. He blamed me for putting the stroller beside the bag (to think he was the one who put it there). Well, he is always like that, blaming me for his forgetfulness. But one thing was clear: he got embarrassed (",)

Instead of arguing with him, I found the scenario humorous. I could only imagine his face got red when he went out of the car to check it and found no bag =) The mere fact that my daughter's teacher called at home to inform about the bag added his embarrassment (",) And when he arrived school to bring Chloe's bag, my daughter' classmates were even cheering for him, haha :))

Actually, the color of Chloe's bag and Zoe's stroller are the same = fuchsia pink. I kept warning before that he might exchange it and he told me that that will never happen for he can see clearly the difference. Well, sometimes we should not be too overconfident, hehe.. What happened was a lesson learned =)

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