Thursday, September 1, 2011


I went to Chloe's school last week for a Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) and I was so happy to see all A's in her report card, including her conduct (and no minuses!).

But I was more concern on her socialization skills if she has improved and so far, she's now very well adjusted as a grade 2 pupil. She used to be very sensitive before, she was quite picky with her friends because she was afraid they might quarrel her or hurt her feelings. But now, she found new friends, learn the essence of girl bonding and I often see her running around with her classmates! --- Well, that's what I call ~ normal. *wink*

Her teacher informed me that Chloe usually tops the quizzes and always came up with the best answers being asked. With what she told me, it made me more proud of Chloe. I hope you don't mind my bragging here but am just too happy to share coz I never received these kind of grades when I went to school, haha.

I rewarded Chloe with a book coz it's what she asked =)

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