Thursday, September 22, 2011

My MBA Experience

I was already working when my late father encouraged me to take a Master's degree course. I was a BS-Psychology graduate but the thought of widening my horizon inspired me to take another course, preferably one which was in demand at that time. The problem was that I didn't have any background in management or accounting. Challenged, I enrolled myself after I took the entrance exam with flying colors. I took up masters in business administration and tried my best to study hard. It was difficult at first since the professors assumed that all the students knew basic accounting. I had to learn the rules on debit, credit and balancing in order. Also, I had to adjust to my new classmates since we all came from different courses and our ages differed, some were young while others were years my senior.

Looking back, I was glad I surpassed the first year of my MBA course. I cannot even imagine how I managed to balance my schedule since I worked during daytime and attended classes at night, not to mention my personal life in between. But fortunately I made it, with perseverance and discipline. I was even surprised I got high grades in all of my subjects. However, I was not able to proceed to my second year because I had to attend to my father, whose health was deteriorating at that time. But the experience and lessons that I had learned, however, was certainly worth it.

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