Saturday, February 15, 2020

Promenade on February

Promenade is usually held every February in our country and it made me reminisce on my eldest daughter's prom last year and the other year. Although I am glad she's done with all of it coz she is now in Senior High, I'm still in awe looking at her pictures being  dolled up and  all.

So, I'm gonna post again her pictures taken during her prom for the past two years. Below was Prom 2018. Their theme was Vintage Hollywood. She wore a black dress with silver shoes and had her hair  curled.
Pic below was Prom 2019. Their theme  was Vogue - A Spectacle of Iconic looks. She wore a red serpentina (or mermaid) dress that perfectly fits her!
To all having Proms this month, enjoy being dressed up and have fun! Parents, just stay close, lol.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Planning the Perfect Party or Event

Event planning is widely considered to be a fun industry involving lots of glamorous parties and good times. While this may make it seem like anyone can be an event planner, the truth is that when you’re ready to host a stellar event, you really should consider relying on a professional. There is a lot of work to getting it right, and that expertise can prove invaluable.
When searching for party planning companies, be sure to consider what those companies specialize in. Some may focus on weddings, for example, whereas others may primarily offer kids’ parties with carnival games for rent New Jersey. Decide what type of party or event you want to host, then start searching for that specialty. There are undoubtedly going to be numerous options.


Budgeting is one area that can quickly spin out of control if you’re not careful. To pull off a truly exceptional party, professional party planning companies NY may indeed charge a premium. In the context of party planning, you really do get what you pay for, so allow for a better, bigger budget than you may have originally had in mind.


True professionals can work quickly to pull off a great party, but do you really want that stress of having tight deadlines for theme, catering, décor, staff, etc.? Start the planning a few months in advance in order to have time to successfully execute your vision and have wiggle room to deal with the inevitable predicament.


You’ve found the perfect planner, developed and implemented a realistic budget, and formulated an amazing vision. Ideally, at this point, you can sit back and relax while the professionals get to work. You will be needed to approve expenditures, decide on décor, catering and other considerations. This should be the fun part for you – bringing your vision to life.
Once the party planning has resulted in a stellar event, the only thing left for you to do is to play the role of gracious host. Enjoy your perfect party.

One Fine Wednesday with Cousin

Glad I got the chance to see my cousin, after so many years, last Wednesday even for a short while. Actually, she's my cousin-in-law but it seems we are more like cousins than her cousin, hehe..

I've known her during the late 90's, before I was married to her cousin (now my hubby). I remembered she just came from the US and stayed at her late grandma's place during her short vacation with her family. My then bf wanted me to meet his balikbayan cousins, especially Bem2x.

We had a short introduction at their garden. I felt so awkward, maybe because she's older than me or I was just an introvert kind of person. But I can sense my then-bf was close to his cousin. We had a nice chat and I think she tried to make me comfortable☺

Years later, we met again, but it was in the US. I was already married to her cousin and Bem had a handsome baby boy. She was so warm and it seemed we were long-lost cousins coz we never stopped chatting. I never even noticed we reached the beach while strolling with her baby.
Bem and moi with baby Matty in NY, year 2002
There was not social media yet in the early 2000's so we often corresponded thru emails. Bem soon came home to the Philippines with her kids in tow and it seems nothing has changed, except for our growing families. Soon, Facebook and Instagram was created so it was easier for us to communicate.

She's in the country right now for a short vacation and she's still the same - cheerful, frank, warm, and what I liked best - she listens when I talk. Although we only spent a very short time together, I was just too glad she found time to see me 💓

Top Reasons to Choose a Midwife Over an Obstetrician

Having a baby is an exciting time for new moms. However, there is a lot of care you and the baby need during this time. While the most obvious choice for your prenatal care may be an obstetrician, there are many reasons to choose a midwife.

Longer Visits

Choosing a midwife San Antonio moms can expect longer visits. You have an opportunity to really get to know the person caring for you during this time. You don’t have to worry about leaving the appointment with unanswered questions because the doctor rushes to see the next patient. The midwife spends quality time with you to help calm your fears and increase your understanding.

Location Options

The vast majority of doctors only want to deliver in a hospital. This limits the locations you can give birth to your baby and the manner in which you labor. A midwife may work in a hospital, birth center or even your home. This gives you multiple options to choose from, allowing you to find the one that works best for you.

Natural Birth

If having an intervention scares you, a midwife may offer a better chance of having a natural birth. They can help you avoid medications during delivery by offering other coping mechanisms. They avoid intervening unless absolutely necessary. Unlike most doctors, a midwife is more likely to be there throughout the labor, helping and guiding you.

Style Preference

Some moms simply like the style of midwife care over that of an obstetrician. You have a higher chance of having the pregnancy and birth you want with their diligent care. They work with you rather than dictating the best things for you.

Low-Risk Mom

A midwife is not the best choice for every mom. Women with low-risk pregnancies can benefit from the care they provide. The midwife helps you stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. You must choose the right practitioner for your pregnancy and health.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Why I Value My Privacy

Been keeping my silence about personal matters for months and so far, I was at peace until someone broke it for me. A lot has been going on for the past year but I tried to let go and move on. Only a handful of people knew what's going on with my/our life and we also kindly asked them to keep everything private as this was very personal and it doesn't concern others.

It would have been smooth until someone broke that trust. It would have been okay if that someone didn't cross the line. However, when asked why our personal problem was broadcasted, instead of fixing it, the outcome turned out worst. We asked someone to please stop talking  to others. Instead, this someone was mad at everyone, called people who are not even involved, told them to mind their own business where in the first place, this someone was the one who started talking about our problems.

It was horrible for me to find out that our personal problem at home could possibly cause another World War III. I was appalled. I was angry. I so wanted to punch something. Instead I kept quiet... for a day... for days... for weeks. And this someone probably thought I knew nothing about it. Just like before, this person thought I was callous, ignorant and stupid. Yeah, maybe I let you believe I was those things but you don't know how close I was to  really cancel you. Thankfully, I'm not like you.

So think about what you have done. Think about the consequences of your actions. You have even hurt others. When will you ever learn?

I chose silence so that when everything cools down, it's easy to fix things. But about what you did, you just burned bridges with other people. You do things your way but did it give you peace? 

This is the reason why I value discretion and privacy especially where my life at home is concern. I don't even talk about your life unless you started provoking me. I don't share to others what you went thru and I don't share, most of all, the things you tell me about other people especially if it's too personal because I know it's none of my business and I am not nosy like you.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

4 Unique but Useful Types of Insurance

Insurance is a generally useful tool people use to keep themselves afloat in case of an accident. Most people have or know people who have life insurance, dental insurance, or health insurance, but there are other types of insurance that are just as important but are not as well known.

Livestock/Animal Insurance

Farmers, ranchers, or anyone else who owns large animals can get insurance to protect them. Some animals have separate types of insurance specifically for them, such as horses. Since horses are large and can be dangerous, it can be beneficial for horse owners to invest in horse insurance if their horse hurts itself or someone else.

Car Key Insurance

Car insurance is pretty common, but car keys are not something that often comes to mind as needing to be insured. However, some types of car keys can cost a few hundred dollars to replace depending on the technology used to make them. For that reason, some car owners choose to have their keys insured as well as their cars.

Event Insurance

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, wedding, Bat Mitzvah, or another kind of event, you might want to consider getting the event itself insured. For example, if the weather doesn't cooperate, and you need to reschedule or cancel the event, event insurance can help. The same goes for any unforeseen injuries or mishaps. Event insurance can help.

Fantasy Football Insurance

Perhaps the most bizarre, but still useful type of insurance on this list is fantasy football insurance. If you're involved in a fantasy football league, and one of the players on your team gets injured and can't play, some insurance companies will reimburse you for things such as the entry fee.
It might seem crazy, but some types of insurance that sound strange at first could turn out to be useful. You can insure anything you want as long as there is some monetary value behind it. So keep on the lookout for valuable things in your life you might want to protect.

3rd Ayala Centrio Art Tents to Showcase Filipino Global Talents

February is National Arts Month and in keeping with tradition of being the home of the local arts and creative community, Ayala Centrio will again host “Art Tents” from February 7 to 12, 2020 at the Activity Center. 

Art Tents is a 5-day affair whereby Ayala Centrio turns its grounds into spaces for painters, animators, designers, poets, writers, performers and visual artists to share their work and expertise and where mall-goers indulge in various artistic experiences. 

Now on its 3rd run, the event this year will also take a major leap as it will not only showcase the unique craft of well-experienced, global artists but will also aim to raise funds for a tent city. 
Yours truly on the 1st day of Art Tent 🎨
“What started as a community project has now certainly evolved into a colorful, safe and exciting avenue that everyone looks forward to and learns from every year. Ayala Centrio takes tremendous pride in this synergy that we have with the community,” shared Ayala Centrio Mall General Manager Hammer Roa. 

The resource speakers for the art talks are the following: 

Unchalee Anantawat – Born in Bangkok, she studied animation in Melbourne. In 2012, she and her friend Thomas Menard opened “Speedy Grandma,” an independent-run space that aims to support local and international artists and give them an alternative to the Thai contemporary art scene. She also opened “Poop Press,” an independent publisher that aims to energize the self-publishing culture in her native Thailand. 

Leeroy New – Born in General Santos and now based in Manila, multidisciplinary artist Leeroy has worked on immersive and psychedelic installations in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Japan, Sydney, Thailand, Taipei, Singapore and Melbourne. His work intersects with different creative industries including installation, sculpture, fashion, production design, costuming and performance. He was a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council residency in New York in 2015 and was part of the Singapore Biennale 2008. 

Anjo Bolarda – An artist, muralist, graphic designer, illustrator and cultural worker. His works have been exhibited in several local and international venues. He will also be creating a mural at the Centrio Garden. 

Karl Adrian Aguro – Based in Cagayan de Oro, this graphic designer runs Uncurated Studio, a one-man graphic design studio founded in 2017. He won the championship during BluPrint Magazine’s 6th Design competition under the graphic design category in 2016. His works have also been published in BranD (Hong Kong) and IndieType (China) 

Chingkee Te-Motoomull – The woman behind homegrown milk tea shop, Chingkeetea. She is part of a community that knows how to appreciate the value of art, the people behind it and the role it plays in the business setting. Currently, she is running 5 branches of her milk tea shop. 

Chris Gomez – A mentor accredited by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship under Product Development, Chris was a finalist in the Habi Kadayawan 2019 Fashion Accessories Design Competition (Professional Category). A multidisciplinary creative and advocate for sustainable design, he creates relevant works that push his philosophy of solving problems without sacrificing good design. 

Ivan Macarambon – An award-winning artist, Ivan uses a wide range of materials, techniques and styles, He makes murals, assemblages, 3D objects, installation art, sound art and digital art. He was a finalist in the Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award in Brisbane and the ANL Mission to Seafarers Maritime Art Award in Melbourne, Australia’s national still life painting award. He also served as representative of his region in the Committee on Visual Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts from 2004 to 2007. 

Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon – Currently studying at Monash University (Australia) and working towards a PHD in Film, Media and Communications, she is a teacher and writer from Cagayan de Oro. Her poetry has been published in Tingog Nanay (2017, University of San Agustin), Best of Dagmay 2 (2016, Ateneo de Davao University), Yes, Poetry, Misfit Magazine, The Literary Yard, Zombie Logic Review, among others. Her work was also featured in Peril’s Asian-Australian Arts and Culture, 10th anniversary Asians To Watch Out For issue. 

Patrick Gabutina – The person behind Tinabuan Arts and Crafts. Patrick has more than 34 years combined experience in a multi-faceted career that has connected the arts, public service (in capacities as elected official, government employee and consultant and education. He earned an MA in Government Management from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. 

During the 5-day event, there will be booth workshops, maker’s market, film marathon, indie music, public art and live mural painting. 

Ayala Centrio also partnered with the Ayala Foundation in rebuilding a tent community in Kidapawan. 

In addition, eco tote bags will also be made available from February 7 to March 31, 2020. Designed by Melissa Abuga-a, a Kagay-anon visual artist and a participant of Art Tents as well, each eco tote bag will be sold for Php 180, the proceeds of which will be added to the donation to Kidapawan. 

Among the exhibitors and workshop resources this year include Lei and Lyle, NAGMAC, Hands At Work, Indie CDO, CDO Film Society, Bowerbird, Anjo Bolardo, Write Script, D Vision, Oro Arts Guild, Bam Garibay, Artsada and Dan + Deva.

How To Accessorize Your Home

It is time to take your bland looking living room and give it a new life by adding accessories to it. The right accents can give the area a stylish yet personal look. Here are a few items to consider.

Floor Coverings

Stop by your rug store in atlanta ga to browse the floor coverings that they have to offer. You will want one that matches the color of your furniture and drapes yet is easy to clean. A rug will also protect your feet from the cold floor in the winter. Consider one that has a contrasting pattern to add a few extra shades to work with.

Art For the Walls

While you could go with a standard print from the craft store or a series of family photos, you could also add decorations with a personal touch. Purchase a blank canvas and let your children splatter paint it. Lay drop cloths in your garage to protect the walls and floor before you do. You can also schedule a time at a do it yourself craft shop to make something unique for your home.


Adding books to your shelves or coffee table can give the room the perfect touch of color. You can set out ones that you own. You can also check with your local used book store to see if they have volumes with more vintage covers. Stack them in a certain pattern on flat surfaces or purchase ornamental bookends to line them up.

A Tray For Your Ottoman

This accessory can be arranged to look classic with a few decorations but it can also be versatile. You can use it to store things like that day’s newspaper or small games. You can also use it to serve guests when they stop by to visit. It will give drinks and snacks a steady place to sit on your ottoman while everyone talks to each other.