Friday, February 14, 2020

Top Reasons to Choose a Midwife Over an Obstetrician

Having a baby is an exciting time for new moms. However, there is a lot of care you and the baby need during this time. While the most obvious choice for your prenatal care may be an obstetrician, there are many reasons to choose a midwife.

Longer Visits

Choosing a midwife San Antonio moms can expect longer visits. You have an opportunity to really get to know the person caring for you during this time. You don’t have to worry about leaving the appointment with unanswered questions because the doctor rushes to see the next patient. The midwife spends quality time with you to help calm your fears and increase your understanding.

Location Options

The vast majority of doctors only want to deliver in a hospital. This limits the locations you can give birth to your baby and the manner in which you labor. A midwife may work in a hospital, birth center or even your home. This gives you multiple options to choose from, allowing you to find the one that works best for you.

Natural Birth

If having an intervention scares you, a midwife may offer a better chance of having a natural birth. They can help you avoid medications during delivery by offering other coping mechanisms. They avoid intervening unless absolutely necessary. Unlike most doctors, a midwife is more likely to be there throughout the labor, helping and guiding you.

Style Preference

Some moms simply like the style of midwife care over that of an obstetrician. You have a higher chance of having the pregnancy and birth you want with their diligent care. They work with you rather than dictating the best things for you.

Low-Risk Mom

A midwife is not the best choice for every mom. Women with low-risk pregnancies can benefit from the care they provide. The midwife helps you stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. You must choose the right practitioner for your pregnancy and health.

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