Thursday, February 13, 2020

Why I Value My Privacy

Been keeping my silence about personal matters for months and so far, I was at peace until someone broke it for me. A lot has been going on for the past year but I tried to let go and move on. Only a handful of people knew what's going on with my/our life and we also kindly asked them to keep everything private as this was very personal and it doesn't concern others.

It would have been smooth until someone broke that trust. It would have been okay if that someone didn't cross the line. However, when asked why our personal problem was broadcasted, instead of fixing it, the outcome turned out worst. We asked someone to please stop talking  to others. Instead, this someone was mad at everyone, called people who are not even involved, told them to mind their own business where in the first place, this someone was the one who started talking about our problems.

It was horrible for me to find out that our personal problem at home could possibly cause another World War III. I was appalled. I was angry. I so wanted to punch something. Instead I kept quiet... for a day... for days... for weeks. And this someone probably thought I knew nothing about it. Just like before, this person thought I was callous, ignorant and stupid. Yeah, maybe I let you believe I was those things but you don't know how close I was to  really cancel you. Thankfully, I'm not like you.

So think about what you have done. Think about the consequences of your actions. You have even hurt others. When will you ever learn?

I chose silence so that when everything cools down, it's easy to fix things. But about what you did, you just burned bridges with other people. You do things your way but did it give you peace? 

This is the reason why I value discretion and privacy especially where my life at home is concern. I don't even talk about your life unless you started provoking me. I don't share to others what you went thru and I don't share, most of all, the things you tell me about other people especially if it's too personal because I know it's none of my business and I am not nosy like you.

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