Wednesday, February 12, 2020

4 Unique but Useful Types of Insurance

Insurance is a generally useful tool people use to keep themselves afloat in case of an accident. Most people have or know people who have life insurance, dental insurance, or health insurance, but there are other types of insurance that are just as important but are not as well known.

Livestock/Animal Insurance

Farmers, ranchers, or anyone else who owns large animals can get insurance to protect them. Some animals have separate types of insurance specifically for them, such as horses. Since horses are large and can be dangerous, it can be beneficial for horse owners to invest in horse insurance if their horse hurts itself or someone else.

Car Key Insurance

Car insurance is pretty common, but car keys are not something that often comes to mind as needing to be insured. However, some types of car keys can cost a few hundred dollars to replace depending on the technology used to make them. For that reason, some car owners choose to have their keys insured as well as their cars.

Event Insurance

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, wedding, Bat Mitzvah, or another kind of event, you might want to consider getting the event itself insured. For example, if the weather doesn't cooperate, and you need to reschedule or cancel the event, event insurance can help. The same goes for any unforeseen injuries or mishaps. Event insurance can help.

Fantasy Football Insurance

Perhaps the most bizarre, but still useful type of insurance on this list is fantasy football insurance. If you're involved in a fantasy football league, and one of the players on your team gets injured and can't play, some insurance companies will reimburse you for things such as the entry fee.
It might seem crazy, but some types of insurance that sound strange at first could turn out to be useful. You can insure anything you want as long as there is some monetary value behind it. So keep on the lookout for valuable things in your life you might want to protect.

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