Saturday, February 15, 2020

Promenade on February

Promenade is usually held every February in our country and it made me reminisce on my eldest daughter's prom last year and the other year. Although I am glad she's done with all of it coz she is now in Senior High, I'm still in awe looking at her pictures being  dolled up and  all.

So, I'm gonna post again her pictures taken during her prom for the past two years. Below was Prom 2018. Their theme was Vintage Hollywood. She wore a black dress with silver shoes and had her hair  curled.
Pic below was Prom 2019. Their theme  was Vogue - A Spectacle of Iconic looks. She wore a red serpentina (or mermaid) dress that perfectly fits her!
To all having Proms this month, enjoy being dressed up and have fun! Parents, just stay close, lol.

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