Monday, March 2, 2020

A Mom's Tale...

It's finally March 2020 and I can't wait for my children's classes to be over soon. 4 more weeks and they're done. I am so overly-stressed already especially with my youngest child, with all her lessons, projects, long tests and exams plus her therapies every week.

My child tried her best but she is different and teachers often cannot understand her and often don't know what to do with her. She understands their lessons, in fact, she answers all the practice tests I gave her at home. It's just that when she's at school, perhaps she understands things differently. And it makes me sad the mere fact that I know that she knows, I guess because of different environment and of how my daughter copes stress at school that would result to a different outcome on her test papers or whatever that is required of her to perform.

Sometimes, I am the one who gets so anxious that my stress level cannot be measured. Tensions just kept on rising up. These are the things people don't know what the parents with special needs kids were doing. They just judge and conclude things not even thinking on what we went thru and the things we do for our kids. Just like others, we're here to provide them with our love, care and understanding and to give them the education that they deserved.

Last weekend, I reviewed Math with my child not knowing that they really have a test  today, Monday. She did well in her review but I did not follow up last night thinking they don't  have a test today. My heart sank when I saw her classmate's notebook that they really have a written output today, on a Monday. DepEd declared not to give students tests/exams on a Monday but oh, well, it's not applicable to thtem... my bad also for not following it up 🙄 I could only pray that she did well on her test. I pray that she passed, that's all I care right now.  I don't need a perfect score but I want her to pass the tests she took today and the other week also.

Anyway, these are just few of the things that I worry because there are other things,  too. So right now all I can think of is for their school to be over, to give myself a break and to ease up my tensions. I should not stress over these but can't help it especially if you're after of your child's welfare. Just writing this here to release my frustrations and stress even though I know it won't give me much relief. I just want to let it go and hoping against hope that everything will turn out fine...

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