Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How To Accessorize Your Home

It is time to take your bland looking living room and give it a new life by adding accessories to it. The right accents can give the area a stylish yet personal look. Here are a few items to consider.

Floor Coverings

Stop by your rug store in atlanta ga to browse the floor coverings that they have to offer. You will want one that matches the color of your furniture and drapes yet is easy to clean. A rug will also protect your feet from the cold floor in the winter. Consider one that has a contrasting pattern to add a few extra shades to work with.

Art For the Walls

While you could go with a standard print from the craft store or a series of family photos, you could also add decorations with a personal touch. Purchase a blank canvas and let your children splatter paint it. Lay drop cloths in your garage to protect the walls and floor before you do. You can also schedule a time at a do it yourself craft shop to make something unique for your home.


Adding books to your shelves or coffee table can give the room the perfect touch of color. You can set out ones that you own. You can also check with your local used book store to see if they have volumes with more vintage covers. Stack them in a certain pattern on flat surfaces or purchase ornamental bookends to line them up.

A Tray For Your Ottoman

This accessory can be arranged to look classic with a few decorations but it can also be versatile. You can use it to store things like that day’s newspaper or small games. You can also use it to serve guests when they stop by to visit. It will give drinks and snacks a steady place to sit on your ottoman while everyone talks to each other.

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