Saturday, January 11, 2020

My Magenta Kind of Hair

Meet my new hair for 2020 --- Magenta --- and I kind of liked it! 

After more than a year of not going to the beauty parlor (lol), I finally had some "Me" time and decided to drop my beautician for a visit. I needed much overhaul for my hair. I had my hair re-bonded and had cellophane treatment afterwards. It was then my beautician  told me that he ran out  of neutral and brown colored cellophane and only magenta was available. I didn't think twice. I love reddish color. I had my hair dyed in flaming red before but the result wasn't that red.  I had it colored burgundy, too, but the effect was too dark it can only be seen when I was out in the sun.

Anyway, this newly-colored hair of mine is only temporary. I was told it would only last a week or two. But I love this color so much I might re-dye it with a permanent color red/magenta when I  decide to visit the parlor again. Hopefully, it would not take a year this time 😄

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