Saturday, December 31, 2011

Importance of Auto Insurance

My father in law decided to get a better coverage on auto insurance after their place was flooded two weeks ago. His vehicle was not spared and when he checked it the following day, it was filled with mud and the engine won't start anymore. Up to this time, his vehicle is not yet functioning so he is planning to send it to repair shop to have it fixed.

His existing policy only covers accident or theft. So, right now, he is looking for another company where the service is good but also considers the cheaper cost of insurance for his vehicle. Liability insurance is also important to him and I hope he can find one soon.

If you are looking for auto insurance, try to check it out online and get a free quote. The site will gladly provide you with what you are looking for.

Friday, December 30, 2011


We went to the mall this late afternoon for a last minute shopping. I've realized that there were some kids I missed in giving gifts last Christmas and I'm trying to make it up on New Year's Day. I didn't bother buying gifts to kids I only see once in a blue moon. Although before, I used to go to my god-children's house and personally gave them their gifts. But it's different now. I've no time to go out and I don't know where some of these kids are currently living. Besides, it's hard to think what to give them now for they are already grown-ups. They might find my gifts too childish...

I love to buy and give gifts and that's a fact. Sometimes, I bought things earlier and stock them in my cabinet so that I won't have a hard time thinking what to buy during Christmas day. But there were some items that were not given coz I don't know where to give it. I just informed the parents about the gifts but if we don't get to see each other, then the gift will remain in my cabinet...

To let you know, I have more than a dozen godchildren and most of them are males and only 3 are females... I've to include my husband's godchildren and I think there are only 4 of them. And aside from them, my husband and I have nieces and nephews so we've to give them gifts, too. And oh, I forgot about my own 2 kids! They are also included on my list so just imagine how I would look like after I'm done buying gifts for all them :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love it!

Guest post written by Kevin Beach

I love working with my family but the best part has got to be the flexibility. There’s something to be said for not having to explain to a boss why you can’t be at work in the morning and I never have to do that since it’s my mom and my brothers who I answer to – they always understand! I’ve actually started working from home with my wireless internet Sacramento service a few days a week and that’s been great for my wife. She’s able to take off and get more errands done while I’m at home with the kids and it’s just made for a happier more calm family life in the evenings because she’s not as stressed. I love that I’m able to see my family every day and that we can come together to be a real team. There’s nothing better than having colleagues you can absolutely count on and at the end of the day I know my whole work environment has my back and that feels really good, you know?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Be Prepared All The Time

It's currently raining here but am quite allergic to the sound of rain pours. Can't help it. More than a week after our place was hit by typhoon Sendong (washi) that claimed a lot of lives and left many people homeless, I just can't sit and relax right now hearing the sound of the rain. Thinking about of a mother whose 3 out of 4 kids died of drowning made my spine shiver. Hearing what my in-laws went thru over and over again made my more vigilant especially at night time. I think I was also traumatized with their experience. How much more if I was also involve? Gosh, time to let this go off my mind.

I'm sleepy at 4 o'clock in the afternoon but I will not rest. I don't want to close my eyes until this rain subsides. I know this is just part of a low pressure area, but I can't trust our weather bureau these days. I still think it's best to be prepared at all times.

Booth Displays

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Making A List

My in-laws who were greatly affected with flood the other weekend lost all their things. Everything was damaged. They are still trying to recuperate right now with their losses. One of the things that I'm planning to give them is bunn coffee maker as they love to drink coffee. They actually need to replace many things that's why, I am currently making a list of other things that they badly need.


I'm not feeling well today. I'm having a terrible headache and a sore throat. I hope I won't get a fever... I guess this was due to stress. It had been 10 days since our place had been hit by the typhoon. For many days we don't have water that we need to go somewhere to refill our water container. I was not even sure if our drinking water was really safe...

Right now, things are slowly going back to normal but the people who were greatly affected were still trying to recuperate from their loss. It was heartbreaking knowing some of their stories. Weather here is also gloomy and I guess this is the reason why I don't feel well.

I already took a medicine awhile ago and I hope it could cure me fast. I can't afford to get sick coz I have 2 kids to take care of. Right now, instead of resting, I can't coz baby Zoe kept on calling my attention. She doesn't like to see me lying down when she's awake. And if I tried to put her beside me on the bed, she wanted to stand and pull everything she could find. So, I decided to blog, let her walk on the floor and secure the area so that she's safe from whatever she's doing...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

For Your Own Good

Last December 17, 2011, our city was hit by a strong typhoon Washi. Many people perished from drowning, many lost their homes and those who survived suffered a lot of bruises, wounds and some could barely walk. My in-laws and my cousin were victims of the flood but glad that they were able to flee and escaped the terrible plight.

My father-in-law sought for medical treatment the next day and was thankful that he had healthcare insurance. At least, he did not spend a single centavo when he received anti-tetanus vaccine. If you do not have a health insurance yet, I recommend that you should get one for yourself. You can search for best health insurance quotes online and check for lower health premiums. Remember that this is for your own good so better act now!

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Message to People Not Affected with Typhoon Washi

It's 2 days before Christmas but I am not so looking forward to celebrate. But hubby said that we should celebrate as a way of thanking God for keeping us safe (especially my in-laws who were flood victims) and free from harm after typhoon Washi/Sendong hit our city so badly.

When I happen to watch the news on TV, it made me sick to my stomach as the death toll rises everyday. But what's sickening to see is that billions of money were donated but I don't think it reached to the victims. Yes, there were relief goods but it's not enough to sustain their daily needs. Some gave the victims sacks of rice and where will they cook that? Remember, they brought nothing with them but themselves. Many people at the evacuation centers sleep on the floor, they don't even have blankets. And there are babies who are in need of diapers and I wish they are now being supplied. To get straight to the point, a lot of people received goods from private individuals and not from those donations mentioned on TV. Private groups raised money and gave it directly to the families affected, my in-laws included. So, where are those funds that the government agencies and other sectors promised? I hope it's still there...

Other people assumed that the flood victims were those living near the river. They assumed that all of them were poor. But if they will really come here and look up close and personal, even the middle-class and rich families were also affected. They don't live near the river bank and they lived in a titled lot but they were not spared. They flee like everyone else, climbed on the roof or trees, seek refuge in whatever they could grab... So, you see? No one is spared from flood. So, I'm begging you people, stop saying bad things if you have nothing nice to say! I could only pray that it won't happen to you.

Part to blame was the illegal logging and the system of the government. I've seen trucks carrying so many logs and yet they were not apprehended. Everything works under the table but unfortunately, many died because of their bad acts. So, I appeal to everyone, to help us campaign for a total log ban not only in our area but everywhere else. Because when mother nature strikes, many innocent people die.

And most importantly, it's best that we pray not only in times of trouble but everyday. We should pray thanking for the gift of life that's given unto us. Before I go to sleep, no matter how tired I am, I pray. I think it's very important. And I'm teaching my kids, no matter how small they still are, to pray always for guidance especially when we go to sleep for we many never know what happens next.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hospital Confinement

Last weekend, the mean typhoon Sendong (Washi) hit our city and left many people homeless. Many lives were lost and those who survived got wounded just like my cousin. She and family were able to escape at their house and seek refuge at their neighbor’s rooftop. After the rain had stopped and the flood subsided, she went to the hospital to seek for medical treatment as she got many wounds on her legs and she could barely walk.

My cousin, who is a nurse by profession, was immediately sent to the emergency operating room to have her wounds treated and was attended properly by the scrub nurse. Right now, she is still confined at the hospital. Despite her ordeal, she was glad that she and her family survived. Although grateful that a lot of my relatives and friends were spared from harm, it also saddens me that a lot of people lost their homes and others died from drowning.

We Are Still Mourning

I can't still think what to share in my blog. The aftermath of Typhoon Sendong was devastating. People in our city is still in shock. My in-laws, who were victims of typhoon, were quite traumatized with their experience. I often see my mother-in-law crying. All her belongings at home were damaged. If you haven't read the horrible experience they went thru, you can click HERE.

But as always, I'm thankful to God as all of them at home were spared from harm. They stumbled, fell and got wounded but they were able to stand up and flee from Sendong's wrath. I could never imagine what my relatives, friends and acquaintances went thru that night.

I appreciate if you could offer a silent prayer for the victims of the typhoon. If you can send them help, please do so. Right now, our City is still in mourning. I know we shall rise but I pray that this tragic event will never ever happen again.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flowers For Her

If you are confuse what to give to your special someone this Christmas, perhaps you would like to give her flowers. I am sure she will like your thoughtfulness. And if you have a hard time going to the shop, you need not worry as there is flowers online free delivery that you can place your order.

You can find lots of Flower shops by browsing at the net. You can relay to them the specific flowers that you want to include in your order and they will gladly provide it to you. You can check the site for further information. You can also browse in there the different kinds of flowers that they can offer.

The Wrath of Typhoon Sendong

I'm quite agitated right now thinking of what my family, relatives and friends went thru yesterday night. There was a typhoon and it got stronger at the wee hour in the morning. We don't have electricity, no water at that time so you could really tell it was pitch black outside our house, most especially to the areas affected. My in-laws were running for their lives. They fell, got wounded but they need to move forward very fast for the current of the water was so strong. My husband's cousin's 3 year old daughter almost drowned. But cousin was able to pull the tip of her daughter's shirt and escaped. My mother in law and brother in law were the first to arrive in our house around 1:30-2am. They live near us but their area was near the river bank. They both have fresh wounds on their legs. My husband later took his cousin and daughter but her cousin's son was nowhere to be found and so was my father in-law (FIL). Hubby kept checking if somebody saw them but no one could tell him. Until some rescue team arrived and help some families stranded on the roof of their houses. Hubby told them to help him find FIL and his 11 year old nephew. A few minutes later, the rescuer, who used raft to save people, arrived with the nephew but without my FIL. Although already informed that FIL was seen and found alive, hubby was not yet relieved until he sees and hold his dad. He again asked and pleaded to the rescuers to get his dad coz he was already 66 years old, quite old and he had been trapped for more than an hour.

Finally, FIL was rescued to everyone's relief. At least our family's complete. I called my mom and brothers to check on them and glad that they were safe at home.

My FIL found refuge at the electrical wire post. Good thing there was no current for that was a live wire.. The downside, people can't see a thing. FIL said that never in his life did he imagine to climb on a post but that time, he had to. He needed to save the life of our nephew and himself so he pushed the kid while he tried to climb. He then tried to reach for the wires and pull the kid to his side. Together, they both tried to sit on some parts of the wire and held on so tightly on the other wires. FIL never thought that they would be rescued. His only hope was for the flood to stop, the water to subside so that they could both go down. He was also praying that his families were spared. He never even thought that he could still celebrate Christmas. Other neighbors of his also did the same on the wire. It was very cold already and when nephew was rescued, it was only then that he felt tired. And when it was his turned to be rescued, he asked someone already to help him push forward as he was so very tired. But he was safe and that's all that matters.

His neighbor, who was a friend of mine, did not make it. She and her mom and dad were trapped inside their house. Somebody saw them tried to escape but I think because of the strong current, they were not able to open their house anymore. I was more sad to learn that it could have been her birthday today. She was a very sweet girl and very mestiza, too (she was of Spanish decent).

In another area, my first cousin and her sons tried to swim going to their neighbor's house. It was just about 3 doors away from their house yet the strong current hinder them from going to their neighbor's very fast. In fact, they were already trapped inside their house as they cannot open their door. They broke their window and destroyed it just to escape. When they reached their neighbor's house, they climbed on top, on the roof actually as not to be caught by flood. Thankfully, they were saved but my cousin could hardly walk. When the flood's over, she went to the hospital to get treatment but she was put on a wheelchair.

The scene in our place was devastating. It was horrible..monstrous. The flood came like a thief in the night. Rich and poor families experienced the same ordeal. It was sad. Our electricity came back yesterday afternoon but there's no water yet until this time. We tried to buy for water or get water from a water pump and another cousin offered also water to us. However, her place is quite far but still, hubby went there to get it for we badly needed it.

Thank God my family are safe. We welcome our FIL/MIL and relatives to our place. They are here with us now while their house needs to be cleaned. Some of their pets died but what is important is that they are all alive. In times like this, we only hold on to prayers. We will never know when our time is up. Many lives were lost but glad for those whose lives were spared...

I'm getting emotional now so I guess I'll end this post here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Convenience Cart

Things are easier to do at the hospital if given proper equipment. It can hasten the work thus avoid delays. My aunt, who is a nurse, said to me that they use medical computer cart at their hospital and so far, it had helped them a lot with their performance. They find it very convenient to use and easy to maneuver. Glad that everyone's trying to adapt changes these days. All of us will benefit anyway.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy Week

I'm counting the days when I will have to rest. Tomorrow, I will accompany Chloe to her dress rehearsal for ballet. I thought it's going to be in the morning but just got informed now that she will have to go at 1pm. At 4 p.m. tomorrow, she should be at school. Their Christmas program will start at 5 p.m. My mom promised me to take care of Zoe and I hope they will both be alright. I'm sure we'll go home quite late in the evening.

On Sunday, almost all members of the family plan to watch Chloe's ballet presentation. This time, I have to bring the baby with me and I hope she will not be cranky inside the hall. The Nutcracker Ballet will start at 2:30 pm and I hope they will be on time so that we can go home early :-)

On Monday morning, Chloe will have her Christmas party at school so I have to accompany her again. I'll be helping her to bring gifts not only for her classmate but for her teachers and friends as well. She is to bring food to share with her classmates also. I think most of them were told to bring.

After I'm done taking care of Chloe, I'll have to make a schedule in going to the mall to buy gifts for the family, most especially for the kids. I have several godchildren and probably some of them expect a gift from me, hehehe. I want them to be happy also so I've to list them all so that I will not forget anyone =)

Christmas is really busy, huh? And malls are getting richer, hehe. Well, nobody actually obliged gift-giving but sometimes, it's fun to do it especially on Christmas day ;-)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pursue Your Dreams

I am a stay at home mom and sometimes, it made me think to enroll Computers and Technology online. Since I use the computer a lot, and tried to make a living as well, I thought about Accredited online colleges and how it will help me pursue my dreams. I'm sure they have a lot to offer and I'm actually quite excited about it. If you are interested in getting a degree online, try to check for schools online that offer the course you intend to take.

Not Done Yet

It's still early morning on my side and here I am now blogging :-). I was quite busy with my eldest daughter, Chloe, lately. She had her 3rd quarter exams and I need to review with her to make sure she studied the correct pointers and to check if she understood it. To my surprised, she was able to inculcate her in mind her lessons very well. She even memorized some lines of the books. I told her make sure she understands and I tried to let her explain in her own words. Still, she knew it well and even asked me questions and further explanations that I cannot anymore answer =)

Her exams ended Wednesday but turned out that I would still busy for her upcoming activities. She had practices for her school program and a ballet practice for their presentation this coming Sunday. I drove her to and fro school..And they have Christmas parties! So yesterday, I went to the mall to buy gifts for her to give... and I was not even done yet!

I'm planning to go out this afternoon that's why at this early, I'm making some posts in my blog. How about your end? Perhaps you are also busy helping your kids with their Christmas activities? ;-)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Skin Care For Hyperpigmentation

Taking good care of our skin is very essential. It is our first line of defense and if we don't take care of it, we get sick easily. It is also the very first thing that other people noticed. We cannot hide it unless you put a heavy makeup. In my case, I have a very sensitive skin so I shun away from products that could add damage to my skin. I used to buy vanity set before without looking its contents but now, I tried to look at it if to make sure I'm not using any harmful products. I really bother looking and reading at it now and I wish I did this earlier.

There are lots of beauty products that could cause hyperpigmentation. Some would say it's inherited but others say it otherwise. They said it's acquired especially when you are using a not so reliable product. Sometimes, it's also caused by stress. I remembered getting acne before when I had a rigid review for my board exam. I went to see my dermatologist and asked for prescription medicine just to take that acne from my face. It faded after I took and passed the exam. Now, what I am worrying about is getting age spots or dark spots. I'm not yet getting old but it's best to prevent getting those spots while still young. I'm actually browsing online and read the physician's guide about some reliable cream that will help in slowing the effects of aging. It turns out that there are some sites online that offers alternative products to harmful invasive procedures. You can visit the site at and get some tips in taking good care of your skin. Aside from anti aging cream, they also offer lotion, mineral makeup, cleanser and lip treatment. If you want to know more about it, check them out now. You can even avail discounts should you wish to purchase some of their products now.

Zoe Made My Day

Chloe had her ballet rehearsal yesterday at 1 pm and it took them several hours to finish. They were preparing for their upcoming Nutcracker presentation for next Sunday. Their rehearsal ended at 6:30 pm where hubby was calling me to hurry up as he wanted to pay his bills at the store that would close at 7pm. I told him to prepare including the baby (they were left home). He said he would only go to a nearby store and be out for a very short while, so I said that we would go with him even just for a joy-ride.

Chloe changed her clothes inside the car while I picked daddy & baby. Zoe changed to her 'walking clothes' but hubby did not prepare her bag as he said we would be out for a short while. Usually, we always brought Zoe's stroller, bag with clothes, diaper, milk & bottle, wipes and rubber sheet. But yesterday, we did not bring any. She didn't even wear her shoes!

Along the way, hubby realized that he would not be able to reach the store on time. The mere fact that we have to pass by a heavily traffic road for there was a night Café at the heart of the city. Then, he suddenly thought of going to the mall so he changed direction. Chloe was excited as she wanted to go to that mall and see some toys (halleer!). So, off we went. But hubby said that we would just wait for him inside the car while he pay. Chloe protested, and so did I. Besides, there were plenty of cars at the parking lot and I don't feel safe. I decided to buy Zoe a new pair of shoes at the mall.

As hubby went to pay, the kids and I went to shoes section when I suddenly smelled a foul odor. I asked Chloe if she was the one who did it but she denied. Uh-oh, I said to myself. Not now, not this time!!

So, I peep on Zoe's behind and found 'something'. What a what! She just made my day! She didn't do this at the mall but why now?! I didn't bring her bag! Nothing at all! Good thing we were at the department store where they also have a Comfort Room. But prior to that, I hurriedly went to the infant section with the kids. I told Chloe to help me get some items like diaper, wipes and rubber sheet. Good thing she's quite old enough to understand. I gave her money to pay at the counter as I don't want others to smell Zoe's you-know-what! Chloe then told me that I should also buy Zoe a new stroller ~ again, hello! (slaps forehead)

When hubby found us, I told him about our current situation. He was amused. I let him carry my bag and asked Chloe to go with me inside the comfort room where I will clean Zoe's bah-hind! Good thing there was a nappy changer inside the mall and their CR was not dirty. I got relieved after I cleaned her up. She really made my day!

While there, we decided to buy her a not so expensive shoes but the one I bought was quite nice to see. After I paid, I let her wore it and made her walk as she was quite heavy to carry. But she didn't make another move after doing some two steps. I've realized I bought shoes that squeaked. So, I carried her and stopped near the toy section. It was only that time that she tried to walk when she saw Mickey Mouse stuff toy, not minding her squeaking shoes anymore. Hmm, I'm planning to buy that toy next week as her Christmas gift.

We didn't stay long in there so hubby just bought food from KFC. While waiting, Chloe ate french fries from potato corner while Zoe was busy looking some toys and other items at the mall. We stayed there for less than an hour then went home. So much had happened for so little time, eh?

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

They Need You!

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Skokie, Illinois

This was taken at my uncle's backyard at Skokie, Illinois. I love their place! So cool, calm with lots of flowers. His wife, my aunt, loves gardening and she was really good in taking good care of her plants, most especially her flowers. I guess this picture was taken during summer coz she took out all her plants to get some lights from the sun. During winter, she placed them inside her house :-)

My aunt asked me a few months ago when I'll be visiting them again. I hope to see them, too, but I still have to think about it for it's so hard to leave my kids, especially Zoe, who is only a year old. She has no yaya and I'm the only one taking care of her. But who knows, I might be able to go there next year ;-)

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog Verification

More Reasons to Shop online

Sunday, December 4, 2011

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It's a rainy Sunday afternoon and I've been craving to eat this:


I took a picture of this Lomi at Sunburst a few years ago and now, I'm yearning to eat it. Unfortunately, Sunburst already closed so all I have to now is imagine eating this Lomi and their yummy chicken...

Any food picture to share? Join Perfectly Blended's Yummy Sunday meme and show us what you've got ;-)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Job Hunting

Baggage porters are of big help especially when you are traveling alone. If you have lots of things to bring, they are there to assist you. If someone out there wanted to apply for this job, I am referring you to one site that offers Baggage Porter Jobs. In there, you can select which preferred state you want to apply or stationed. So, good luck on your job hunting!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Under the Mistletoe

Pictures below were taken the other week at SM CDO. Chloe wanted to have her pictures taken and I've decided to join. I took many different poses of Chloe but thought of posting only these pictures below.

L: Ate Chloe with baby Zoe; R: Me and my precious gems

Me, Chloe and Zoe under the mistletoe

Merry Christmas everyone! Mwah!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Modern Rugs

I am a person who doesn't like to see so many things at home. However, having a house so bare is also not nice to see. To add more life, I decided to put on our rug that was given to me by my mother in law. It was perfect on our living room. However, that rug was quite old so I thought of replacing it.

I tried to browse online and look for quality rugs and found so many nice designs at The Rugs Warehouse site. They offered modern and traditional wool rugs so the people can easily choose which style will look good either at home, office or store.

The Pinstripe rug might be a good replacement for our old rug but since I have to consider the budget, I might settle for Luna rugs. It still looks perfect on our living room because it's dainty and nice to see. If you want to see more of wool rugs, do check the site that I visited. And if you are concern of your child's health and safety, you don't need to worry as there are many available kid-friendly rugs that you can choose.

Chloe's First Bronze Medal :-)

My daughter Chloe joined the Elocution Contest held last Friday at their school. She was one of the 6 finalists. In such a short notice, I helped her practice her piece. It was her first time to join, and I was quite desperate, hoping for someone to help me on how she will deliver it.

Well, glad that Chloe was not a shy-type person like me. She was determined and eager to learn, however, there were instances that she got tired and would not listen to me anymore. The best way I could do was to understand.

Finally, on the big day, she presented it in front of the 3 judges and some of the audience who watched the contest. Chloe placed 3rd and got a bronze medal.. so, yey!! I was very happy that for a first-timer, she was able to compete and somehow impressed the judge. Below is a video of Chloe reciting her piece. Hope you like it ;-)

With her English Teacher & Class Adviser


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online Training

I think I have to decide by next year to pursue my plans on getting a crash course in computer. With the recent trends, I guess it would be nice if I should try to get a Computer Training so that I will be more equipped and updated in this aspect. Before, I thought it was impossible for me to be enrolled in this class for I thought that I need to go to school and learn. Because I have to consider my situation that as a full time stay at home mom, I just can’t leave my kids or entrust them to anyone just for me to go to school.

Now, I am glad to know that there is an online class offered for this. It made my dream to learn all about computers very possible. I don’t have to worry about who will take care of my kids for I am just at home while I attend my virtual classroom. If you are very interested to learn about IT training, try visiting CBT Planet site to learn more about the details. They have so much to offer that may be useful to you, too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Her Folder

After I woke up early this morning and prepared breakfast for everybody, glad that I was finally in peace when Chloe already left for school. However, I've to take care of baby Zoe but I can manage her. But few minutes later, I got a call and a text from Chloe that she forgot to bring her folder. She put some of her important materials for school in there. Her dad asked me a favor to bring it for Chloe for he's going to prepare to go work. I gritted my teeth but there was nothing I can do. I was so tired and I don't feel like going out. If only the thing she forgot was not that important I would've not gave in. So, off I went to her school, murmuring on my way there. But when I saw my daughter, she was happy to see me bringing her folder. She was relieved and well, so am I. But I reminded her to not to forget to bring her things next time.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Play It One More Time

Playing with a pacman arcade machine was a very popular thing to do during the 1980’s. I think I was about 11 years old when my brothers and I used to play this game. Other popular arcade games played at that time were Dig Dug, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. Since these games could get so exciting, we'd sometimes lose track of time. So our parents made sure that we only play games during weekends and for a limited time only.

The games I mentioned can still be played at the computer, but I guess it just won't be as exciting as before. It is just so different when playing them on the arcade machine and I think people my age will agree with me. A few months ago, I happened to drop by in one shopping malls’ game room and noticed they have classic games from the 80’s. I would have loved to try to show it to my eight year old daughter if only we weren't in a hurry. I felt nostalgic looking at the arcade machine and perhaps one of these days, I am going to play it with my kid. I’m sure she will be delighted if we played the games together.

Zoe's Visit to the Doc

I brought Baby Zoe to her pediatrician last Saturday to receive her chicken pox vaccine. She should've received it 4 months ago but because of many hindrances, it was delayed. Chicken pox is to be given when the babies turned 1 year old.

I set for an appointment over the telephone and was told that baby Zoe was number 26. The secretary told me to come after lunch and when I checked again with them, they told me honestly that I could be accommodated around 3 pm. I decided to go there at 2:30 pm and true enough, there were plenty of patients outside waiting for their turn. It was almost 4 o'clock when we were called and Zoe was already sleepy. However, the doctor's clinic was so colorful she turned restless and picked a lot of things. Her ped let her and even played with her for awhile. She started with the consultation before proceeding to give Zoe her vaccine.

Zoe cried for just a short while, maybe more surprised of the prick. She easily forgot when she was given a stuff toy to hold and then she went on exploring the clinic.

At 1 year and 4 months, Zoe weighed 12.2 kgs. She walks better now than last month but still needs to be watched over.

By January next year, she's scheduled to receive MMR. I hope the price is still the same coz her chicken pox vaccine was already expensive. But I've to bear in my mind that my children's health are more important so I need to stretch my budget a little to make sure my kids are safe, healthy and protected from illnesses.

Take Them Out!

I’ve been keeping a lot of things at home until I realized I don’t know where to put them. I’ve kept them because some things have sentimental value. Now, they are piling up and it turns out I have many clutters at home. I should have learned to let them go some and only keep the most important ones.

Definitely, I must let go of the old gadgets and appliances because they are not safe to keep. I have some other items that are worn-out and dilapidated maybe because I didn’t use them for a long time. I should now put in my mind to keep the necessary things at home only. It’s not even worth to repair some of my old items, so better to get rid of them.

Perhaps I can avail the services of Bellaire Junk removal as they have all the necessary equipment in disposing some of my items. You can hire them, too, if you have the same experience as mine. These people from Junk Removal Company are already trained to clean our unwanted stuff in just a jiffy. They will even clean up the mess in our room once take out our junks. To know more about their services, try visiting their site now!

Elocution Contest

My daughter's going to join Elocution contest this coming Friday. She was one of the selected few students to represent her class. I was hoping to find a coach for her but to no avail. I decided to be the one to teach her. During their elimination round, it was only me who taught her. And I guess for their final round, I would end up coaching her again and I hope I'm able to help her get it right.

Elocution is their school's forte but it's my daughter's first time to join the said contest. She will be judged according to the following:

1. Mastery and Clarity
2. Voice and Pronunciation
3. Proper Gesture and Expression

I don't have problems with numbers 1 and 2 but Chloe needs to improve her gestures and expressions coz I'm also doubtful if I taught her the right way. I was hoping to find that piece online or hear somebody reciting it at YouTube but I was unsuccessful. So, for now, Chloe will just have to rely solely on me. But I told her to just give her best and enjoy the contest. Whatever is the result, I'll always be proud of her...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Be Practical!

A lot of people are trying to be practical these days. Like, why should they buy an item with a regular price if they can purchase it with a huge discount if it is put on sale? All they have to do is to always check at the store for availability. However, they have to wait for it. Sometimes, it takes quite awhile for them to get it and that's the downside of getting items on sale, they are always sold like hotcakes.

But they can try checking some sites online and see if the items they would like to purchase are offered at cheaper prices, even though they are not on sale. If one thought of buying a new printer, it’s best to canvass with other stores first before settling down with the item that was seen first. Or if he only needs Ink Cartridges, he can buy that online at Cartridgemate. The item is offered on a very low price so better for anyone to visit their site for there is a big chance that you can save up to 70% on retailed prices.

Yes or No?

Chloe's quite excited for another ballet presentation this coming December. It is all about Nutcracker but am still quite hesitant to have her joined though I already agreed to it. I'm a bit worried it might be in conflict with her school activities and another thing, ballet is quite expensive :-)

But that's always expected for the payment covers their costumes, fee for the venue and other production costs. All the parents are going to do is to go there and watch their children perform onstage. If she can really join the show, I told myself not to let her join big production next year for she had already experienced it :)

But if it will create conflict with school, then I might sit down again with Chloe and let her understand the situation. But for now, she can go on with her ballet class...

Publish Your Book!

Do you love reading a book? And do you think you can make a book as good as those bestsellers that you have read? I know there are people out there who can make a story so good yet no one heard of them because they lack resources.

But if you are determined, then it is time for your dream to become a reality. There is a publishing company that you can find online that will help you fulfill your desire to become an author.

This company has already been in the industry over the past 10 years and they have helped a lot of authors who became successful in their field of endeavor. You can visit their site and learn a few lessons from them. There are steps that will help you reach your goal and they even offer tutorials on your book set-up.

So, if you think you can do it, and then go for it. You will never know what the future may tell. Perhaps you will be the next sought after author after you have published a book with them.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I wanna blog but my eyes can't take it anymore. Dunno if you have experienced this that no matter how much you wanted to write something, some parts of your body just won't give in. This time, it's my eyes telling me to stop and get a rest.

My mind has a lot to tell but I guess I've to obey my eyes and call it a night.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

husbands gift

Written by Sonny Quinn

I have racked my brain for days trying to decide what I am going to get everyone in my family for Christmas. Usually I don’t have gift block, but this year has been different. I have had the worst time trying to figure out what I am going to get my husband. He literally has everything. I decided that I was going to get my mom and my sister those little work out ipods. They are called the Shuffle because they are so little and shuffle the songs. They are both into working out and I think that they will love them. I am going to get my dad a deer camera to put up at the farm so that he can watch the deer movement. After a lot of thought and consideration, I think that I am going to get my husband direct tv fairborn. I know that he loves football and being able to have a lot of channels to watch football in HD will be a gift that keeps giving. Now I just have to figure out how to get it installed without him knowing!

Secretary for the Day

My husband currently forgot to bring his cellphone. He called me up to check his messages and relayed it to him. He even told me to reply to some of his clients, of course, under his instructions.
I've realized I became his secretary for this day. I might charged him for the services rendered, lol!

Glad he said later on that he will come home by lunch time to get it. Aaah, better that way. Besides, I had a hard time using his sony ericsson phone. It's not so user-friendly - to me :) If only I could just call his clients and explain to them what to do, harhar. Just kidding!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Change is Good

Every end of November, I usually start putting the Christmas decorations in our living room. Along with it, I change my arrangement, as well as draperies to complete the look. I was just too glad that my mom gifted me with curtains with different designs and colors for they were indeed useful at home. They all look so nice and pretty to look at.

Yet, I am still thinking of buying new sets of draperies to be put in our other bedroom. Nobody sleeps in that room anyway but I thought of decorating it should we have guests who will sleep over our house.

Online, I have been looking for a unique and stylish designs and I found so many. They are so cool and dainty to look at. If you are interested to see the site, visit them at BrylaneHome. You will even get a huge discount should you plan of purchasing items from them.

If only their items are available in our place, I will not hesitate to buy them as it adds up beauty in our house.


I hired a cleaning lady once a week and so far, so good. At least somebody's going to relieve me off my chores once in awhile. As of the moment, I don't plan of hiring a stay in helper for they always give me a headache. No matter how hard I tried to be nice to them, they abuse it. But I know not all of them are like that. Lucky for those people who were able to hire a loyal and faithful worker.

Anyway, my cleaning lady will report at 8 am and go home in the afternoon or whenever she's done with her work. Then I pay her. And so far, I like our arrangement. I also referred her to my in laws and glad to know that they were satisfied with her work...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coats I Keep

It's always raining these days that even when I'm inside our house, I use my sweater or a coat. But when I watch the news on the TV to know about the weather advisory, no typhoon coming was announced. The news anchor only said that we are going to experience low pressure area in our place so drizzle or slight rain is expected.

At dawn, I sometimes shiver because it's much colder especially if there is a rain. We have an aircon inside our bedroom and we don't turn it off during nighttime because of the kids. They sleep well if our room is cold so I have to bear with it. That was also the reason why I have a few stocks of plus size coats to keep me warm. I'm just a medium-size person but I love wearing something big especially if it's a coat. Actually, the coats that I have are for going out and some of them have stylish designs but can't help using it at home because of the warmth and comfort it gave me. But some of my coats were already given to my mom because it just fits perfectly on her.

Respect begets Respect

I went out this afternoon and did a little grocery. It's been quite awhile since I did the marketing coz it was always my husband who always go to the supermarket :) Yeah, it's because he prefers to do it than stay at home watching over his two restless kids.

So, after I was done with the grocery, I lined up at the cashier and waited for my turn when suddenly someone inserted the lane. I asked him if he was the companion of the lady in front of me but he said no. I told him that he should be at my back coz I lined up first, he should wait for his turn... Instead, he told me he only had a few items to pay and it should be fine with me if he inserted on the line ahead of me.

Well, I've encountered this scenario a couple of weeks ago and how pissed off I was! I scolded the salesman (who inserted the lane to help his customer), the cashier and even called the manager. I didn't want this thing to happen again. Some people are just so dumb and ignorant!

I didn't give up my right and told that man to be respectful. I was in there first so no matter how plenty or few were my things, he's got no right to just get in the line. Besides, there were other lanes that cater only 5-10 items. Why should he pushed himself at my lane?

With that, he left. And I think that was the right thing he did. I don't know why a lot of people here are just so plain ignorant. I wish right conduct and proper decorum are included in the school curriculum so that when students kids grow up, they know how to respect others.

Environmental Software

A lot of companies have workers who rendered their services according to their required time. Sometimes, they even exceed with their time in order to accomplish their work for the day. This kind of attitude is very much appreciated by the company however, the worker's health should be considered and not taken for granted.

The company must not only think about their employees' output but also look after their welfare. No matter how productive is their employees, still, their health should not be put at risk. Besides, it's the company who will benefit if their employees are not sickly. However, not all companies are that familiar with environmental health but if they can only avail software on that and understand its importance, I bet they will see the good effect once they implement it on their workplace.

Should you have further clarifications, you can check it at You can contact them and refer your concern if you have one and they will gladly reply it. You can also browse at their site, know about their mission and vision and learn more about environmental software.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Big Winner over Manny Controversy

We attended the 11 am mass at Xavier University Chapel. As expected, only few people attended. In fact, the streets looked deserted when we went there. Whenever there's a Manny Pacquiao fight, it seems that the clock stopped here in the Philippines. You can hardly see anyone outside the house, the streets looked empty and you can see less people at the mall.

But I love it! My family and I loved it because we owned the street and the road going to the mall. We can easily find a parking space for our car, at the church, there were many vacant seats and allowed us to choose the better post and when we were at the mall, the saleslady or salesman attentively listened to our requests because we were their only customers! bwahaha :))

Although watching the fight would have been interesting, we don't go out of the way to buy a ticket to watch it live. We can always ask someone from the social network who won the fight. We don't even care if we watch it on late telecast. Perhaps because, on my part, I'm not really a sports-minded person but my support for Manny will always be there.

Oh, I've heard that the fight today with Marquez was controversial. A lot of Filipinos were disappointed with Manny's performance. Well, whatever they say but who cares! Our kababayan won and that's all that matters!

But I felt like a big winner here. I was able to shop at the mall and enjoyed the day with my family.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Legal Practice

Are you a law student or a law graduate or a practicing lawyer? If so, you are lucky for this time, you can take legal tutorials online. Sometimes, reading books are not enough so you have to do your own research. It may take a long time for you to thoroughly understand and come up with the best solution on the case so I suggest, why not look for an alternative?

With the recent technology, you can easily browse online tutorials and learn essential cases like the civil procedure, constitutional law, criminal law and all about contracts, torts and properties.

You can find this at website where they will show you videos, hoping to make law easier for you to understand. By watching the videos, you will learn a lot or at least have an idea how the cases are being handled. You can find at their site an interesting case about Lucy v. Zehmer. The case was quite complicated since it involves deceit, misconceptions, financial aspect, lies, etc. After you’re done reading the case, try to apply what you have learned from the tutorials and perhaps you can present a very good case. Remember, practice makes perfect so better start now.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Halloween Escapade

I think I posted these pictures a very long time ago but am going to post it again coz I almost forgot all about these! I thought I didn't get the chance to celebrate Halloween but here I was, having a Halloween blast at L.A.'s Universal Studios. Gosh, this was eons ago but it seems like yesterday!

Halloween was not popularly celebrated in the Philippines until recently. It seems that the people are now enjoying this event. I've noticed that not only the kids wanted to wear their costumes but adults as well. Next year I might join my kids doing trick or treat at the mall (",)

I've the chance to meet Edward Cullen's gramps.. and he almost bit me.. :p)

Striking a pose at the red carpet! harhar

Outside my uncle's place in Skokie, Illinois.. Did you notice my friend scarecrow beside me?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mom and Me

Me and Mom
I posted some of my wedding pictures before but not yet with my mom. This picture was taken inside our hotel room on January 12, 2002. I love this picture of my mom as she looked elegant. She's also a picture of a strong woman, the mere fact that I lost my dad a year before I got married. We promised that no crying would happen that day and we did. It was my mom who walked me down the aisle that day and replacing my dad's place was my eldest brother.

another pic of me :-)

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Monday, November 7, 2011

2-Week's Over

My daughter's 2-week semestral break is over and starting tomorrow, everything is back to basic. I've to wake up around 5 or 5:30 in the morning to prepare breakfast, assist Chloe in taking a bath to fasten up everything and so on and so forth.

Lately I've been waking up around 7 am but this morning, I woke up around 8:30 coz I slept late last night because of Zoe. She was very cranky and only to find out that she wanted to poop and it happened twice. I never slept until Zoe was off to dreamland. That's always been the case. I can't sleep when they are still awake, afraid that something might happen to them and I may not know it.

I may be planning to sleep early tonight but if that won't happen, at least I have my alarm clock to help me wake up :-)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Music In My Mind

I used to be a Glee Club member when I was in college. I love to sing even before I joined the club and being invited to sing in school programs was an honor for me. One time, my co-glee club member and I tried to record a song to be presented at school. We decided to find someone who was keen enough in mixing and recording our songs. We found a very small and simple studio and tried to record it but the result was not impressive yet we continued as we cannot find another affordable studio.

That was years ago and if it only happens now, we would not be that desperate. An online mastering service is all over the net and they are even known for producing quality audio mixing services. I guess it’s because they use excellent equipment. I’ve seen the site and how I wish to be on their studio to record a song. If you also wanted to get their services, just visit They guarantee customer satisfaction but if you don’t like the result, you will not be obliged to pay. But if you’ve seen the equipment they use, you will not doubt their capability and you know you are in good hands.

German Franks Hotdog

This was our snacks this afternoon. German Franks hot dog with mayo and ketchup in a bread bun was prepared by my husband. We ate our snacks while watching TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon :-) The bread was yummy and it satisfied our hunger.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Safe Haven

Each of us wishes for a happy life. But sometimes, it depends on the situation or on how you deal with your life. I've encountered a lot of people, mostly women, who suffered abuse, depression and trauma and every one of them has a different story to tell. Some of these women became alcoholic because they low self-esteem when they were young while others were physically abused from the person they trusted.

Every time I encountered people like these, I don't judge them. Because these people may be crying for help. A post traumatic stress disorder treatment may be the best way to help them. There's a safe haven or sanctuary for women suffering from mental health and substance abuse. In there, they will be guided and helped to get their feet back on the ground. All throughout the program, somebody will assist them and help them overcome their trauma. And since the place is situated away from the busy urban life, each woman is assured of their protection. So, if you want to know about this place, you can visit their site at and recommend this to the people who seek for help.

Something's Wrong With My Lappy :-(

So sad! My laptop of almost 2 years is currently under repair. I had no idea what happen to my lappy. I was just shocked to learn that it won't function this morning. My husband is trying to fix it and I am hoping of a positive result. I wish no major damage occur to my laptop.

Right now, I am using our PC. My husband is the one using this but since he's busy downstairs to fix my lappy, and playing games at his PS3 at the same time, I decided to use his PC to finish some tasks, do blogging and answering emails to friends.

Going back to my laptop, if my husband is not successful in fixing it, I'll definitely look for someone who can repair this. And I hope it's not expensive or else I'll be forced to buy a new one. But I've no budget for that as of the moment. I prefer to have my lappy fixed because I've grown to love that much...

Fight For Your Right

I worked in a steel company before and I was one of the first employees hired. I had witnessed how the company progressed and how the number of employees increased. I had good working relationships with my office mates and with our superiors.

However, as the company hired more workers, more problems arise. Union was formed by some of the workers. They demanded an increase in salary and more benefits for the rank and file employees. I understand their concerns and sentiments but what was not appealing was when they became radical.

It gave the company a negative impression. It affected the productivity of the workers and the sales of the company as well. I was caught in between for I was on the management side while I was also friends with the union members.

To settle their differences, an employment lawyer barrie was hired. The fair treatment of the employees was discussed and the employers also aired their side on the employees’ working habits and the things expected of them to do by the company. In my opinion, both parties have faults but both were also right on what they were fighting for. After all the issues and legal matters were ironed out, all of us were glad of the result because it was done in a peaceful way. In the end, both the company and the employees benefited from it.

The Doctor Is Out

I am supposed to bring baby Zoe this morning to her pediatrician but it seems she's not around. Her clinic every Saturday is only in the morning but I guess she's out of the country or out of town coz nobody's around their phone.

Zoe's chicken pox vaccine and MR are already due. These were not given to her the last time we visited her doctor as Zoe was sick at that time.

I hope the doctor will be around next week so that baby Zoe will be immunized to keep her safe and protected...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Your Smile!

I was told by my dentist before that to avoid staining the teeth, better use straw especially when I drink coffee or coke or anything that can make any discoloration of my teeth. Well, I did not listen to her and now I want to make an appointment with her and have my teeth painted white. I’ve never seen my dentist for quite some time also so I guess I really have to pay her a visit.

If you have a problem with your teeth, do you often go to the dentist? I guess you should especially that most dentists now have improved their equipment to use for their clients. The Teeth Whitening San Antonio in Texas is now popularly used in cosmetic dentistry and you are lucky if you live near that place.

Giving anyone a smile won’t be that hard anymore especially if you want to flash your pearly white teeth. And if you are interested to avail this procedure, you can visit their site and schedule your consultation with them. You will also learn from their site the tips in keeping your teeth white, so, drop them a visit now!

Ballet Show at SM

Chloe's ballet school had a show last October 9, 2011 held at SM Atrium. She was very excited and very much looking forward to join the dance.

I enrolled Chloe to a ballet school last April 2011. She was not a born dancer but thru practice, I guess she will be able to dance gracefully. She wanted to enroll in Hula Dance but later changed her mind to ballet since the school was also offering Hawaiian/ Tahitian Dance, which happened to be her favorite dance :).. Sharing to you some of the pictures taken during the program:

With her ballet classmates & posing for the finale with their teacher

Giving me a pose on the stage

Family picture

I love being a mommy to these kids. Someday, baby Zoe can join her Ate to dance on the stage and I'm sure, the stage mommy will always be there to support :D
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mommy moments

Special Service

The first time I arrived in Chicago O'Hare International Airport, I was so amazed to see how big it was! I took some pictures of myself and my mom before meeting my uncle who was waiting for us outside.

My uncle lives in Skokie, Illinois but traveled all the way to the airport to fetch us. He was excited to meet us and we were very happy to see him, too. While he was driving us to his home, where we would be staying, I told him I got fascinated with their big airport.

My uncle then told me that some people, especially the executives, avail the Chicago Airport Shuttle Service to avoid undergoing all the hassles. A choice of vehicle and a personal chauffeur will be provided and the passengers get to enjoy the amenities that they are entitled to experience. I imagined that must that must be a fun ride.

I stayed in Illinois for 3 months and went home all by myself. My uncle drove me to the airport and that time, I got a good view of the place. I didn’t avail the shuttle since my uncle was there to help me but perhaps someday, when I could back to the place again, I might try to avail it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Achy Breaky Back

I'm having another achy breaky back after doing a lot of chores this morning. I was only able to rest late in the afternoon when the kids (especially baby Zoe) were asleep. And thank goodness for Chloe's wonderful back massage!

Tomorrow, I make sure that I will refrain from straining myself. I guess I will declare it as another lazy day, hehe. I deserve to rest and set aside household chores once in awhile. I'll just do the cooking and taking care of the kids and ignore doing the rest.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Lifetime Commitment

Are you currently planning to get married? If so, I guess you are busy with your wedding preparations like what dress you are going to wear, how your invitations will look, and where to hold your venue and so on and forth. Wedding day is considered the most memorable event for the bride and groom so everything must be perfectly planned.

One consideration in planning a wedding is the budget. However, since this is going to be a very special event, make sure that you get something worthwhile to keep for yourself, like your jewelry or your wedding band. Remember that putting on the wedding ring will seal the sacrament of matrimony and symbolizes also a lifetime commitment.

If you want to wear a stylish yet unique wedding band, try using celtic jewelry. Their design maybe traditional but it is very romantic, perfect to wear on your wedding day! If you are interested to see more about celtic jewelries, you can check their site online and see what other jewelries that might interest you. The site also offers pendants, necklaces and brooches so check it out to see which jewelry will match your wedding band.

Angry Birds Collections

Egg Beater of Angry Birds (the small version is a squeaky toy for baby)

Chloe is crazy about Angry Birds! At first, I don't know anything about these birds and when hubby installed the game in my laptop, well, not ashamed to admit that I also got hook playing this game... It's quite fun and can take away boredom, hehehe...

Chloe's complete Angry Bird stuff toy collections including the greedy green pig.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Online Marketing Services

When you decide to open a business, you should be prepared of the risk. But try to see things positively in order to reach your goal. You must try all the possibilities in order to achieve success in your business and never give up easily if things don't work out at first.

I guess one of the things that you need to do is look for Online Marketing that will help you in promoting your business. This will help you find a way to increase traffic on your website. To be more updated in internet marketing, their search engine services will help you to be one step ahead with your competition.

You can also avail the popularity link campaign to increase your company's rank in Google, MSN and AOL. Try visiting their site if you want to know more about their offers.

Trick or Treat!

This is a picture of us having a Halloween Fun Night at home. My mom, my brother and sister in law were also there and Chloe had fun doing her trick or treat. Baby Zoe didn't understand yet the whole scenario so I just borrowed Chloe's old wizardress hat and use it for Zoe.

Chloe donned her vampire attire that she had been using it before. The funny thing was, the little vampire had no fang as she's toothless, hehe. I found our old orange hat so I became the mommy witch.

I hope you had a great Halloween in there. I bet your kids enjoyed doing their Trick or Treat.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lucky Bride!

It had been 10 years since my husband and I got married. I remembered my friends who gave me a bridal shower and it was fun! I guess it's more fun these days especially there are so many things to do for the bride-to-be. I saw many bridal shower invitations and I find it so nice. Any bride these days are going to be lucky!

Snow Chain For Your Tire

I think it's best for all the vehicles to have a chain on their tires. It's for safety purposes and it protects your tire, too. Make sure to buy a chain that fits the tire and read the manual properly before using it. And if you happen to live in a place where it always snow, I guess you should pick the snow chain for your vehicle. It's a must especially if you travel on a snowy road a lot.

One Fine Sunday

After my family and I attended the 10:30 am mass, we had our lunch at Shakey's Pizza Parlor. I decided to omit my rice coz my tummy felt bloated. I was quite hungry but I don't want to upset my tummy, so I ordered only pizza with vegetable salad, 2 pieces mojos, 1 fried chicken and a soup. A can of coke, shared with Chloe, completed my meal.

After lunch, we went to Gap to see their best finds because they were having a sale on kids' clothing. But I only bought 1 skirt for Chloe because most of the items sold were long sleeves or woolen type of cloth. It's hot in our country so those types of clothing is not advisable. I was hoping to buy baby Zoe a dress but only black velvet dresses were available. The rest were quite big for her. I'll buy her another dress next time we go out to shop.

Just sharing my Sunday afternoon and hope you had a great one, too. I guess everybody's busy preparing for Halloween or All Soul's Day. Wishing you all a meaningful day and a great week ahead!

Great Accommodation

A lot of my friends worked or migrated or went to Australia for vacation. Some of them even invited me to go there for a short visit. I would love to but as of the moment, traveling out of the country is put on hold. My kids need me. They are still very young and I just can't leave them by entrusting them to anybody. But I love to hear stories about Australia and I even like browsing the pictures of my friends. I promise to go there one of these days. It’s even better if my family wants to tag along.

There are so many nice places to visit in Australia particularly in Melbourne. Looking for a place to stay is not even a problem for you can easily browse it on the internet. For executives and employees, who are on restricted budget but want to have their business planning there, they can do so. There are many melbourne serviced apartments that readily accommodate them. Their services include sourcing and allocation and they also take care of your other needs. Just specify your requirements to them and they will gladly provide it. While staying there, the employees can enjoy accessing other amenities like using their gym and swimming pool. So, if you are currently planning to go there, visit their site at

Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs from P. Joe's Diner is one of my favorite foods. I love the taste and how they cooked it was superb! Even my mom loved it! I took a picture on my favorite meal 3 weeks ago.

We were supposed to have dinner at P Joe's this evening but we were so surprised to see an empty space. We don't know if they closed or they moved to another area of the mall. I just hope they are still there. I will surely miss eating this baby back ribs if I will not be seeing them there. And I'm sure my daughter will miss them since she's a big fan for their sizzling squid!

My entry for Yummy Sunday. Have a blessed day everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Handy Tools

My husband has so many tools kept in our stock room because he wants to make sure he has his things ready should he need it anytime. In rare instances, I also use his tools if I found some leaks at home that need to be fixed, and as long as it's within my capacity, then I do it by myself.

But my husband's brother has more nice and branded tools. That's why during that time when we had our house renovated, most of my brother-in-law's tools were used by the workers. His Makita Angle Grinder and impact air wrench were very useful and it was kind enough of him to lend his things to the workers. There were several things I found in our stockroom and some of them I don't recognize. I was only familiar with electrical duct tapes and pipe thread sealant with Teflon that the workers sometimes use.

After the tiles of our kitchen and dining room were fixed, the workers requested for heavy duty degreasers. They wanted to make sure that the grease on the floor be removed immediately and effectively as not to cause harm to us. Thinking about safety, my husband bought it right away and had it applied immediately.

Termite Control

My family and I are currently at my mom's house. We had the Mapecon people came over at 10 a.m. to control the pests and termites in our house. And we need to get out of our place especially that I have 2 young kids. The chemicals are very harmful to them and even to older people.

But we have to do it since part of our house is made of wood. And it can also kill termites and other pests at home which is good. We are told that they will come back three months after to do the termite control again. I am all for it since it is for the best.

We'll be staying at my mom's home just for awhile. We might leave after lunch time coz we plan to go to the mall. And we will go back to our place late at night. I guess, by then, no scent of chemical can be smelled and we can sleep peacefully :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Forever Young

Cell Therapy is widely used by people now, the mere fact that it can revitalized skin and it can also regenerate and rejuvenate tissues, thus, making the skin look healthy. Thru this therapy, it can help in preventing in premature aging and exhaustion from the body.

Before, people were quite hesitant to take cell therapy supplement because of the fact that it came from the placenta. But thru research and studies, it was found out how extracts from the placenta can keep one healthy. It is also effective in atherosclerosis and even with cardiovascular diseases. Aside from that, it can keep one’s mind sharp and alert.

Since this therapy is a biological treatment, therefore, it is not harmful. It is 100% natural since it is not mixed with any kind of drug that may cause harm to the body. And so far, no side effects had been reported for many years. To know more about the details of Cell Therapy, you can visit their site at In there, you can browse what are the different types of soft gels that you might prefer to use. You will know also what the therapy can contribute to your body and how it can keep you stay young.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Search Is Over :-)

This picture was taken so many years ago. I joined the search for Miss Freshman and I ended up 1st runner-up. I was nominated by my classmates and teacher to represent our class, First Year Section Tindalo (it's a name of a tree), and although shy, I consented. But I think it was my mom who was excited for this contest...

I can still vividly recall the question asked to me: "Do you agree to have a steady boyfriend at the age of 13?"
And I answered: "No, because it disturbs my studies."

Actually, I was only 12 years old when I joined this contest. Backstage, my mom told me I could have answered "Yes, because it serves as my inspiration". She said a positive answer was more favorable for the judges.... And in my mind, I was like, Halllleeer! As if she won't freak out if that would happen in reality! Besides, I was very conservative so my answer obviously came from my heart :-)

I was still happy of the result. It was even scary if I won the title because I still have to compete another pageant and I couldn't take that anymore. But looking back I say it was a nice experience. I think I had fun and the support of my classmates, class adviser and friends was overwhelming. Well, this is one of the highlights in my high school life and I kinda miss it...

My entry for:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family and Home

My husband and I are currently thinking of landscaping our garden after we had our home renovated a few months ago. Although we are not so into gardening, still, we wanted the facade of our house to look nice and presentable. We have several plants in our garden but they are not put in their proper place that is why, the thought of hiring a professional landscaper came into our minds. We also wanted to have a small playground set-up for our kids.

When all is done, perhaps we can put the Adirondack chairs at the garden where we can enjoy seating while watching our children playing. And I guess adding playground equipment will complete the look of our garden.

My husband also mentioned to put Picnic Tables in our garden but he canceled his idea since the area is small, it can’t just fit everything. So, I think we would rather go to our nearby park and have our picnic there while sitting at the Park Benches. Perhaps we can do that this coming weekend where we are also going to meet with other members of our family.

No Internet Connection Again

We don't have internet connection since this morning so I am currently using my Globe Tattoo broadband. This greatly helps in emergency cases especially I'm trying to beat the deadline to one of my transactions online. I already complained to the internet provider that we don't have a connection. They said they already fixed it but unfortunately, nothing happened.

They sent a technician this afternoon, hoping that he could fix it but to no avail. In fact, he was just right here for about 10 minutes then left. Duh? Was he really a technician? Looked like he doesn't know what to do. I was hoping they could give me a reliable technician like the one they sent here before. This time, they sent us somebody who was incapable of his job. So, he left and told me that a line-man will be sent tomorrow morning and after that, he will come back to fix it.. ows? I hope so. If not, I will be very mad by then..

I Need Air!

My family and I went to one of the malls in our place last weekend but didn't stay long because it was quite hot. We would have loved to stay longer to canvass some materials needed at home, do the grocery and at the same time, shop things for the kids. But we only stayed there for an hour only then went home.

I don't understand why this mall did not make an effort to make their place cooler. When there was no current, their place was really hot. Their workers kept on using their fan to keep them cool while most of the customers leave. There was no ventilation thus, people can hardly breath and the best thing for everyone to do was to leave the place. I hope they should do something about it if they care for their establishment and the well-being of the people inside the mall.

This mall I am talking about is big but their generator can't cover all areas if they don't have electricity. And if that's always the case, they should at least put an industrial spot cooler in some areas because this helps in distributing cooler air to their mall. This portable air conditioner can be easily installed and will definitely make everyone at the mall calm and happy while shopping.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All Soul's Day..

October 31 is already declared a holiday here in the Philippines in preparation for the celebration of All Soul's Day on November 1.

Every year, my family would gather at Oro Gardens because it's where my late father was laid to rest. I can't believe that it had been more than 10 years since he passed away. I miss my dad but life has to go on.

I am planning to go to the cemetery late afternoon of November 1. I think it's not hot at that time but I hope it will not rain also. My hubby will come with me and so are my 2 kids. My mom, my brother and sister in law will be there so that makes only 8 of us. I hope my brother in Manila and his family can come home to visit but if not, I guess we will be seeing each other on Christmas Day.

So far, this is my plan for November 1...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Make It Last

After I graduated in College, I looked for a job and got accepted. It was a new company and I was one of the few applicants who were hired to work for them. At first, I was given a clerical job then later was promoted to a higher position in administrative department.

Later, the company hired additional workers but still we lack manpower so we did other things on our own. Each of us must learn how to operate things around us and one of them was the photocopying machine. It was an easy task but problem came when the machine started to malfunction. I think somebody did not use it properly for he use a different kind of toner cartridge not compatible to the machine. In the end, the machine was replaced.

I did not work in that company anymore but these days, I observed that some company preferred to use konica minolta bizhub c451 toner because of its high quality. And if you happen to use it at work, make sure that you follow the right instructions in installing the toner cartridge to make the machine last for a long time.