Monday, December 19, 2011

We Are Still Mourning

I can't still think what to share in my blog. The aftermath of Typhoon Sendong was devastating. People in our city is still in shock. My in-laws, who were victims of typhoon, were quite traumatized with their experience. I often see my mother-in-law crying. All her belongings at home were damaged. If you haven't read the horrible experience they went thru, you can click HERE.

But as always, I'm thankful to God as all of them at home were spared from harm. They stumbled, fell and got wounded but they were able to stand up and flee from Sendong's wrath. I could never imagine what my relatives, friends and acquaintances went thru that night.

I appreciate if you could offer a silent prayer for the victims of the typhoon. If you can send them help, please do so. Right now, our City is still in mourning. I know we shall rise but I pray that this tragic event will never ever happen again.


Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Cookie, I'm shocked beyond words to read about what had happened. To the families and victims, you are all in my prayers.

Take care dear.

weloveline said...

a silent pray..never again